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Wicked Sick!

I am now level 30. I haven't posted in my blog for awhile, I'm really getting excited for this years E3...I want to really see what sony has in store for the future of there system. Should be a great E3 this year can't wait to see all the games that are going to be there. Well I'm out, LEVEL 30! W00T!

I've been on GS for a year!

w00t...One year ago....I made my GS account! I have learned a lot on this site....I've also meet a lot of different people...I started a union...Im level 26 also.Thanks to every one who reads my Blog,I always have fun on this site it's the best...I look forward to many more years on here aswell...


Man do these things look cool or what.....Wal-mart is all ready taking pre-orders for them online. I found a cool website for them too.It comes out on November 14th 2006 for $249.99.Heres what it they look like.What do you guys think about them?
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