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Missing you

I'm missing you every day

My feelings so hard to say

When I wake up your on my mind

I know it's true that love is blind

I'm wishing you were here

I'm wandering in fear

I wish we talked more

I can't wait to hold you forever

Always missing you

(I wrote this for a special someone and she knows who she is I'm just not going to say)

Union topic

ok all you people who like all kinds of games this is a combination union for all things like poetry music fps and rpg's even classic games can be posted here but the rule is no fighting unless it's in the role playing topic t's the BlackRoseGamers union

What I've endured

My body marked with scars

Haunting memories screams in blood

Fading hope I lost sight

First hand i felt the cruelist night

How someone so close could hurt me

To rip my pride from my flesh

The pain of all the abuse

I gave up hope

No point no use

Crying when I sleep silent when I wake

I tried to find a chain to break the endless nightmares

I'm lost and feeling alone

Only strangers in my home

Afraid to get close

Afraid of love my will to survive

(if you know someone who's been abused or is still being abused like me please report it and save that persons life)

Quenched fire

The people fall to the fire

Flesh burning smell aroused

Bodies piled everywhere

Screams the only sound

Try to run away but there's no escape

The flames of Hell come to meet you

Silenced by your own torment

Your feet stuck on the ground

No escape you are what Hell has made you

Repenting no more for you crimes

All you do is die and die and die

For all eternity the torture continues

(This is what hell is the pain where your endurence is taken away you can only slip into madness and suffer unending torture)

The title I claim

I am helpless lost and feeling alone

Without a clue to why love expires

My heart aches and burns to see such hatred

People dying from the rage

I am one voice I feel helpless in my cause

To bring a light back to this world

Pollution spread like wildfire

Crimes of murder not taken so dire

The end of man i fear is near

A cry for help

I cry that final tear

Shadows and dust-kataklysm

ultimately we're all dead men sadly we can not choose how , but we can decide how we meet that end in order that we are remembered as men

in shadows and dust

in shadows and dust

as I walk through the valley of shadows and dust no hope in the eyes of the lost your hero nailed to the cross we're animals in seach for blood never satisfied never gratified until the day we die. i step into your life and take control

time stops the sky turns dark never again shall you feel godlike we're nothing devine never again shall you feel godlike emotions are swift like the winds never again shall you feel godlike

in shadows and dust

in shadows and dust

reflections of yourself illusions made by your mind realise we are nothing but shadows and dust


Just saying a bit about me

my name is dolan

I'm scared of spiders and the color pink

I'm an rpg fanatic

I can wiggle my ears

I can play the drums

my favorite color is blue

I'm a romantic goth

My life is nothing but fake smiles to hide the tears

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