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New Account

What up everyone I got a new account here at gamespot. The account is ufcfan2009. Reason why got a new account is because I'm discontinuing this account and all new reviews will be on that account. Final post will be the link for my new account. See ya later.

My IGN account

Here is the link to my ign I had one before but that one is offically dead so i made a new one. New review for Gamespot and IGN coming soon. From now on I whatever reviews I make on Ign will go here because I think it is easier because all I have to do if I make a review on IGN is copy and paste the IGN review and put it on Gamespot. That way everybody is happy. So keep on gaming

What's going on

Well I'm getting an IGN account too so you guys follow me there too just in case I don't feel like going on this site. I'll give you guy's the link as soon as I'm done.

Thoughts on the game...WWE 12

Okay so here are my thoughts on the game WWE 12. I recently got back into WWE because the Pg era really killed me but there kinda going away from that with more risque stuff. Anyway on to the game. The graphics look pretty good i'm not going to say there good or bad because that does not matter to me, gameplay matters to me. Now there is not a lot I know about the game been following it on the website and I pre ordered which gets you The ROCK!!!!!!!! But this game looks pretty good but I'll just have to wait for that and I will do a review on the game as soon i get to it after it comes out. That's all for now take care. Oh yeah and new reviews coming soon.

Thoughts on the game...Rage

Hello my fellow gamers i'm gonna start a new section called Thoughts on the game... which will bassicly be my oppion on upcoming games. So today's game is...Rage which i'm gonna be honest i'm really excited for this game. It's made by the devlopers of Doom and Quake. Quake I have not played YET but Doom I have played and it kicks A##! They are very hush hush about this game. I know GameInformer did a cover story on this in 2009 but I did'nt read it. I think this game is gonna kick Gears Of War 3 AND Modern Warfare 3's a##. Now don't get i'm excited for both of those games but Rage I'm REALLY excited for. So that's just my thoughts on this game new review tonight. See ya later. =)

Some updates

Hello,today i'm going to tell you about whats going to be on this profile in the coming months. First of all no I have not stop making reviews i'm just waiting to review some games a day after my birthday. Plus i'm getting ready for school. The next day is that i'm going to post some more blogs. Anyway that is all.

Peace out,


Welcome To My Profile

Greatings fellow gamer's. My name is Tyler aka tnarockshard.

My job is to entertain you all with my reviews.So enjoy.There are many more Thing's to expect from me. So....Peace out homedog.