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Got into the EndWar Beta

Yeah got the email today. I'm just really hoping that it doesn't start too soon, because i just gave my coffin to UPS today. And i'm pretty interested in trying this game out.

Now, in the event that the schedualing doesn't work out i'd love to just give one of you guys my key, but i told the EndWar website my gamertag so i'm not sure that it would work out too well.

We'll figure it out, hope i get to play it though.

Red RIng of Death.......yay.

Yep, RRoD. Not a huge deal, finals next week so i could use the lack of distraction and i'm hardly home in the summer anyway. No new games coming out that i want really(at least that i'm going to miss the release of).

But it's still just annoying.

One posative, been looking for something worth making a new blog post about for a while. Guess this is it.

I miss coming to this site more often.

Ever since school started i have really barely been on this site. Weekday's i'm at school and have homework, and i'm hardely home on the weekends other than sunday night and i once again have homework. In summer i came on the site all the time cause i had a alot of free time. Now i might come on once a week, useually to comment on one of Club's blog's ;).

I guess it's not going to change until summer though. Oh well. See you guys later. :)

New Avatar. Here's why.

Well i got a new avatar. I decided to change it from my old one because that one started getting too popular and i didn't want to be confused with some idiot.;) So i changed it to One of my favorite actors in one of my favorite recent movies. Joseph Gorden-Levitt Playing Brenden Frye in Brick. A fantastic movie if you haven't seen it. Highly recommended. You can also see JGL in The Lookout and Mysterious Skin. Again, both very good movies that i would recommend. (little note though, stay away from Mysterious Skin if you can't handle the whole homosexual thing. If you thought Brokeback Mountain was good you should have no problem.)

My Mind is Racing, i can't Decide.

I cannot decide what i want to with my limited funds. Right now it's looking like i'm going to have to choose between Bioshock and Halo 3.

I didn't want Bioshock for a while because i thought that i wouldn't enjoy it but the demo changed that competely. First of all, the game started when i thought i was still in a cut-scene but turned out that it was actual gameplay. Great start. Then the enviorment blew me away, and i couldn't believe how tense the atmosphere was. It was amazing. I've been looking for a really atmosphereic scary game for a while and it looks like this might be it. It even has one of my worst fears in the beginning, a giant whale(go ahead, make fun of me, i'm afraid of whales). And the way that the lighting was used to create fear was amazing.

But when i really got to enjoy the game was the second time i played the demo, when i actually understood more things about the game and didn't get torn apart by security bots. That is what really blew me and made me really want this game.

On the other hand, it is halo 3. I've been playing halo since the first one. I always enjoyed them but they are definately not one of my favorite games. I most like them because when me and friends play games, it's useually Halo, something everybody has played and is familiar with. And the online for halo is extremely fun.

But heres one of the main things, if i want to play live, i have to bring my 360 down to the living room and wait until my Dad isn't home. He thinks i can download porn off of Live so i just keep off when he is around. So an all single-player game with great replay value would be a lot more convenient for me.

What do you guys think? Halo 3 or Bioshock. Honestly after writing this i am really leaning toward Bioshock, your input is greatly appreciated though.

P.S In the winter i will have a job so i will be able to pick up all the games i want in December and i can then pick up a wireless router for live in my room. So it's really just a matter of what i want first to last me until i get the other games like Assasin's Creed and Mass Effect..

Got my 360 back today!!!!

Well I finally got my 360 back today. I cancelled all the plan that I had for today to wait for the UPS guy because I was told by a machine on the phone that it would be deliver sometime between 7 a.m and 7 p.m...... gee thanks :roll:.

So I started out with some Gears but I quickly moved onto to Crackdown. I had fun on Keys to the City free styling in my SUV. Thinking about renting The Darkness as a welcome party for my refurbished console. But the next game that I am going to buy is definitely going to be Blue Dragon. That should keep me occupied until the epic fall this year.


You know what? Im ok with my Broken 360.

Well this is my first time trying out the blog here. Well, here goes nothing.

My 360 broke back sometime in June. I sent it to MS at no charge to me because I was still in warrenty(which I was/am very happy about) and they recieved it on Jun 27th. I was really pissed off for a while but after sitting in my bed and thinking about everthing for a while, I realised something, I am fine with my 360 breaking at the time it did.

For one, it's the summer time. I shouldn't be inside playing oblivion or gears. I should be outside with my friends sending frogs down water slides and jumping off cliffs into water that probably isn't deep enough. And that is exactly what I have been doing, and having a great time as well. Now thats not to say that I don't have a life when I have my 360 or if I had my 360 I wouldn't be doing these things anyway. It's just that without it I am doing them more frequently than I would have because I need to entertain myself.

There is also a gaming reason for this. There are a bunch of great 360 Games coming out this fall. With my 360 breaking now, I can almost assure myself that it will be just fine when I want to be playing all of the AAA titles coming out this holiday season. Also I haven't bought any new games in a while because I have been occupied with Oblivion so I don't really have the need to play a game that I just bought either.

But to all of you who do have broken 360 I wish you luck with them and also you who have working ones, that they don't break on you.

Thanks for taking the time to read this,