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why do i do this?

ive left christmas shopping till the last minute again! my family are easily the most awkward people to buy for ever. this is why i hate christmas...:(

autumn/fall's big releases

well its that time of year again, when big name developers decide to release their games. god knows why they think its a good idea to release when everyone else is aswell but i guess the time of giving is really about taking as much money from us as possible so they can all get fat over christmas.

anyway, what i really wanted to say was how im kinda overwhlemed by the amount of games i wanna buy. some i didnt even realise were supposed to be coming out so soon. those being forza 4, rage and dark souls. but on top of that theres arkham city, battlefield 3, skyrim, AC revelations, saints row the third and then possibly MW3 if people twist my arm enough which im sure will happen.

i really dont know what to buy, i only plan on buying 2 more games and leaving the rest for christmas. the one im certain on in skyrim, i have to get that game no matter what. but that leaves so many others to choose from.

after playin the battlefield 3 beta for the first time i was really disappointed, with it being so glitchy and having so many server problems and whatnot, but now ive been playing it alot more i feel my preorder cancellation was a little bit to hasty as im having a brilliant time with it. the fact that its a 2 month old build means that im sure most of the issues will be fixed but i dont know whether to preorder again or get something else.

im only going to "day 1" 2 more games, but that doesnt mean i cant pick up any of the others if they go down in price but i imagine with christmas coming up they are all going to stay full price which will suck.

im leaning more towards getting arkham city and skyrim so i can just sit down and relax with a few single player games but once skyrim comes out i probably wont touch any other games so i might just wait for november 11th and keep playing gears until then.

what are your plans for this gaming season?

3 and a half days!!!

i have never been this excited for a video game in my life. ive been hyped before, dont get me wrong, but this is different.

after reading the gears of war novels i really am excited for the story this time. i was never a big fan because it always seemed kinda cheesy and too much like an acton movie. but the books really get into the characters and all of their individual back stories which i love. you really get a feel of what theyve all been through and it makes all of the characters lovable in their own way, even prescott, i cant wait to find out how it all ends.

in terms of multiplayer, this to me is going to be the best ive ever played, i just know it, after the beta nothing else can satisfy me. things like bad company 2 that were previously my favourite have taken a backseat because im just not interested anymore. i was never the biggest fan of call of duty anyway but the beta really made me realise how terible games like black ops are. with the mixture of dedicated servers, awesome weapons, perfect hit detection and a much faster pace, this is really going to rock.

i just honestly cant wait. its going to be epic (no pun intended) and with horde 2.0 and beast mode, this game is going to last me a long time. which is good because im not going to be buying a whole lot from now on. MW3 isnt even on my radar, battlefield 3 is however, but i wanna try out the beta before i make any decisions.

there are a lot of games coming out this year and i think skyrim is the only other game im certain on, im sure my hype will be at a whole new level come november 11.

the last time i was anywhere near to being this excited, i think i was about to buy Star wars battlefront 2....

Super EFFING meat boy!

super meat boy is AWESOME!

really. it is.

for those who know next to nothing about it, it is an old school puzzle/platformer where you play as a cube of meat who must rescue his bird known as bandage girl, who has been captured by an evil fetus in a jar who is wearing a tux. Now the thing about this game is that its supposed to make you bleed out of your eyes whilst leaving you wanting to carry on at the same time. i find this to be a perfect balance between fun and challenge. it has its moments where im constantly calling SMB a C*** but its a kind of strange sensation. when you eventually get past a level thats been tormenting you for the past 2 weeks, it leaves you with a feeling of real acomplishment only to be left with another devilish level right around the corner.

i find it to be incredibly rewarding each time i get to the next level or beat a boss because i came out on top and defeated the frustration, whereas some games (*ahem* black ops *ahem*) have a completely different kind of frustration which i can never find a bright side of. obviously im not gonna comapare the 2 in any other way because that would be stupid.

this is not a review by the way, im merely stating why i love super meat boy.

it is clearly not for all because of its difficulty but i would still recommend it either way. im currently on "the rapture" and its kicking my *** but i cant wait to go back and let it kick me some more.


i really cant wait for this game, it may not have the best graphics or "HALO" written across the box but it may just be the best fun you can have all year, since im in the UK im really hoping i can get it early, if it ships on the 5th theres a good chance someone will sell it to me early :D if i can ill post on the 360 board saying my opinion and maybe some pictures or videos, not that it matters. bring on friday so i can start hunting it down :p