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Dreaming Alan Wake, Again

last night i dreamt another dream of alan wake. i dreamt i was in this huge carpark like ofan american walmart or something and i got into this huge red american station wagon car and tried to start it. well, maybe not something out of alan wake... but i woke up thinking that that dream was about alan wake.

i haven't played alan wake, i will probably never play alan wake, i don't think i want to play alan wake... so how does one explain the dreams?

The Gaming Drought

i was going to finish off perfect dark zero, the game that i have been listed as currently playing, but i decided to move my xbox 360 onto a table in front of the television set and i scratched the disc bad because i had the console on and the disc spinning then it moved when i had lifted theconsole aroundin mid-air. it is now not playable. i put the disc back in its casing and in a drawer so i could forget about it and not have that bother me.

but, i think i am over this gaming drought i have been going through. the sims 3 will be out in over a week and i just can't wait to begin playing and fufill my sim fantasiesand record them then upload them as movies to this site. i only reached leveleight today and i need to be at levelten to enable the ability to upload.

expect probably my next entry declaring an end to the gaming drought. by that time, i should be well in to the sims 3 for xbox 360.

Xbox 360 On Top

this must be my first real gaming related entry. i don't usually do this.

someone has pointed out in the comments that the xbox 360 is selling many more consoles than the ps3 and wii because they havea habit of breaking and the consumer has to buy another. i never thought of that before, but that must be true.

apparently the wii only has about three games that are worth playing for your average gamer on the console as all the other titles are aimed at what you could call alternative gaming. we all know that the ps3 is more of a home entertainment computer than the xbox 360 as one gamespotter said thatthe xbox 360 isfor "real gamers".

Anticipating The Sims 3

i am confused as to when the sims 3 for xbox 360 is going to be released. is it october 22nd? october 26th? october 29th? i think it is likely all three of those dates but it is different because the stores are different? i have a small doubt whether i will be able to walk in to jb hifi and buy a copy that has already arrived without pre-ordering. they will be receiving ten copies and i only need six dollars to pay for it combined with my store credit. i traded my entire collection for this one game but they all became meaningless when i deleted my profile and lost my gamerscore and achievement records anyway.

i have plans to put tupac shakur, god (as a long bearded white dressed man), this guy i hate who will remain nameless, satan (as a red beast like man) in to my sims game as sims and have the option to either make something out of them or ruin their lives. haha! kind of like my life! hehehe... :)

feel my wrath come late october.

oh, and a new zealand television personality who will also be included.

RROD Imminent

apparently i should be concerned about my xbox 360 as it could be about to break down.

well, i know it is probably going to cost alot of money to repair it but i don't quite know whetherdoing thatwould cost about the same as one of those slim xbox 360s as they have debuted at roughly $500NZ. damn, it couldn't have happened ata worse time because the new consoles cost too much. i still can't afford it even though i have $1000NZ as i have to spend that money on other things.

i don't quite know what i am going to do. i guess i will let my current xbox 360 console burn out then go from there.

Dreaming Alan Wake

i had a dream last night that i was with alan wake, the character of the popular game and he was fighting bigfoot in the forest then finally defeated him with acid. he melted. i was awake for a while after that and thought i would tell all of you here on this blog. i haven't played alan wake.

does the new downloadable content have alan wake scuffling with bigfoot at all? when i get the sims 3 later this october (unless i am tempted to buy a few games with my credit instead) then i would quite happily create abigfoot characterfor my game.

Out With The Old

earlier this week i read through all of my old official xbox magazines. we receive each issue abouta month behind australia. i read about grand theft auto: the ballad of gay tony, bioshock 2, fable 3... three games that i am not really interested in. and with all the magazines comes the discs, i must have about over twelve. my most valuable demo has to be just cause 2 and coming second, tropico 3.

well, thats all for now.

My Xbox 360 Console

i am still unsure as to whether my xbox 360 console is going to break down when i least expect it making my purchase of the sims 3 and perhaps one or two other games a waste of money. the console displayed one red light a few weeks ago and apparently that means the fans aren't working properly and need immediate repair. so i called microsoft yesterday and they said something different, that it is actually fine.

i don't know who to believe... a gamespotter or microsoft but i think i will ask for a third opinion on this soon because i don't think i believe either of them. if there is something wrong with my console and is about to break down then i might be better off buying a new console with games (possibly)ina bundle with the money i would otherwise use for an expensive repair.

the sims 3 might have to wait as i could use the credit i have at jb hi-fi toward a new console with one or two games included in a bundle.

this sucks. i don't know what my xbox 360 console is going to do. i mean, it does display the player one green light on the top right instead of the top left like it should but a red light shouldn't appear like that just for no reason.

those little green men are at it again.

Let There Be Sims!

i don'tmean to boast but i have $109NZ credit at jb hi-fi and i am going to probably blow it all on the sims 3 for xbox 360 later this month. i don't exactly know whats wrong with me. i mean, i just don't have the love for my xbox 360 console like i once did. i am hoping that games like the sims 3 and smackdown vs. raw 2011 will get me back to it full throttle but if they don't, then i will be retiring from gaming. i don't know whether i will continue to read xbox magazine.

gaming since may of last year has taken up alot of my life. i have gamespot, official xbox magazine and the xbox 360 console and their games to keep me interested. they were listed in no particular order.

despite me going off gaming, i still have many games on my gamespot wishlist. most of them, that have been there since last year! well, i can't afford all of them and i even struggle to buy one or two because in my opinion games are too expensive compared to music cds and dvds.

the sims is truly one of the best games you can ever play and it could be said it is the spin off or inspiration of games such as evony or farmville on facebook.

there will be sims come october 26th, but will there be for me?

New Kid On The Block

our first jb hi-fi opens tomorrow. it is an entertainment store from australia. it has taken all winter for it to become reality and it is finally being opened tomorrow. for me and many others, it will mean that we have another store to go to other than eb games for pre-owned xbox 360 games. i am currently looking for smackdown vs. raw 2010 - as that could be my ticket back into gaming over the next couple of months until smackdown vs. raw 2011 is released. i see nrl live already as a pre-owned sale for over one hundred dollars.

i have almost nine xbox 360 games that aren't listed as in being in my collection and only five of which that have been rated and reviewed. official xbox magazine has given halo reach a ten, should i be surprised? halo is to microsoft likewhat ferrari is to italy. it means very much. but, i suppose in halo's case it is warranted. i have only ever played the first halo on the original xbox but i still get just slightly annoyed at the halo fandom.

eb games will give me over fifty new zealand dollars for my collection. pathetic really. however oneshould understand they are a business. i might end up doing that for a guaranteed and quick sale.

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