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tremlesshalo Blog

Yo guy's im back!!!

And Las Vegas was fun and all but i miss shooting an Uzi at the gun store. :lol: But yeah its good to be back and now Saint's Row 2 is coming soon.

Yeah guys i even have more bad news...

So my Xbox 360 is broken AGAIN! And to even make it worst i will no longer have Internet or cable for along time. Cause some how my sister or someone in my family. Has to pay $1,000!!! So ill have to go somewhere that has internet link a cafe or somewhere. So ill be back soon guys.

Sorry guy's not have post a blog for sometime...

Just you know due to work and other things. And im no longer getting a PS3 anymore due to bills. But please do not take me off your friends list on XBL its just that im working a lot of hours and im going to try to get on as much to hang out with all of you.