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Her Birthday poem

You might know this if you have time playing and reading her poem on vault 101 :P no i didn't even read it.

her birthday poem looks kinda... :lol:

Gray Walls, impenetrable steel.

Suffocation! Condemnation! Little hands groping in subterranean uncertainty. Mommy? Daddy? Am I Dead? Nay! Nay! Reborn into purifying fluorescence!

A face emerges, strong and male. Father to me? Father to all!

Overseeing our lives, our eternities. Harshness of descipline. Harshness of love Obedience my savior!

Larva to pupa, pupa to worker. Buzz, buzz! One with the steel honeycomb. 10 lies within the 101, significant at last. Till gray seeps from the walls to hair, to soul. Then, eternal slumber, the sweet sleep of incineration

Did you ever read this tell it to me.