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Am I not BUNGLEY enough for the BUNGLE club?

Yesterday afternoon Bungie awarded players with the elusive Recon armor permuatation for accomplishing certain tasks in Halo 3 in the Bungie versus the World playlist during Bungie day(July seventh). None of these tasks were made public aside from beating a Bungie team until yesterday. It was practically down to luck to get Recon unless you could find Bungie employees in the playlist, which was like finind a needle in a haystack considering there were only four Bungie employees online at any given time and the playlist was almost played by two hundred thousand players at any given time.

Despite this and against all odds I won Recon!

I don't know exactly what I did to earn it, Bungie didn't even notify the winners. You just have check for yourself. It was kinda funny, I was in a party with some friends and when I saw it as I was flipping through my armor variants and when I saw it I yelled, "I GOT RECON!!". Most of my friends thought I was joking at first.

We played some grifball in matchmaking later and I thoroughly enjoyed hearing the enemy team talking about me via proximity chat, getting killed an unusual amount of times and getting sent friend requests and messages being asked how I got it... Made me feel important 8)

All gloating aside I'm extremely happy an honored that Bungie gave me the armor. Thanks Bungie!