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Ever before discover that also if you get a manicure as well as pedicure at the same time, the gloss on your nails begins cracking within a few days, while the gloss on your toes stays in location for a pair weeks? You're not the only one! Read on to learn why acrylic nails singapore price outlasts your claws and also very easy ways to extend the life of your polish regardless of where you apply it.

Less trauma

Consider everything you make with your hands throughout the day. From texting to keying to prying points open (a major nail no-no), the tips of your nails take a beating-- it's even a marvel exactly how the polish remains on for greater than a number of hours! Even if you wear shoes throughout the day, your toes are not as vulnerable, making gloss less likely to chip. Our recommendations? Utilize the pads of your fingers instead of the ideas of your nails to get points done.

Less water exposure

You clean your hands multiple times a day, which can cause dryness as well as create early damaging. You probably even soak your nails prior to a manicure, which triggers the nail to expand as well as brings about breaking when the nail shrinks to its typical dimension. One very easy means to squeeze a few more days out of your mani or pedi? A waterless service. Not just will it help your gloss remain on longer-- it also decreases water use.

Shorter size

When it comes to nails, some females favor shorter ideas while others select a much longer size. Luckily, the very same policy usually does not relate to toes-- most females wish to maintain their toes brief to stop snagging and in-grown toenails. Because toenails are shorter, they are much less most likely to obtain bumped-- indicating your polish can stay in location for weeks at once. If you're aiming to prolong your mani, it's ideal to maintain your ideas short.