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I'm blistering!!!

So I went to my friends cottage for three days and now i'm burnt to **** It's cool though becuase my mom let me sleep to like 5:00 pm today.

Ummm, in gaming news I really want a 360 and a copy of Dead Rising. But it's too bad because i'm piss broke and always will be.

YOU FAT SNATCH! *throws hat at Demonhampster*

Awww, man.

I just dropped my gum on my basement carpet and now it's all hairy and has STD's. Wellll, what happened, oh I saw my soon to be new house and it's so big compared to my current dookie hole I call a home.

And now a quote of the day:

"Don't break me down, Brrruce!" 

I'm losing it.

And by it I mean the willingness to post in other people blogs it's like.

"Hmmm, billnye updated his blog, but then i'd have to click on it, read it, and then post a comment so they have that oh so nice gratification."

Soooo, yeah.