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Happy 4th of July everyone!!!!!!!!!

Sorry it's so late but I had to work tonight, earlier before work went to my girlfriend's parents cookout....pretty fun with good food...well hope you all had fun cooking out and watching fireworks..have a great weekend:D

GTA IV tomorrow!!!! and my birthday friday......great week ahead:-)

Never been looking forward to a game so much, had to work tonight so be picking my reserve copy up tomorrow morning for 360, have to work the next 2 days 3 pm to 2 am then off the rest of the week for my birthday friday, just to chill with my girl and game like crazy!!!!!!. My question is should I pick-up any new games for my birthday?...actually their are other games I want but with me playing GTA IV non-stop....buying more games isn't needed but I know I will anyway.

Well guys and girls enjoy your copy of GTA IV or Mario Kart Wii or both, have a great week ahead like I plan too...

HAPPY Thanksgiving Everyone!!!!!!!!!!!

Just wanted to say hope you all have a great day with your family and friends. Enjoy a the great food and football!!!.

For myself just eating at my parent's tomorrow and gaming before hand with my brother's, tonight going to hit it hardcore on Live with my 360, then maybe get a little farther in Silent Hill: Origins or Super Mario Galaxy.

Enjoy guys and have a great day tomorrow!!!!

Bought 8 games in the last 2 weeks...WOW!!!!

Great time of the year and myself have tons to play, with 8 buys it's great to be a gamer and the love of this hobby...I'm having a blast lately:D

In last 2 weeks bought: Call of Duty 3: Gold Edition (360), Stranglehold (360), Surf's Up (360), Need For Speed: Most Wanted (360), The Simpsons Game (360), Beautiful Katamari (360), Tomb Raider: Anniversary (360) and Sonic Rush Adventure on the DS. Yes some of them are older titles but ones I wanted to finally try or finish as I bought MW for PS2 but never finished it, plan to do so with 360 version.

So what do you all think of these games?....I tried all at least once and can say I like them all.

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