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New, You're so New

To those who understand the reference, you are cool.

Time for another update!

Job I am still working at Best Buy, which is great, because at least I have a job, but also not great because I'm not utilizing the next thing to the fullest.

College I recently graduated with my degree in Computer Engineering from San Jose State, which is great. December 2017 grad, looking to enter the market.

Car I also bought a 2017 Hyundai Sonata in December of 2016 after my last car caught fire.

Gaming Pretty much non existent, but hey, I just want to enjoy myself from time to time. I finished Super Mario Odyssey about a month ago, and am going to get through Uncharted Lost Legacy next.

It's Been A While

Intact it has been over a year. I wonder how many people will read this. Well, at least YOU are reading this.

I loved this website. I was here everyday for months. I used to love video games. Loved chatting it up and rolling in the mud with some of our greatest System Wars users. Unfortunately, due to work and school, I don't have much time to come here anymore. Resignation is something I have been considering for months, maybe if more time frees up I will return.

Car. I got it finally. Had it almost a year. It is a 1992 Lexus, and I love every minute of it,

Job. It has been hell recently. With our inventory day coming up, the stress level is through the roof.

College. Going into my fourth, but not my final year.

Games. I haven't played anything start to finish since TLOU. Wait, I take that back, I did play though the HD remake of Wind Waker. That was SO Good.

Currently not playing through anything. I miss it here. If I do end up resigning though, I need to find someone to take over the lounge. I feel like I have definitely made my mark on gamespot. Proud of the things I did, glad to have met the people I have met, thankful for the opportunity I was given to be a mod. We'll see what happens.

Until further word, good bye for now.

Another Day Has Come This Way.

I figured it is about time for another small update.

College can be such a pain in the buttocks. It won't let me register for my most important class this semester. Fun, as always, even though there are seats available in the class.

Car I was closer than ever to getting a car. Then the Last of Us came out. And my phat 80 gig PS3 YLOD'd. And I needed TLOU guide. And a few other things came up, so, that a was a few hundred dollars dent into my car fund.

PS3 I was absolutely devastated that my phat PS3 died. I'm still trying to get out the disk, but to no avail.

Moderating I'm coming up on two years of being a general moderator. Almost one year of being a master moderator. I've slowed down a lot, and my presence fades in and out depending on my work schedule and workload of college. I'm on summer break right now though, so I could help out a lot more.

Job is going great. I enjoy it almost every day, and I am getting paid for it. I wish I had a few more hours, but I'm fine with what I am getting right now.

Games I'm getting though:

Sleeping Dogs this one is one of the next on my backlog.

Red Dead Redemption also on my backlog

Mirror's Edge eek! Backlog again.

The Last of Us seriously, if you have a PS3 and aren't playing this, What's wrong with you? It's AMAZING.

Tempora Mutantur et Nos Mutamur in Illis

I guess it's time for an update. :P

Job I got hired permanently part time at Best Buy, which is something I am excited about. I am really enjoying this job, so hopefully the good news keeps coming on. I'm getting a good amount of hours to balance everything right now.

Car Still none. :/

College So far, I am not really liking this semester. I am having a hard time wanting to do all the work that a lot of the professors are suggesting. Since none of the homework is required, I am having an even harder time trying to focus.

Sleepy I am always just a little tired now.

Moderating Currently, I have no powers, I am on a break. I will show up in GS from time to time, if I find the time again to really focus on moderating, I will be back. For now though, I didn't really want to have the powers when I can't really find the time to contribute.

Some games I've been playing...

Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time has been amazing so far, still trying to get used to some of the more funny glitches, but I'll get there eventually.


Speaking of which...

So, time for a little update in the life of Verb. :P

Job I finally have one! YES! I'm working at the local Best Buy, and it is pretty cool. I actually really enjoy what I am doing and I really can't complain about the pay either. The people I work with are great, and the customers all seem friendly, none of this bugs me.

Collegeis going great, I'm maintaining my grades, keeping up on the work I need to do. And myriad other things. Midterms just finished and I am more than pleased with my scores on those midterms.

Car well, don't have a car anymore. I think I already talked about this though.

Veterans Day Weekend this weekend will be awesome. Maybe we could go barbecuing. A three day weekend is always welcome. I'm also a little saddened that because I got a job I won't be traveling to Brawley. :(.

Moderating is going pretty well. Although I just got a job, so I have been slacking off a little bit, expect to see my presence pop up here and there.

Friends slowly by slowly I am starting to make more real life friends and talk to other people from my past.

Some games I've been tinkering with...

Bad Piggies I know, I know, it's a casual game, but still a load of fun.

Mario Kart Wii I liked this game a long time ago, so I gave it a few rounds over the past few days.

Super Mario Brothers 3 this one is a good classic which I enjoy before it frustrates me that I suck at the game. :(

Minecraft well, there are some things which you just enjoy even though you don't know why. :{]

May be edited over time, in no way is this a final draft.

Level Up!

Well, I'm now level 43.

All I had to say. :P

Look for another blog in the upcoming weeks.

Moving up in the World

July has always been one of my favorite months of the year, it's nice and warm. There's no school, and you get to eat insane amounts of apple pie while watching the Fireworks on the Fourth. What isn't there to love besides the heat?

Birthday on July 10th, 2012 I turned 19 years old. LOL. I'm still a youngun.

Fourth of July was pretty fun this year actually. I ended up going to my uncle's house to light some fireworks. We had some of the nice big ones which are really fun to watch. One of the firework sets that we bought had a slight malfunction on one of the parts which actually sent sparks towards some of the spectators, luckily no one was hurt, but that certainly didn't keep them from being a little scared.

Vacationing in Santa Ana with my dad was great. I went to go see all my relatives and my cousin, all of them are great people I love to hang out with. Barbecuing and having a few drinks for the night and talking to people is really the highlight of the trip, no matter what fun things we also did. We went on a tour of Newport Beach, saw a movie, and then spent the day at the beach on the next day in Huntington.

Ted was actually a lot funnier than I was expecting. Normally, the humor of Family Guy is just funny, but not something that I would like to see everyday. Ted was great in the sense that it was something that felt more fresh and original than the typical Seth McFarlane comedy.

Master Mod I was promoted from a General Moderator to a Master Moderator on July 6th, 2012. So, I now own one of those fany schmancy BANHAMMERS along with some other powers. I'm really grateful for the recognition of my work in the System Wars community.

College is being a pain in the butt at the time, many departments from Financial Aid to Enrollment to Housing are obviously not speaking nor looking at each other are making life much more difficult than it has to be.

Job search is actually going better. I had an interview at a place recently I think it went well and I am anticipating a second interview.

Finally some games I've been getting through....

Assassins' Creed Revelations Really gotta start getting through that.

Angry Birds You know, I never really liked it before, but now it seems like much more fun that it used to be. I might be turning into a casual. :o

(maybe more to be added, nothing promised yet)

Level 40? Already?

That was quick! :o.

I actually really enjoyed a lot from this E3. Ubisoft clearly stole the show, Watch Dogs was an amazing preview which I have some really high hopes for.

Sony's conference felt very lackluster this year, needed more games, less Wonderbook.

Nintendo's conference left me feeling alright, but not very hopeful for the future of the Wii U system.

Microsoft's conference was kinda cool, I was really glad to see some Halo 4 going on, but, Microsoft, please keep concerts out of press conferences.

EA's press Conference was alright, even somewhat cool. Nothing super spectacular though.


I guess today would be a great day for another update.

School finished for me on the 23rd of May. I took my last final and am pretty happy with my grades. I wish I worked a little harder in my English class, but such is life. Engineering kinda put me on my seat for a while but I scraped by with an A-, Calculus and Discrete Mathematics I totally just aced. I am almost excited for next semester.

Golden Gate Bridge had it's 75th Anniversary Party over the weekend which was rather fun to attend on Sunday. I was more than just attending though, my Dad actually made a bunch of buttons to sell there because he sold well at the 50th Anniversay. Sadly, we didn't sell very many buttons at all. Eh, you win big sometimes, you lose bigger othertimes.

Moderating has been pretty cool. I've slowly been less active recently with finals and much other stuff on my plate, but I might be making a stronger presence soon. I've also been a moderator for a year on May 25th, but I forgot to write a little blog down. :P

Commenting System is not impressive to me thus far. It has a very great concept, but I think it still needs a lot of tweaking before I feel more comfortable with it.

Job still none. :/

Phone updates I am still waiting for Verizon to give me 4.0.4 on the Galaxy Nexus. Darn Verizon.

Nexus since Verizon has been so lame in their updating system, I was thinking about buying some of the new JellyBean Nexus' later in the year and getting them activated on Verizon.

Some games I recently replayed through...

inFAMOUS 2 I don't know why, but I was more surprised when I played though the game again. I played more of the side missions this time, and was rather impressed by the story which Sucker Punch unraveled to me. I love their comic book style cutscenes, makes things more interesting. The graphics could have been improved a little bit, but I'm not going to cry about it.

Assassin's Creed 2 is going great again. I finally understand more of what is going on now that I've gotten through Revelations and Brotherhood. I really can't wait for the new game, AC3 looks to be pretty impressive at this point.

E3 is almost here. I'm HELLA excited. I headed the project where people make press conference threads for System Wars, and although I've been slacking off greatly, the people are doing a great job. I'm sure all will be pretty impressed by the beauty of these threads early next week. Well, actually, the HYPE thread might be going up in the next few days. :D.