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Does it matter either way? if so how?

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@theone86 said:
@kod said:

Fox News... i wonder what the real story is.

Maybe this is the real story, someone from a twitter handle with a massive 300 followers decided to say this. Good job Fox News, really focusing on the issues we face as a nation. One person with 300 twitter followers suggests black people to donate their money locally in order to help rebuild communities instead of buying useless shit no one needs, the world is ending. Fuckin prime time, 60 minute, time magazine tier story.

And Santa Claus forbid they clarify that BLM is only suggesting police face the death penalty when convicted of murdering unarmed citizens (you think conservative libertarians would be in favor of this).

Yeah, knew there had to be some detail Fox was lying about or leaving out, and you hit the nail on the head.

Here's the problem I have with it, our economy is predicated on buying useless shit no one needs. You know who gets a paycheck thanks to useless shit no one needs? Yours truly, not to mention a whole lot of women and POC. You know who benefits from white businesses? People employed by white businesses, including women and POC. And believe me, I live in an area where black neighborhoods could use a whole helluva lot of TLC. It seems like around here black neighborhoods either stagnate, or some big developer comes in, usually with the mayor's enthusiastic support, and builds a ton of new, fancy buildings that drive the rent up so high it forces 90 plus percent of the current residents out. I just don't see putting the onus of fixing that situation on working people who are already struggling as a good thing. Making donations are, at best, going to give these organizations a holiday boost while not actually changing the situation on the ground. The fact of the matter is that all those developers, speculators, and politicians should be fixing the situation, not some family who just wants to buy some nice things for their kids. Classic attempt to pit the proletariat against itself.

But yeah, shame on Fox for trying to use a stupid tweet to slam BLM.

I think in this case one of the best ways to help solve the problem is to ask why is it a problem in the first place.

Both sides have a view on the cause, and both sides should express their thoughts on what the cause is.

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@raugutcon said:

Yup, let us no purchase no stuff from them pale face, melanin lacking greedy sons of bitch ...... wait a second, I am a pale face, melanin lacking son of a bitch, what I’m supposed to do ?

learn your heritage, and not ignore the unpleasant parts

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@Chrome- said:

Are ethical values subjective (atheist angle) or universally metaphorically objective (religion) how can universal moral values exist in a atheistic nihilistic culture if atheism is purely natural selection and has no defining law for human behaviour, there's no right or wrong all is permitted.

All moral values in western society come from Judeo/Christian literacy, these values are important because they're psychologically correct for the human conscious and therefore universally correct.

Without these values that are found in religious texts, humanity would be chaos as all morality is subject and open to various interpretation in an atheistic culture.

Atheist culture at least from my knowedge does not wage war against other countries killing millions of innocents in the process.

The so called 'moral standard' is often a double standard

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How about trying the indie universe instead?

not for story games but just games in general because I see a lot of complaints in this thread about gaming in general