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Yoshi/ Dishonored!!!

Finished Yoshi's New Island! It was far to easy and way less memorable than the original but I had a good time with it. It's a nice kick back and play kind of game. I plan to play more of it on my free time. I do wish the music was as unique as the original though...

Also finished Dishonored a while back and have been working on the expansions which are a lot of fun. The game itself was really good in my opinion. Reminds me a lot of Bioshock how it takes place in a realistic setting with a weird fantasy twist. Even the character faces are kind of exaggerated which is something Bioshock also did. I've just found myself really fascinated by the world the games set in so I can't wait for the next one.

Skyward Sword, Deponia

Hey guys!

First off I just want to say sorry if I'm less active on your blogs my internet just really sucks...

Since I recently moved we winded up with a different provider which in this case was obviously a bad thing.

Hopefully we get something better soon but it's just really hard to be active when something that should take 2 seconds takes 20 minutes.


Anyways just thought I'd quickly comment on some games I finished recently and games I'm playing.

because everybody cares! ;D




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Deponia is a point and click adventure game if you didn't know already.

For the most part I thought it was a great point n clicker.

The puzzles expected pretty reasonable stuff from you.... I think maybe one time after I finished a puzzle I was like "ummm I guess so" but the games puzzles were mostly all really fun to figure out and made sense after completion.

The game is a total comedy with character dialog being humorous 90% of the time.

I thought a lot of the humor was pretty good and the game had me smiling for one reason or another for a majority of the playthrough.

Though some of the jokes were total flops and there were times where I was flat out annoyed when I was probably expected to laugh.

The environments looked really good. The game has a cartoony style but with a lot of detail... I wasn't a huge fan of Deponia's(the main town) overmap but all the other environments were excellent and the character models weren't bad either.

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Skyward Sword was a fantastic game.

I'm a huge Zelda fan and this game didn't disappoint.

I'm not going to lie I did have some extremely frustrating moments with the motion controls.

One time I died 2 times from a scorpion boss and trust me.... they're not that tough....

The main trouble I had with the motion controls was the thrust(definitely the most gameplay ruining control goof)but for the most part the game controlled really well ESPECIALLY for a motion controlled game.... so at the very least I can say Skyward Sword utilized motion controls more successfully than any other game.

And when the motion controls worked they were extremely satisfying chopping and poking enemies exactly where they needed to be chopped/poked.

While the graphics are already aged(it's on the Wii after all) the art direction is beautiful. A great color pallet with a nice water color look. Everything's bright and happy to look at ;P

This game did have you revisit places really often but I think they did a good job changing the areas enough to where the game felt new regardless.

The world wasn't as huge as other Zelda games but I also think it's a lot bigger than people give it credit for as the 3 dungeon areas you do visit are pretty huge on their own... but yeah the sky should have been utilized more as it only has a few islands to explore most of which will only need to be visited once.

But something this game had that other Zelda games didn't have as much of is shopping. Things like potion and arrows can be bought easily not even costing a redonk amount of rupees which made finding money WAY more fun to search for than in other LOZ games.

There are also way more items to invest in like medals that improve your chances of finding certain thing's or that would give you an extra heart. Also the tools/weapons you find throughout your journey can be upgraded multiple times making money even more important.

I think the importance of money added a lot to this game.

All of the dungeons and bosses were a lot of fun. The puzzles were clever and I never felt cheated.

The only thing I got sick of was the time shift crystal dungeons but I wouldn't say those parts were bad as much as I just didn't care for them personally.(in fact the whole idea was pretty clever)


I would have liked more going on in the sky and I do wish the motion controls were perfect but motion controls just haven't been perfected in general so that's not a completely fair gripe.

But the game was beautiful, the music was great, the dungeons were well thought out, the bosses were fun to fight, links outfit was green, and I loved how important they made money.


I planned to talk about more games but I'm running out of time so I'll save it till next time.

Hope everybodies doing well... have a great day/night/twilight zone :D

Ni No Kuni! My thoughts

Can you not change the font or the color of your text anymore in blogs or am I a total fail?


I recently finished Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch.

Overall I thought it was a fantastic game. In fact It was the best JRPG I've played in a long time.

It was almost nostalgic how much it felt like the JRPG's I played back on the Gamecube/PS2 and earlier.

The days when they were all fantasy and magical.

I don't want to spend a bunch of time explaining myself but games like Skies of Arcadia, Radiata Stories, Tales of Symphonia, Grandia, Baten Kaitos etc etc

While there were a couple great games that had this type of "feeling" I'm talking about on the 360 most JRPG's that come out these days have either a different setting, really dark vibes, very niche gameplay, bad gameplay, aren't very "magical" , or who the hell knows what else but games just don't feel the same anymore!

Maybe I'm doing an awful job explaining this but *^%&&*^%* things just aren't what they use to be!

That's not to say JRPG's are bad if they aren't like those games I mentioned I'm just saying it's a completely different experience and the one Ni No Kuni offers is very much like that of the games I played when I was a kid.

The game just feels (once again)"magical"

It's vibrant, light hearted, epic, and exciting.

Visually this is the best looking JRPG I've played since Eternal Sonata. Eternal Sonata owns it in the graphics department but the art style of Ni No Kuni makes it beautiful regardless of the technical stuff. There were times where I was just bloooooooooown away by the view. Certainly an attractive game. CERTAINLY! O _ O

The combat was real time and turn based kind of like Final Fantasy 12 but battles are activated rather than just fighting as you run around.

I thought the battle system was a lot of fun and for the most part didn't really have any problems however your required to block a lot of attacks and while in boss fights you have plenty of time to react and block big attacks during normal fights against monsters I found that spells and special attacks were cast way to fast to react most of the time so I ended up just letting myself get hit which is pretty redonk but since this isn't a problem during boss battles it becomes more of an annoyance than a fun killer.

The combat had strategy but was also real time so it could be really action packed while still making you think. I found it to be quite enjoyable and rarely did I ever feel like I was grinding even when I was.

In combat you can play as 3 different human characters and their "familiars" which are monsters they control kind of like Pokemon.

Honestly while I did eventually have fun with the familiar system I thought it was a bit sloppy. Once you play enough it all comes together and makes sense but at first I felt a bit lost. Now it's okay to not understand a complicated system just starting out but I felt like I couldn't understand it without playing the whole game first which I hated.

You know how in Pokemon if you get a fire Pokemon you expect to have a fire Pokemon for the rest of your life with that Pokemon?

Well not in Ni No Kuni!

When you evolve your familiars you really don't know what your going to get in till it's too late.

I mean there is an in game book that has the info of all the familiars in the game so you can check all these things but it's a pain to navigate and it's also a pain to find every familiar you tame in the book so you can decide if you want them or not.(though I will point out that the book you have in this game is rich with info and fairy can tell they put a ton of time into it and it's really neat)

I'm just going to put it simple.... taming a fire Familiar does not mean you'll be leveling up a fire monster through the rest of the game. When you evolve it It may change elements or even become a fighting type. And just as it's profession changes so does it's weaknesses.

I found this extremely confusing at first as it really doesn't make sense. If I choose to put a fire type monster in my party it's because I want a fire type monster in my party and why should I expect it to become something else?

It took me a little while to get the hang of this.

Also just a little gripe.... While I do think the monster designs weren't bad for enemies I didn't find them all that interesting to catch. I feel like games that have that "Pokemon" thing going on should have monsters you "want" to catch. My whole party was created based off of technicalities which isn't as fun as choosing a monster because you like it. There should be times where entering a battle brings excitement because "holy crap that's the thing I want!" or "Holy pig dildo that thing is awesome I'm ganna beat it's ass and tame it!" but those moments just don't exist.

about a quarter into the game though I started getting a satisfying collectors type joy. Taming everything I could just to catch em all so there is that.

I also liked that the game wanted you to switch your fighter regularly to bend to the situation. It made things a lot more engaging and fun.

The plot is extremely predictable. I seriously may have predicted everything that happened and if not that most of what happened before it happened by a good hunk of game time. But it's not a big deal I think the story did it's job because the game is extremely charming and the characters are all pretty good.(though I'm not a fan of how they dressed Esther... I mean shes a little kid with a belly shirt? and then on top of that there's a cinematic that more or less "checks her out" in her bathing suit. I would have expected this JRPG out of all JRPG's not to be pedo... there is way worse out there but still. flipping Japan man!) There's funny moment's, sad moments, cheesy moments, cheesy moment's that are trying to be touching, cheesy moments that are trying to be sad, cheesy moments that are- alright I'm being an ass of course JRPG's get a free pass for cheesiness lol but seriously this game is magnificent.

This game also had one of the most rewarding fetch quest systems EVER!

I swear I did practically every single side quest in this game.

And it's weird because it's the kind of stuff I would completely skip in most games.

Maybe I just love the game but I legitimately enjoyed myself doing all the side stuff.

And when I said "rewarding" what I met was for every side quest you do you get an immediate reward of things like items and money from the person you did the quest for, then you get stamps on a stamp card for doing the quest and once the card is full you can trade it in for game changing rewards like making it easier to sneak up on enemies, or running faster. So your rewarded like crazy if you actually take the time to do side quests. Not only does it make it worth it but it makes you feel like your getting somewhere in the game even if you've been in the same town for 80 hours(slight exaggeration) And the rewards get better and better the more you do. It's pretty much the most awesome thing in the universe - . -

Ok so I have one more problem with this game! but it's more of a heads up.

To save your game you press triangle-start

To quite the game you press start-triangle

......... am I the only idiot that mixed this up?

I mean once it happened I MADE SURE it didn't happen again because... well let's face it.... it's a god awful mistake to make............ BUT it seems kind of dumb to me that they are exact opposites.... seems when your in a hurry mistakes can happen and people can get hurt.

ANYWAYS it's really hard to word how much I love this game with my terribible vocabulary but the complaints I did have were all pretty minor so just take that as this game is 99% perfect. ;)

Usually I'd put pictures and shit to lengthen peoples attention spans but I'm not use to this new site so I'm to lazy lol

Happy gaming peeps ;D

Kunimin threeee

Hey guys!

So it seems everybody just up and killed off posting blogs.

But people still seem active as my feed is full of random posts on forums so that's good.

Does anyone else not like how you can't comment on wall posts?

Kind of annoying..... unless they fixed it and I'm unawares


Lately have been realizing I actually love the crap out of Pikmin 3's mission mode...

I get on thinking I'll just screw off for a bit and I end up playing the same map 12 times.

Addicting as peanut butter balls................................................yup

I also started playing Ni No Kuni Wrath of the White Witch!


Now I'm not that far(for those who know I'm about to get my boat I believe?)

But I'm just going to say I haven't played a JRPG this good in a LOOOOOOOONG time

At least not in the same way

This game reminds me of being a kid and scoring on a good JRPG(as I picked on a hunch and sometimes ended up disappointed)

The same feeling I got playing Skies of Arcadia, Tales of Symphonia, Eternal Sonata.....

Games that at the time of playing them didn't show any sign of any kind of disappointment.

JRPG's I've played in recent years while not necessarily being bad games have never met my gold star sticker requirements.

I didn't even know it was possible to feel this way again I thought I just grew out of that magical loving feel for a game.

Kind of like how Pokemon were just so much more exciting as a kid regardless of how fun the games are now.

I almost feel a sense of nostalgia playing this game and I love it.

But who know a few more hours in and I might hate it ;P

Hope everyone is doing well.

Thanks for reading!

Is everybody here?

Hey people

Did everybody make it over to the new site ok?

I'm not a huge fan of how You find your friend's blogs now.

Not sure if anyone else used that friend blog dedicated list on the old site but that's what I used so looking through my wall is a total pain.

Not a fan of skimming through peoples comments and reviews to see blogs but maybe I'm missing something so let me know if there's a better way to do it. ;P

Hopefully I'm not missing anything because I haven't seen any blogs aside from Sir Gsjones's.

Hope you guys don't hate the site to much...... I f&%$#king hate how much of a pain it is to track friends..... and you can't see far back enough on the wall.

But again.... maybe I'm missing something.

Let me know if your alive guys ;D

Pikmin 3

Hey guys!

To my surprise I just beat Pikmin thinking I was in the middle of the game lol

Actually I did start to suspect something when the dude I was fighting took a few days ;P

So what did I think?

In a pikmin sized nut shell it was great!

However I wouldn't agree with those who say it's the best in the series

I have a few nit picks with it 

1. The pacing of the game didn't set me up for completion. I thought shit was still going down! It's not much longer than the first game if even longer but the first game did a great job building up to a climax even with it's length.... This game not so much which made me a lot less satisfied finishing it(though the final boss was the most intense thing in the game for sure)

2. I wasn't a fan of the controls on the WiiU game pad... Yes yes I know the best controls come with the Wiimote! But I wanted to use the WiiU gamepad as I just got my WiiU and I wanted to feel like I was playing the WiiU!

  I use to be ownage at the first two pikmin games with the gamecube controller(not intending to brag) so they made tweaks to the controls that cause the WiiU gamepad to not even work as well as the gamecube controller which is disappointing.

  I think what it might be is the new game supports the Wiimote which opens a new dimension causing confusion if your using an analog to move the cursor. Most of my problems had to do with trying to aim at stuff up high and throwing pikmin into the background instead, and trying to throw or whistle for pikmin on the ground and doing it somewhere up high instead. In intense situations this did lose me a lot of pikmin :/

 Also what I used 90% of the time during combat in the last two pikmin games was direct control which as far as I could tell was completely removed. It was replaced by locking on and commanding all your pikmin to charge a target at once but it's just not nearly as controlled. Sometimes you'll command your pikmin to charge and the situation changes forcing you to call them back instead of simply maneuvering. If this actually hasn't been removed please tell me.

3. Louie pisses me off..... D:<


As negative as I may have just sounded I actually loved the game!

Why you ask?

1. It's Pikmin.... now the most consistently great series in the universe.... just kidding but it's one of them 

2. The new pikmin were great additions! While I think technically speaking Pikmin 2 is the best game in the series I found rock and flying pikmin to be much more unique than purple and white(that's not to say I think purple and white are bad I actually liked them to) but just the way you use them as tools was far different than all the other pikmin so it added a new feeling to some of the puzzle solving. Rather than "oh this color can not die in that and is good at this" they were more like direct tools for specific situations. Rock pikmin smashed hard objects and Flying pikmin could..... well, fly! It was completely new and I loved it(holy crap is smashing things with rock pikmin satisfying)


2. The game looks fantastic! the environments are beautiful, lush, and well thought out.

3. At first I was upset you were no longer Olimar but the new characters were good at making me smile once in a while, plus Olimar was still part of the game!


  Alph was my favorite new character. Not only does he look like Olimar's brother his whole body pulsates like crazy when hes standing still.... It's hilarious and awesome. :D

4. They added some cool modes like mission where you can go through new areas collecting treasure on a time limit to get high scores, fight enemies, or fight bosses. 

I was disappointed the story mode wasn't coop but the missions are so that's good too.

They also have Bingo Battle and while I do think it's fun I also enjoyed Pikmin 2's multiplayer so it's nothing that new. The good thing about bingo battle is your not forced into an intense game of life and death so more people would agree to play it ;P

5. It's Pikmin.... once again

So yeah that's what I have to say about Pikmin 3.... I wish it was as big a game as Pikmin 2 but Pikmin 1 was my favorite and that one was the shortest so it's all good.

Now time to do some missions! ;)

Oh yeah I bought Tales of Xilia... can't wait to play :D



Hello evereh body

Guess what?

I bet you can't guess what I got?

I'll give you a hint!

The title kinda has a little bit to do with it 

Still can't get it?

Well then your an idiot..........................


It's the WiiU!

Yes yes I know the mass tends to hate on this console but I for one am happy I picked it up ;P

It does suck the price cut news just hit right after I buy it with a limited edition Zelda bundle......... especially since I'm a huge fan of Zelda and literally have licked my Skyward Sword Wiimote with lustful dreams....... not really but you get it


I couldn't wait.... with Pikmin 3 out I was rotting away in miserable thoughts of the greatness I wasn't experiencing...... So I bought it

Honestly the deal I got was really awesome(at least before the price cut)

365 for The 32 gig console with Nintendo Land and Super Mario Bros U(and some crap off brand Wiimote but hey why not take a freebie?) 


There's the beaut



And those are the games I have so far..... and Nintendo Land of course

So far Nintendo Land is all I've played...... I haven't had much time so I chose that as I assumed it would do a good job introducing the consoles mechanics which it did 

So far it's pretty cool

So yeah soon I'll start Pikmin 3

I'm excited as ballz!

Oh and I beat LA Noire

It was good

Thanks for reading guys ;)


Hi guys ;)

So I ended up being absent for a few more days 

Turned out my buds were going camping at the beach

We go to an awesome place right by the water with a great view of all kinds of sea critters :D Dolphins, Sea Lions, Pelicans, Sharktapus, Starfish, ETC

Here's a lucky pic I took 


Pretty great views of the sunset 

Anyways I've been back a while so a couple nights ago I wen't to the swap meet

Which means GAMES! :P




So that's the new stuff I got

Haven't played any of it yet as I haven't had the chance but I'm excited for a few of them

I like to pick up random stuff I have no clue about too so I never know when I'll find a gem

Also I just ordered a WiiU

SO EXCITE!!!!!! O _____ O

Well thanks for reading peeps hope everything is good 


Just got back from camping

Hey guys!

I just got back from a camp trip so sorry if I missed a few of your blogs

If that picture doesn't show then screw it

It was beautiful up in the mountains

I caught some pretty nice fish O.O

Apparently there was a bear on our camp ground every night I was there but I never saw it

It left turds ;P

Anyways I'm back so expect my presence(cyber presence) 

Also recently started playing LA Noire..... I know I'm behind but I'm not generally huge on these types of games so I wait for the cheapest method.... which in this case is barrowing from a bud ;D

Hope your all having a great day

Thanks for reading