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I will capture Halo 3 Gameplay.

Ok I am short on cash and I need some xbox live cards or microsoft points cards. I am willing to capture and make a halo 3 montage for somebody. I won't ask for much. The problem is though, since when I finish your montage and save it, the file is usually around 100 MegaBytes and there is now way for me to send you the montage which means I will have to upload it online on my youtube, gamevee, mlg gameroom etc.... acounts, or you could give me your login and I will upload it for you on your account.

I have a couple videos I made on my youtube page.

My Youtube Page

I can capture up to 100 clips for you, pm me if interested.

Another New Account

I found out I had another free 1 month of live on my 360 so I made a new account. The name is IUsedToDoWork58

I am only going to play Halo 3 social on this one. If you want to play ranked with me, hit me up on ak47ra1der

Join this rewards site and refer me please!!!

This is a website where you do surveys and stuff like that and you earn credits. With those credits you can buy games or other things. There is a section for offers which are free. Please just put in that link. That will help me out because if you sign up and get points, I also recieve 20% of the points you earn. Please sign up and do some offers. Thanks

Got a new gamertag and GTA IV

Well Monday night, I went and got GTA IV at midnight and I love the game. I think it is one of the best games out there and everyone should get it. Plus I got a new Gamertag today it is IDoWorkSon58. Send me an invite.

Snow day and 80 bucks.

Well I had a snow day today. This is really rare where I live(Burbank,Illinois). My teacher at my school has been at my school for 12 years and he only had 2 snow days. Me and my friend went shoveling snow at 8:30 AM and finished at 2 PM with 80$ in each of your pockets. I am going to renew my Gamestop card and going to buy NBA 2K8 used so I could return it before the warranty expires and put it towards GTA IV.
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