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A Year on Gamespot

Well today makes a year on Gamespot...I really enjoyed the time I spent here on the forums and the community. I aslo want to thank GS and the community for making this happen, now lets party




And a special cake for me


Whats your thoughts on e3

So how was e3 for ya? Very exciting for me to watch....I saw microsoft and nintendo but havent seen sonys yet. I was really impressed of what microsoft did. Showingthe new trailer of mass effect and halo3.Also res5 and gta4. I was really impressed with the new res5 video.I am for sure gonna get res5. They showed the newgames on the xbl arcade but none of them caught my attention. The new trailer of halo 3got me very excited now im more eager to get it.Mass effect impressed me as well. I liked how microsoft did their comparison and stuff. Now for nintendo I didnt like that they talked to much for that wii fit which wasnt that exciting.I liked how they used the controll for metriod prime 3.Mario galaxy was good but they should of showed ssbb.After seeing some of nintendos e3 and seeing that ssbb comes out december I decidedthat im gonna get a wii. Im gonna get a wii proably around november, latest december.Sonys event I read wasnt that great. Although the news for mgs4 was great. Im not really looking forward to killzone. Im proably gonna watch it later

We out:) School is over, summer has officially started

Today was the last day of school. "finally" Although it seems like the school year went really quick. Well today was the last day and I got my report card and like always I passed with a 92.50 average. I got a 90 in literacy, 95 in math, 95 in ss and a 90 in science. Well now my summer is yet to begin and no more school. Im also gonna try to be active as I use to on gs cause im gonna do alot this summer, which I have been looking forward and I wish ya a good summer

Todays my birthday :)

So todays is my birthday. Were just at my house chilling with my family nothing big...I just turned 14. Well I havent posted at gs this whole week. Latley gs has been getting boring so im not as active as I use to. But I will be back

Finally...I got my 360 elite

After trying to find one and calling stores I got one...I called yesterday toysurus at bay plaza and they had about 8 of them. I was gonna go yesterday but they close at 9 and it was already 8:30. So today I woke up at 9:00 am put my clothes and went. I bought my 360, and pay for warrenty. Everything came out to be $563. Almost a 60gig ps3. Now im playing gears of war and im gonna get more games but now im broke:(. This saturday is my birthday, so I will still get money but not from my mom because she already bought me stuff and shes the one that gives me the most money. Anyways im happy I got one
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