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valhallaflash Blog

Wow! Sorry it's been so long...

..since I last posted, my PC crashed and the other ones that I use have a filter that blocks this site!

Finally, I have a new PC and should be able to start posting again!

How are y'all?

Which console???

I have just over £150 to spend on a new console and I am in a split descision on what to buy.

So mighty gamers, I come for your help! Which consoles can any of you recommend for a family of older gamers?

Originally, we intended to get a Wii but my bro says he wants an Xbox360...

Please add suggestions that you think would be good.

Thanks, Vslhalla.

P.S.Please note that the console that we buy would only be able to play games of a age rating of 12 and under because of my little bro.

I'm Back !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

did'ya miss me?

In Germany I spent my time going to festivals and drinking beer (although not much of the alcoholic stuff as I'm underage) I also bought 2 PSP games - Gradius Collection and Lego Indy 2 - The Adventure Continues

All in all I had a fantastic holiday wih lots of cool stuff!

In Holland I stayed at a mates house and he had a PS3, WiiX360, GC, N64, PSP, DS, PS2, PS1, Megadrive,Sega Saturn NES, SNES, as well as a server farm in his own home and a PC server system running on Red Hat Linux!

I was in computer and gaming heaven!

Anywayz, that was my holz, how are you guys and what have you been up to?

I'm leaving Gamespot

I'm soon to be leaving GameSpot :cry:

But do not worry, I am only going on holiday in Holland and Germany. This is mainly just to ask the officers of the Ultimate Muse Union to look after it in my absence. On a side note, Does anyone live in Gemany or Holland - I might be able to meet you there!

EDIT= I have just bought a german version of Gradius Collection (for1 euro 50)- being a lover of the series. The entire thing (obviously) is in German but as any Gradius player would know, the gameplay is not very story based!

I gave it a 7.5 but I am considering buying the English version - when I do, I will probably rate it hgher.

New Game!

Today I went and bought myself a new PSP game!

MediEvil: Resurrection has been out for a long time now, (since 2005) and I have been meaning to pick it up for a while. Today I had some spare cash and I saw it going new for £5. Thus I bought it and - I have to admit - I'm impressed. People complain about the bad fighting system and a terrible camera. But none of these matter to me as it is the PS1 game of my childhood lovingly re-created on a portable console!

For every bad side e.g. camera, there is a good side e.g. Although the camera is god-awful, it can be easily corrected.

Another example would be the fighting system, although it is slow and clunky, it has a lock-on that means that enemies ARE hit, instead of you just randomly swinging about. The graphics have received a well needed brush-up, but thankfully, the voice acting has been kept the same. I think Tom Baker is a great Narrator!

Anyway that is all for today, Over and Out! :3

1000 Posts!


I've hit 1000 after what seems like an eternity!

Also, Am enjoying the first day of my holiday here in England :) :) :)

My New Union!

Will anyone be an officer of the Ultimate Muse Union. If anyone is interested, I will send an invite to become an officer


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