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    Uncharted 3

    I have never been so involved with a game besides this one, I really enjoy Uncharted 3, I was literally glued to my PS3 for 4 days to complete this game. This is a must game if you enjoy adventure, go...

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  • TomWG wrote a review of The Tomb Raider Trilogy.
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    Tomb Raider Trilogy

    Tomb Raider Trilogy I find as being a very good game all around. The theme that comes with the pack, really gives that extra touch. As for the games themselves, these I found it easier to play the PS3...

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    I must be one of a few old timers that still like playing games. I started back in the arcades, then moved to the PC, the old Atari 400, Lynx system. Bought a PS2 a few years ago and now recently the ...

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