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Gamespot's Profile Revealed!

Ever wondered what Gamespot's profile was like? Well I found it!

About Me:
Gamespot has not become cool yet. Maybe tomorrow. Yeah, maybe Gamespot is a chronic failure. Or just really, really pathetic. Sadly, the world may never know. Why not send Gamespot a private message with some words of encouragement?

My Feed:
Gamespot has not had any successful activity. What a bad website! Maybe you should send Gamespot a private message and ask, "Why do you suck?"

My Blog:
Gamespot isn't really into the whole 'professional gaming site business.'

My Updates:
Gamespot isn't doing so well. Perhaps Gamespot already visits GameFAQs each day and browses all it's content, and therefore has no use for personalized pages such as this one. But then again, perhaps not. Go on and introduce yourself to Gamespot so the two of you can start tracking each other's wonderful contributions.

Gamespot has contributed nothing, absolutely nothing to the internet. Well, that's not entirely true, since Gamespot has done us the service of registering this domain and generating this garbage website. Three cheers for Gamespot!

My Recent Reviews:
Some websites just don't have opinions. Like Gamespot.

My Ratings:
Gamespot must really love GameFAQs and agree every review they've ever written! What other reason could Gamespot possibly have for not being original?

My Forum Posts:
Gamespot just isn't the social butterfly it's webmaster had hoped for. Such a shame.

My Games List:
Gamespot apparently owns no games…tragic. Well, we suppose it's possible that Gamespot simply hasn't gotten around to building a game collection yet.

Gamespot is a loner and a rebel, and as such has no contacts. Perhaps it's all just a cry for help…? Reach out to Gamespot by sending a private message. Maybe the two of you will become fast friends.

My Videos:
Gamespot has not uploaded any good videos. Maybe Gamespot sucks. Maybe Gamespot doesn't have any professionalism. Maybe Gamespot lacks video editing software. Maybe Gamespot is worried that the video will steal their soul. Who knows?

So the truth comes out...