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I could feel our family's rottweiler's seed flowing down inside my pussy towards my cervix and to fertilize any egg that was there. With my eyes glazed over still in a foggy hazy of my orgasms, I cooed, "Oh Jasper, yes fill me with your seed," While our family's rottweiler trying to get me pregnant. The dumb dog doesn't know it's impossible, only technically for a miniscule 12 to 24 hours, I would be pregnant, until chromosomes doesn't match up and the cells will not split. Then my body will reject it and it will die. It was about a good 15-20 minutes later and he was still resting on top of me and ejaculating his semen into me. 0 - moms-fuckers.top 1 - https://moms-fuckers.top/categories/family/ The day wore on and the cool air of early September forced us back inside Brad Jr. Thanked all for coming and we went inside. Brad Jr. said, “If there anything you need use the radio was on channel 9 for emergencies.”