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Deadly Sins

I peer only at blackness. The light I saw was dim and yet...faint. It was choked by this darkness until its luminous beauty was drained from all existence. Why? Why was it this way? Where did the light go? Nowhere

It is still there, but shrouded in the night. Search for it if you dare. For if you do, then the findings may be impressive.

Killing Joy

I am the sky at night, never really showing my true identity.

I am the shadow in the dark, slaying all light.

I am the blade of the sword, stained with the blood that deserved its fate.

I am the one, the one who will restore peace to all of the clans in Japan.

I am the silent breath; that you can't hear but know of my presence.

I am Nite Shadow and my golden yellow eyes are watching.

just makin fun of SPEED RACER

hey father i have a sandwich, haha!

well if i cared son then i would be jumping for joy which im not so don't disturb me since i am a very busy man u should know that since i am your father boy so don't bug me, haha!

-sorry that i don't have a picture because having a picture would be inconclusive and being a inconclusive is not like me, ha!

oh no, that monkey took my sandwich, ahhhhhh!

used and abused

were there any cases of any reading this blog who were abused physically, mentally or emotionally? because i believe that if i go through that then i want to be strong til the end.

Does anyone play chess because.....

If you're good at it then I'll play you.

Baba's chess: unknownSHOUSKE

Yahoo! new version (well the one where you have an editable avatar): ni.shadow

let me know if you want to play, and on yahoo i play on Beg. Blitz, Beg. Bistro, and Easy Alley.