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Do me a favor...

...and don't buy the Samsung Intercept from Sprint.  Yeah, it looks cool. It's an Android phone. And it has a slide-out keyboard as well as a touch screen. But this thing is rather buggy, from what I heard. Alright, looks like I need to tell the full story, so here goes... I had a pre-paid AT&T phone for a few months... but all I had on it was talk and text. Data was extra, and the phone was a piece of junk (it even called 911 by itself once :| ). So, I decided it was time to dive into the world of contracted phones. A friend of mine recommended Sprint to me, since he was with them for four years (his last phone with them was a HTC Hero) before the company he works for bought him an iPhone. I didn't want an iPhone, so I decided to give Sprint a look. I went ahead and got the Samsung Intercept, since I had some reservations about spending an additional $100 on a HTC Evo. First impressions with the sales clerk were good, and he said my old number would be transferred over in about an hour after I left. A day goes by, and no dice. I can't call my old number anymore, and my old phone wouldn't work anymore. So, I went back and had my phone re-programmed (it had a temporary number). Now everything worked for another day until the phone's speaker decided to stop working. :x Back for a third time, I got the phone exchanged for another Intercept. Luckily, this phone is working fine for me so far (knock on wood). However, from stuff I've heard about this phone, it's actually more of an "Android Lite" phone, since some apps don't work on it, and it most likely won't get the Froyo (Android 2.2) upgrade. Now I'm stuck with this phone for two years. Let's hope I don't have any more problems. *crosses fingers*