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Yeah, soooo....

I know I haven't been updating my blog here on Gamespot. I've sort of been drifting away from the whole community side of things here, mainly due the fact that all of my friends have moved on to, of course, Giant Bomb, and I love it there too.

So I'm making this blog to say that, basically, this is my final blog for Gamespot. I am still going to host my game collection here, and I will most likely check the homepage everyday for news, reviews, etc., but I'm just not involved in the community here anymore.

Like I said though, Giant Bomb is really where you can find me, and my video blogs now, so here ya go. This is where you can find me:

Later, Gamespot.

A Late 2008 Top 10 List

And it's even later getting here to Gamespot! I posted this on GB last week, I think. I guess Giant Bomb is just turning into my main game site priority now... But I won't ditch Gamespot completely!

HERE are my Top 10 Games of 2008.

It's over 9000!! Also: Tagged

What's over 9000? My profile view count, that's what! It seems like just yesterday I was writing my blog for 2000 profile views. Thanks to everyone who has even just clicked on my profile, as that it what builds the view number up.

Before I totally forget about it, I figured I would also include my 5 facts in this blog as well, cause I was tagged by Stealthgunn.

Fact 1: I am 15 years old.

Fact 2: My favorite food is pizza.

Fact 3: I like to draw. I've always sort of had a natural talent for it.

Fact 4: A few of my favorite shows are Tim and Eric Awesome Show, and of course, Dragon Ball Z

Fact 5: I hate mathematics of all kinds with a burning passion.

So there you have it, and here are the people that I am tagging:






Ok... This is bull.

Well this sucks. I really wanna keep this short, so here we go.

Since I got my new camera, I have had no problems with uploading videos to Gamespot... Untill now. See, the editing software built into my camera is all I have, and it just got an update that makes video files bigger. There is simply no way around it for me. I can't change the type of file or anything to get it down past 100 MB, the requirement for Gamespot. I just made about a 5 and half minute video that is 156 MB, where as with the old software, that would have been much, MUCH smaller.

However, I'm not going to get mad at the stupid software. I'm going to be mad at Gamespot. 100 MB for a video file is simply TOO **** SMALL. I've never uploaded vids to anywhere else other than GS, but I can guess that the requirement is much more leniant on other sites. So, since I know that there is probably no chance GS would ever hear me, or anyone else out on this, I think I may just move away from posting my vids on GS, and use that site that everyone uses on GiantBomb, and just provide the link to it here on Gamespot. So screw this.

EDIT: So here is the first video blog to be posted on GiantBomb. It is gonna continue like this, as 100 MB is simply TOO SMALL for me now. Yes, I am still going to keep Gamespot, as my primary blog hosting, and community site, but videos will be posted over on my GiantBomb. Whenever I post a new video there, I will provide a link to it here on Gamespot. Since I am no longer constrained by file size or time, videos can be even longer than 10 minutes!

Ralph Baer and Bill Harrison at VGL, with the Brown Box


Sorry for not showing the first couple minutes. I was trying to keep the camera concealed for as long as possible. They were being pretty strict there about filming anything.

P.S. I'm not gonna explain who these dudes are. If you don't know, go read up on your video game history. Suffice it to say, Ralph Baer is considered to be "the creator of video games."

Video Games LIVE!

Yes! In just two hours, I will be going to the Wang Theater in the city of Boston, Massachusetts to see Video Games Live. An event that goes on every year in a number of cities, where the video game world's best music is brought together, and played by a live orchestra. Just look it up on Youtube, and if you have any fondness for video game music, like myself, then you will realize just how awesome an event this is.

The best part is, my Dad, my Brother and I have some of the best seats in the house. I don't go to many concerts, but my Dad says that "orchestra seats" are pretty damn good. On top of that, I will be bringing my camera to film some of it, which I will post here on Gamespot. No, I am not going to film the entire thing, just the songs I am actually familiar with, and like to listen to. Check out the list of games that they play songs from over on the Video Games Live website. Seems pretty good to me.