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My Spikey Adama is better than yours!

If you read this topic you may have wondered "what is a spikey adama?" If you are asking that question then you are not playing one of the coolest games thats come out this year, Culdcept Saga! I picked up this little gem earlier this week and I fell in love. Well love is a strong word, so maybe I will say I fell in like with this game ;) . I had no idea this game was even coming out untill a couple weeks ago, and to my sadness, I never knew there was a game made before this that I missed! Now I will admit that I am an old school Magic the Gathering guy, yup thats me, the guy sitting with the rest of the "nerds" in highschool playing with a weird deck of cards. ahhh sweet memories, but thats not what i'm here to talk about so back on topic people! So because of my history I guess my opinion is a little biased, but hey most opinions are right?! So my quick take on this game is that it is a mixture of Magic/Pokemon/My little ponies/ whatever card game you may have played mixed with monopoly. If you have not played monopoly...then I don't know what else to compare it to so I am sorry.

I will say it up front, the story is pretty weak...weak as in a mouse compared to a lion weak. The voice acting is acceptable I guess but I tend to skip it as it's tied into the pointless overused plot. So now that I got the bad out of the way, on to the good! The gameplay seems pretty simple at first, but trust me there is more to it then meets the eye. You start out with a basic deck of 50 cards which is filled with creatures, spells, and items that are based around the 4 elements as well as a selection of neutral creatures which have no elemental alignment. With this deck in your hands you will travel the world and battle Cepters (people who can use the power of the cards) in 1 on 1, 1 on 1 on 1, and team matches. The point of these matches is to gather a certain amount of gold. You can gather gold in a couple different ways, laying down creature cards on territories and hope someone lands on it and loses a fight, by walking around the entire board and passing a castle (go for monopoly), and some spells can give you money. The coolest way is the monster on monster battles. When you lay down a creature card on a territory it becomes yours, and if an opponent lands on the territory they can either just give you money, or duke it out and try to take the territory from you. When they summon their creature and start a fight you are given a chance to equip your creature with items that could turn the tide in your favor, that is if you have an item in your hand! The attacking creature goes first, and if it doesn't slay the enemy, then the defender will take a whack. Even if no creature dies, the defending side will win the battle and the attacking side will be forced to pay a certain amount of gold. The amount depends on how much you upgrade that territory, kinda like upgrading from a house to a hotel in monopoly.

Whats really cool is that even if you lose a match you will walk away with some new cards that you can edit your deck with, and thats what makes you become an addict. With about 500 different cards in the game, you will feel a need to get them all "gotta catch them allllll!" ...sorry about that I slipped into 2001. But as you collect more and more cards, you will only be left with the need to keep collecting more untill you can make any kind of deck that you want be it deck with a lot of green creatures, yellow creatures, or a good mixture of all. I really only scratched the surface with this blog about how cool this game is, the only other thing I will say is that a typical match can last up to an hour so if you are not a patient person and need non stop action then maybe you should look elsewhere, but for everyone else I think this is a must play game that will let you take a break from the more intense games out there.

Advance Wars(only 2 hours in)/ Avatar the last airbender

Hello all, I got a copy of Advance Wars: Days of ruin for the DS last night from Gamefly. I was only able to play for a couple hours because other things came up, but my first impression is that this game is a needed upgrade to the series. I played the first Advance Wars a few years back, and while I did enjoy the gameplay, I could not really connect with the story that went along with it. It's not just because it was childish, it was because the gameplay was warfare and so the tone of the game never really sat well with me.

With Days of Ruin, the creators took the storyline to a more serious level, but threw in a hint of humor to appease fans. I think this mix works well, but im only a couple hours into the game so I can't say if the story is good all the way threw. The actual gameplay seems to be the same with the exception of the CO's, who were stripped of their "uber" power and were replaced with reasonable ones. I personally think that this was a good move on their part. Now you must rely more on your skill and not so much on your Co's abilities. I'm not going into a full review of this game, just because there are a lot out there already, but as far as my two cents go I think any fan of this genre should give it a try.

And now for something completly different...

So if you did not get that reference then you should go watch some monty python movies. Anywho! I recently downloaded an episode of Avatar the last airbender from X-box live. I've heard so much about it over the past couple years, both from younger people and friends my own age, and the general talk was that it was a great series. I have passed the DVD sets a few times at best buy and each time I think "should I?.....naw I'll wait." And I've said that for the past few months. I decided that I could try the series out by downloading an episode, so I did. Now 1 and a half seasons into it, I still can't stop. The show is really good, which kinda shocked me. I could say that it appeals to the kid in me but its more than that. The story has been well written and the characters are all very well done. On top of that, it has a very cool artistic stlye that seems to blend anime, and western cartoons into one style. the animation is beautiful and there are rarely any "filler" parts, you know like when you watch an anime the characters will charge someone, and all the flashing color is in the backround for like 10 seconds? Yea this doesn't have that. Also the characters won't really go on and on and on when they meet. They will talk for a second, then get down to buisness with the bending, and maybe say a few words while fighting. My only problem with the series so far is that there are a couple filler episodes, but only 2-3 i think so far. The filler episodes are not bad really, but you kinda get the feeling like "this really wasn't needed." Overall its a great series, and i'm curious how the live action movies are going to turn out...i'm leaning to awful, but who knows maybe Shalayman (sp?) can pull it off. So go check out Advance Wars, and don't pass up Avatar.

Multiplayer Madness! And Budweiser Commercials?

Last month, and including most of this month I have played a lot of games that are focused on a single player story, like Mass Effect, Assassin Creed, Ogre Battle, and psychonauts ( yea it took me a while to find this gem)so recently I got back on a huge multiplayer kick with a classic Warcraft 3, and the X-box Call of Duty 4.

Warcraft 3 has been coming up and going away for me since it came out way back in 2002. Every once and a while I get back into the multiplayer aspect just because its a great game. There hasn't been an RTS that has come out since that can hold my attention, and trust me i've tried with games lik Rise of Nations, Command and Conquer, World in Conflict, Supreme Commander, just to name the big ones i've played this year. To me Warcraft 3 takes true skill to micro your army just right to tear through your enemies. The units in each of the 4 races compliment each other so well, and everything is so balanced that the game is near perfect. Now of course there are strategies out there that people use over and over and over and over.....and over that are cheap, but I don't consider them to be true players. For the most part though the Warcraft community is now full of good people, who can bring a challenge to a man like myself who is an RTS fantatic. If you havn't played it yet and have a PC that is as old as 2003 or newer then I think you should check this game out, it may not be for everyone because of its hero system, but overall its an awesome game.

My other game that I can't get enough of is Call of Duty 4 on Xbox! The multiplayer is just so fun! All of the guns you can unlock and with the add ons you can get for them make for a great time. If you feel like run and gun, grab a SMG and let lose, or if you like getting close, grab a shotgun and smile as you turn a corner, blast a dude in the face and keep going. If you like to pick a spotand snipe people, then grab one of the 6(i think) sniper rifles and wam away at your enemies. The LMG's are really awesome as they can just spray so many bullets into the enemy lines, and with the right perks you can shoot through walls and get thoes campers on the other side! With flash, stun, and normal grenades available to everyone you always have to listen for that TINK sound of a grenade landing by you and hopefully run away in time. I can keep going on and on, but I won't simply because i've talked about this game in 3 blogs now? and Ialso have a review of it.

I want to get some games on with the gamespot community! If anyone plays these two games on multiplayer and want to hook up and play some games, shoot me a message, leave a comment, add my Xbox tag to your friends, or however else you want to contact me, and lets have some mutliplayer madness!

As a side note, the term Multiplayer madness reminds me of crazy clearance commerials you see on T.V or hear on the radio, like ITS A 5.00 BLOWOUT SALE! ITS ABOSOLUTE MADNESS! I think thoes can be funny at times, so think about mutiplayer madness being said by one of thoes crazy super excited people. MULTIPLAYER MADNESS!!!! ONE DAY ONLY! It's kind of funny

As a side side note to the previous note, Budweiser Commercials, the ones about the real american hero, or real american genius, are freakin funny as hell. The things they come up with are gold sometimes, and I think people should check them out. If you havn't heard one i'm sure you can find one on youtube.

Happy Holidays

It's been a while since my last post simply because I have been busy with all of the awesome games that have come out last month! This was one of, if not the greatest year of game releases thus far, and if you can't find a game to play, then where have you been?!

Anyway, I just wanted to make a quick post and wish everyone happy holidays! May your days be filled with great games, great memories, and great family. I'll try to type up a longer blog hopefully before the next year, until then stay safe and keep gaming!

Rock Band, I could get flamed for saying this

Well I picked up Rock Band last weeked, and actually it was just by luck that I did. I stopped by my local Gamestop looking for the PC game Witcher(which is actually a cool game, but thats another post) and there was Rock Band sitting next the the counter, 3 copies staring at me, calling to me"Mike, drop the 189 on me, I will fulfil many hours of gameplay for you." So in a zombie like stare, and with drool coming out of the corner of my opened mouth, I picked up the box, laid it on the counter and swiped my card. I felt so proud when I walked out of that store, carrying this huge box filled with goodies, and I couldn't wait to get home and rock with my roomates!

So I drive home and on the way I'm getting more and more geeked out about this beautiful box sitting in my passenger seat. I then pulled in the driveway, got out of my car, got the box, and walked in the house. My roomates had no idea I was bringing this home, so I knew they were going to lose it when they saw the box.I went downstairs to start setting it up and my first roomate came down the stairs and was like "NO WAY! Dude you picked up rock band! **** yea, lets rock this s**t out!" So we took about 10 minutes to set it up, loaded the game into the xbox, he then jumped on the drums and I grabbed a guitar and my headset, planning on singing and playing at the same time.

The CGI movie loaded up with the band playing on their car, and we watched the whole thing, just getting even more pumped up. The main menu loaded up and we went to the band world tour mode, created our own avatars, made the band name and prepared to rock the house down. Well...this is where we started to lose our excitment. We played the first few songs, which were slow paced and we both said that the pace of the game is sure to pick up as we go further. Well....we played on, song by song, slow paced song by slow paced song and with each new song, our excitment died a little more. Now me and my roomates love Rock, and by rock I mean ROCK! Music that gets you pumped up! Music that can inspire you to just lose it!

After playing through Rock Band I now see that what we think of as rock is obviously different from what the developers consider rock. I consider bands like Slipknot, Disturbed, Linkin Park, Breaking Benjamin, Godsmack to be rock. Thoes bands have songs filled with energy! Instead what I get is the Ramones, The New Pornographers (the newpornographers?! are you bleeping kidding me), Molly Hatchet, the Yeah Yeah whatevers, Police......police........THE POLICE?! Oh and I can't forget the great Honest Bob and the Factory-to-Dealer Incentives, and no i'm not kidding, that is the name of a band in this game. Oh heres some rock for you, how about The Konks with the ever popular hit 29 fingers. I honestly could go on and on with most of the bands/songs in this game.

Now let me go through the list of bands I like. I'll start with Flyleaf. I really love the band, but they picked their first popular single that came out like 2+years ago! I was tired of hearing "im so sick" a year ago, so why would I want to play it now? Coheed and Cambria, is one band that I have nothing to say that is bad. I think Welcome home was a solid pick for this game, and was one of the only songs that had a hardrock sound. Enter sandman by metallica....okay I love metallica or should I say loved metallica maybe 10 years ago before their music wasn't totally played to DEATH on any radio station including country stations(thats a joke by the way). Nine Inch Nails. Awesome band, Trent Reznor is a very creative artist and has been since he started making music back in the 80's. They choose The Hand that feeds. That was probably one of the worst songs he has ever made. Out of his ENTIRE history of cd's, they choose the worst song! Soundgarden is cool, but black hole sun does not belong on a game called ROCK band because it doesn't have any real energy in it.

I realize this game was not made for me, but for spending almost $200 on a game I was expecting a lot more of an expansive song list filled with songs for all walks of rock. But nope, not happening, instead I get Timmy and the Lords of the Underworld. It's almost as if the creator's responsible for picking the song list asked people what they wouldn't want to see in this game, and took thoes answers and applied them to Rock Band. So in short if you like the bands that I do, then stay away from this game! I know it looks cool and your like "I can play drums!" But whats the point of playing drums to songs that you just can't get into? This game should not be called rock band, instead it should be called something along the lines of "This game is filled with songs that no real modern rocker will appreciate, thanks for spending $200 on this crap."

So many great games seem to leech my life!

Well it has been a while since my last post and that is because of all the great games that have come out in the last few weeks. I never thought I would say this, but there were TO many games! "Dude, your crazy! To many games?! How in the name of zeus' lightingbolt can you say that!" Because its true! If you've read a previous blog of mine, then you know that I had a problem, and that problem was how much time, and money I had to spend on all the upcoming games. Let me tell you, I had to make hard choices on the games on got. It was so bad that I stood in a gamestop for about 15 minutes just staring at the new releases. I was the only person in there besides the clerks, who were looking at me with eyes that said "I understand man, take your time, its a hard choice."

In the end I choose Assasins creed, which you know because I wrote a blog on it! Luckily for me a friend picked up Kane and Lynch so I was able to play that, though I still have to pick it up for myself. The next week I picked up Mass Effect, which if you havn't heard yet (which is hard to imagine considering you are on gamespot) but that game is....awesome is a word to weak describe it. Okay so imagine that you got a lottery ticket, and you were the winner of a muti-million dollor jackpot, you would flip out wouldn't you! Heck yeah you would, who wouldn't?! Well that feeling you would have is nothing like Mass Effect, but as games go, mass effect would bring you the closest a game could to that feeling.

Another friend of mine picked up Crysis and I got to play a little of that, and whew let me tell you, my computer would look at that game, look back at me like "You don't really expect me to run that do you? You must be outcha mind!" The game is beautiful, amazing, mindblowing! But to appreciate it in it's full glory you must have a pretty hefty computer, which mine isn't bad, but my oh my, it would kill over if i loaded that game. Speaking about first person shooters, Call of Duty 4 comes to mind. The story is short in terms of shooters but that story is filled to the brim with intense action and a good story that revolves around two characters.What really grabs you is the multiplayer. It's so fun that it brings me back to the days of playing Goldeneye with my friends for hours on end. I wrote a review on it if you want to know more about it, but let me tell you, if you like first person shooters then you must pick this up.

I still have yet to play Mario Galaxy, which is a sad fact. From what I hear, it makes Mario 64 look like duck hunt...well, thats not really acurate i guess cause come on, who did not enjoy playing duckhunt in the days of the NES? Shooting ducks with the lightgun was awesome, and I always wanted to shoot thatblasted dog! But anyway, speaking of old classics, I recently pulled out Ogre Battle 64. Yup, dusted off the old 64 to play a truely classic game. If you have not played Ogre Battle 64 then I feel for you, I really do because you are missing out. It is one of the few games that I have beat over 6 times, and it is not a short game. The onlyway you could probably find it nowadays would be on or Ebay, and thats only if you still have a working N64. I have been waiting for years for Atlus to bring a Ogre Battle to the consoles again, but my prayers have yet to be answered. I'm thinking of starting a blog thing along the lines of Classic Games Revisited, or something like that, and Ogre Battle would be the first game I cover. So maybe you will be seeing an indepth look at that very soon! Well its time to turn the Xbox back on, poor guy has been running non stop, so I decided to write this blog and give him a break, and now break times over so I'm going to go enjoy more games. Till next time,keep safe, and keep gaming!

A post about music....say what?!

I have two loves in this world that shall be with me untill the end of time, well at least until the end of my time. You can guess games as one of them, but you would be wrong! actualy you would be right. My other love is for the sweet sound of music, that beautiful mixture of instruments with or without vocal support. Infact I am listening to music right now while typing this.So I thought I would dedicate at least one blog to my other love, and let gaming take a back seat for a little while. It is a rare day that I go without sitting down and listen to at least a few of my favorite bands. I have an ipod so I can take my music anywhere, especially at my work where they let me listen to music all day, as long as I am working as well of course!

What got me thiking about this blog entry is the new song released by Korn, based on the game Haze. If any of you listen to the Hotspot then you know what I'm talking about. Well, I listened to it today, and my impression is this. It sounds a lot like what the rest of their more recent music is gearing to, and that is a Korn that is hollow inside. The life and energy that was heard in their early work seems all but gone. They arn't even a full band in terms of people either, as now there are only 3 that remain. This really makes me sad, as I have been a Korn fan since I was in middleschool and they were just an up and coming band. This once great band that was full of talent, and great sound no longer exists. Now all that remains is a shell of what they used to be, only now they aretrying to get as much money as they can before their entire fan base finally crumbles.

This has just brought up another event in music that made me sad as well as slightly angry. Linkin Park. When I first heard the song "One Step Closer" I instantly fell in love with their music. I followed their career eargerly eating up any information I could get about them. Their first three cd's consisted of some of the best music I have heard in my life. I was a fanboy, through and through, and I will admit that. I had a t-shirt, poster, and even a wallet that was linkin park swag. After the release of Meteora I had to wait for 4 years to get the next installment of Linkin Park. I waited in patience, knowing that their next cd was just going to be mindblowing! Well after this poor soul waited 4 years, all the while singing praises about this great band, the next cd was released...Minutes to Midnight. Now I am all for bands maturing as people as well as with their music, I think it keeps the music feeling fresh, while still holding the foundations of previous sounds. But what I heard was more than just a maturing band making new music. It didn't sound at all like what they did just 4 years ago, not one song held a true Linkin Park theme to it. They conformed their music to what was popular at the time, and I personally thought it sounded horrible. People may call me names for saying it, but I feel that this is the truth, so thats how I tell it. I do still listen to them from time to time, but I just can't really get into their new music.

What really gets to me though isn't the fact that 2 of my favorites have gone the way of the DoDo, but that MOST of my favorite bands have followed them including, Disturbed, Godsmack, Mudvayne, Slipknot, Revis, Skindred just to name a few. So now I am left with a void and am forced to listen to music that I really didn't like growing up, like AFI, Fall out boy, The fall of Troy, and others that I didn't really give the time of day. Now that a lot of my favorite bands arn't really making music anymore I need to turn to an alternative. I need help in my search for new music to fill the void, so I send a call to the gamespot community. Help me by telling me about your favorite bands, because I may have never heard of them. I will check out the music that you recommend and get back with you and talk about it. I appreciate any and all help I can get with this. Keep in mind that the only genre's I really dislike are Rap and Country, but if you recommend a band that falls under these catagories, I will still look them up and test them out. Help me gamespotters, you are my only hope!

So, about Assassin's creed

WellI ended up on buying Assassin's creed this week, and am I happy that I did. It was a toss up between this and Kane and Lynch. After seeing the review from gamespot I may not even get it now....weeeell, maybe I will Gamefly it or something. Anywho back on to Assassin's Creed. From the very start of the game I was hooked. I had no idea that it actually takes place in the past as well as present day. So my first response as the game opened and I realized what was going on was "Holy **** no way! That is to ******* awesome!" Yes obscenities were thrown around, it was that cool. It only got better from then on.

The game starts with your character, Desmond, trying to access his ancestors memory, by way of a machine called an Animus. He quickly loses control and is forced out of the memory back into reality. This is where the story gripped me and it never let go untill the end. You then meet twocharacters who will be your main source of interaction in the present day part of this game,Dr Warren Vidic, and Lucy Stillman. They introduce you to what is going on and why, and it is obvious from the start they are holding you against your will.

After you get plugged back into the Animus you are thrown into your ancestor's, Altair, memory. Altair is an assassin working for an order during the Crusades. You start out with all the gear that will be available to you throughout the game, but after a botched up first mission, you are stripped of your rank and gear. From then on you must prove yourself to the order by completing missions set down to you by your master. This is where the game really starts to teach youhow to play Assassin's creed. As you do more and more mission, more of yourgear isgiven to you, along with a quick tutorial on how to use it. This is a really nice touch and is actuallyveryhelpful.

Sohow is the gameplay?Cinematic. An odd word to useto explain gameplayhuh? Well itis the truth.From the stealth kills, to the open fighting with your sword, to theroof jumping through a city,it's all so incredible. The first time you get to a highvantage point in a city and look at it,you are taken aback and left with a feeling ofawe. Itreally looks andfeels like you areplaying through a movie.

The game took me roughly 15 hours to complete, but I really only stuck to the main story because I just wanted to know what was coming next! In each level there are various things you can do besides just the main story. You can simply explore for one! Also there are various citizens that are being harrased by guardsin each area that you cansave by slaughtering the people pushing the citizen around. You can also hunt downTemplarsand kill them, i believe there are 60 in the game you have to find. In eachcity there are also glowing flags, 100 i think, that you can collect. If you collect all the flags in a given city, then that will unlock additional memories (levels) to play through, and this is what I am currently doing. So all in all, if you really explored everything and hit all the side missions I think this game could net you an easy 25-30 hours of gameplay. I recommend this game to anyone who was even slightly interested, and even to thoes who saw it and went "eh, whatever." This is not a game tomiss. What are you doing still reading this?! Go out there and get the game!

Holy delicious smores Batman, look at all thoes games!

I was cruising Gamespot and I came across an article that list the games being released this week. I have been tracking some of these games for a while now, but I had forgotten that so many of them were being released this week! This is great, and not so great news for a lot of us gamers. On one side, there are great games being released! On the other side, there is a LOT of great games being released. So you have to take into consideration two side effects of weeks like these.

1. Lack ofSleep (LoS)-With so many games to play, time really starts to havea greater meaning. I am not one who canmanage my time, so thisleads to a bad case of LoS. Now for a person who has to get up at 5:30 in the morning for work, thiscondition isvery bad.Now whatcould be worse that LoS at 5:30 in the morning? LoS at 5:30 mixed with someone who is not a morning person, who in this case happens to be me! So this ends up with me at work in a very tired state, which means that I don't really want to work, which means my supervisor gets angry, but hey it's all worth it, even if you may fall asleep at work.

2. Empty Pockets- New games are expensive as it is, so just one game can greatly deplete a gamers funds. We all have bills to pay, gas to get for our cars (which price on gas now is even getting worse, but that's for another blog topic), rent to pay etc etc. So we try to fit a game or two a month into our budget. Now take me for example, I usually buy about 2-4 games a month if there are games out there that I want. This week alone has 5 games that I want. 5 games! Depending on the type of month it is for games that could be two months of budget right there! Not to mention Rockband and Mass Effect coming out later in the month. This is a lot of money to spend on games, money that we all don't have. So we have to make a choice. It may take a while and a lot of chewing off nails to decide what games you may want to buy, but in the end you will most likely still end up with a case of empty pockets.

So now I am going to cover the games that I am mostly looking forward to. I'm hoping that by typing out the description of the game, maybe I can help you, and myself find which games we will be picking up. This is going to be a short list because it would take me forever to type up a description of ALL the games that are coming out.

1. Assassin's Creed- Where does one start out with this? Awesome, I think that's where I will start. This game simply looks awesome. You play as a medieval assassin whose career is taking shape in the Middle East during the crusades. Now because I am a medieval fanatic, this game appealed to me simply because of the time period it takes place in. Then I started seeing game play footage and I was left with my mouth hanging open as if I was a child looking at a toy store filled with my favorite action figures. Your mission in this game is to track down your prey and slay them quickly. Now that's not the WHOLE thing, but this is only a quick description. During your various mission, you will get to walk around ENTIRE cities. These cities are populated with various NPC's that all seem to have a unique AI that will react to different thing you do around them. Mix all that with a great combat system of swordplay, counters, and grapples and I believe you have an excellent game.

2. Kane and Lynch: Dead Men- Two bad guys, one psychotic the other calm and collected, pair up and break out of prison (or out of a prison bus, I'm not sure) and begin a journey of bank robberies, dance club massacres, and much much more. What is wrong with this picture? Nothing! I honestly don't know much about the actual story of this game but what I do know is that it has squad mechanics, a kill anything attitude, and action packed scenes of cops chasing you and other assortment of guys with guns. If you see any game play footage of this game and are a fan of playing the bad guys, I think you will instantly fall in love with this title.

3. Super Mario Galaxy-Wow...simply wow. That's what I said when I watched the review of this game. There is not much that I can say that fans of this game do not already know. This looks like what all of us have been waiting for since we beat Mario 64 for the seventh time. This game looks amazing. Just the level designs that I have seen make me drool over this title. Simply put if you are a Mario fan and you own a Wii, this title should probably be one you pick up the soonest, because it will most likely give you the most bang for your buck in terms of hours and just overall quality of this game. Oh and one more thing, Bee suit.

4. Crysis- This is a game that I have been looking forward to since I saw it at E3. But honestly out of all the titles that are coming out this is probably going to be the last one I get. Now this looks like an awesome game. I played the demo and was very impressed with the graphics, game play, and unique features of the Nano Suit that your character wears throughout the game. But lets face it, there have been SO many FPS games out this year. To many FPS if you ask me. One other thing that has me going against it is the system requirements for this game. They are really steep! REALLY steep. My system is not that bad and I could maybe run it on high settings but it would be choppy. And to fully enjoy this lovely piece of game I believe that you should the have the best possible computer so you can run it on the best graphical settings. I really do want to play this game, but with only about 10 hours of game play and a semi cool sounding multiplayer component, I do not think this should be picked up this week unless you do not have a X-box 360, PS3, or Wii.

5. Warhammer 40k: Squad Command-This will most likely not be picked up by me in the next couple weeks, but I do believe that it should at least be mentioned. This game, from what I understand, is related the PC game Warhammer 40k: Dawn of war. The only different is that this is on a handheld system, and its is more of a tactics game that an RTS. Which lets face it, is a great idea! Try doing a RTS on the PSP. Yea, it wouldn't work. So if you are a fan of the game series, the universe its based on, and especially if you have a long trip to take to go see some relatives for thanksgiving , then this should be high on your purchase list. If no long trips are in the foreseeable future then I would suggest to wait a little while to pick up this game.

6. Rayman Raving Rabbids 2- I honestly do not know much about this title, except that it looks like a really fun party game. I didn't play the first one to come out and I only recently got a Wii, so I think that I will be picking this up depending on the type of reviews it gets. All I know is that I crack up every time I see one of those rabbids yell out, while their eyes glow red, and if that happens throughout the game then that will be enough for me.

There are other titles coming out like Dragon ball Z, Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops Plus, Geometry Wars for the Wii, and of course how could I leave out Cooking Mama2 : Dinner With Friends for the DS. But the list I typed out are the games that I am most looking forward to buying and spending many hours with in the near future. Now as for what game (s) I am getting this week...ugh! I still don't know the answer to that mystery but I will be sure to give an update later in the week. For now I leave you all with that, and I hope you make good choices and avoid a bad case of the LoS.

Music and games, could a stronger relationship lead to acceptance?

I was listening to an episode of the Hotspot that they aired a couple weeks ago and I got to thinking. What spawned my train of thought was when I heard them talking about Korn doing a song for the game Haze that will be coming out soon. Now what they said was rather funny, although I probably would not have repeated the phrase over and over again, but it worked out well enough. While this podcast did get me to laugh, it also got me to think. What is wrong with bands doing songs for video games? They made fun of Korn, and I can see why, but I still think its a move in the right direction for video games in general. So many people out there have this image of what being a gamer is. A "geeky" male/female who sits in front of a screen all day and night drinking down energy drinks, and eating(enter choosen food here). Now while this sterotype may hold true for some people out there, it is not the case for a lot of us gamers. We are just like everyone else, we go to college, we have jobs, lives, loved ones, and most of us have the common sense to realize what is real, and what is not.

Having big bands like Korn, or whatever band you enjoy listening to, make songs for games, or inspired by games is a very positive thing. It is a steping stone for video games and all gamers. Now when Korn fans hear this new song they are going to release, they may think to themselves "Well if Korn is making music for video games, that means they enjoy gaming right?....maybe this whole gaming thing isn't that bad." It thoughts like these that could eventually break down the "walls" that seperate the gaming community from the non-gaming community. I know that this may sound silly and you could be thinking "okay man, your crazy. One song is not going to change the world." And you would be right. One song wouldn't, but this opens the doors for others to follow and use their talents to contribute to video games.

Now I cannot talk about music and games and not mention titles like Guitar Hero, Sing Star,Rock Band, Elite Beat Agents and even Dance Dance Revolution. Games like these have already turned a countless number of people towards the realm of gaming, but what about all the others out there that wouldn't touch gaming with a 10 foot pole? These people, because of news articles, politicians wanting to make a name for themselves, and "concerned" parents, do not understand what games are, and what a gamer is. Because of this ignorance in society the gaming industry's incline to mainstream media has been a steep one to scale. Now i'm not trying to say that everything will change just because of a stronger relationship between music and games. I'm sure there will still be thoes people out there who will continue to preach that gaming is evil and it will ruin your children's lives, but if more and more bands from differents genre's continue to support gaming with their music, then maybe the listeners will start to open their minds and recognize that this ugly stepchild of the family is really a growing teenager, filled with beautiful ideas and dreams, that should be listened to and accepted.