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Me a Mod? Am I dreaming? Really?!

Yup that's right, I just noticed yesterday I got the badge but I posted the blog now cause our computer is wrecked yesterday. Those tentacles are more growing and growing into me. I am the octopus guy lol :P Most of my friends knows it, I just love this mascot of mine, it represents me in Gs, in a way. But what's important is this badge, My powers are still limited. Means maybe I can still evolve if I pass out something or do somethign great. Thanks to Synthia for this, from a cowboy ranger to a moderator is great but due to the lack of time, I might still find it hard to get used to the new rules of moderating. I still need to review something. Lol, I wish I aquired this badge last year, cause I am very free then to study the moderating rules because back then I am jobless lol. But right now I am occupied and can only check the pc a few minutes in weekdays. but I will do my best still :) In weekends it is my rest day but I mostly do it on practicing and tuning my design skills. but it looks like gs needs me again so i will have to ;) I love this site and I love my friends here, maybe some dont understand why the octopus is sooooo inactive and doesn't visit the boards and unions any longer but I have thos e reasons. resons maybe they dont understand but it's okay :) I still love them and thanks to those who are still commenting here even though I dont check their blogs often or maybe anymore :P thanks thanks :)

You Still Know Me?

It's been a long time, very long time, I will not be surprised is any of my friends thinks I have been gone from Gamespot or I already left this place. Nope, I am still here, lurking but lurking less cause of responsibilities, work, or other matters. That's how we do when we grow up, we tend to do more, live our lives ot the fullest.

So how are you my friends? I really miss gamespotting, chatting and visiting the unions I have been active, last year, I miss the guys who taught me how to gamespot, design, do creative things, I really thank them cause without them, I may not have had a job, I gained experience here, that is the truth :)

Many GS staff left the site, but others return I really miss the ones that left, Jody, Sophia, Stanley L :cry: Synthia don't please.

I can see myself from being a noob, nonsense, lack of creativity, jobless individual to a person growing, striving, achievving my path.

You may think I already don't have the passion for this site, truth is I dont have time, time kills everything, up unto the last minute I can visit this place, I will do it ;) Even dont have time to create a new bannerlol :P

I wanna hear from you my Gamespot friends, share me some of your latest experience, news, etc.



Thank You Synthia, Thank You!

This blog is dedicated to Synthia :lol:

I just received my DOA package last week and my claptrap toy and jacket for winnning two competitions. One os the wallpaper contest, if you can recall and the other is the design and color your own claptrap. Luckily, they have chosen my work and I am very happy. Below are the pics of my prizes. I posted it just now cause I really dont have much time to spend here and sorry to the guys who sent me PM's, can't grant your request guys :( Work really takes my time ;)

Synthia, you dont know how much you made me happy. I am a very happy guy :D


Synthia said, the other prizes I won is still not sent yet so there are more to come ;) Thank you guys for reading my blog and to all my loyal Gamespot friends, thank you for being there for years and still read my blog :) I appreciate it. When I have some free time, I will post in your blog and in my unions, bye!

Level 60 and I won! Yay!

Hi guys, just another good news to share, I reached level 60! I also won the sonic box art contest here on GS in which we need to alter the roginal box art and create our own box art, my entry is can be found below:

everything is made from scratch except the characters of course :lol:

Another good news is that I just got a job! I started last week, I am currently working as a Graphic Designer in a pharmaceuticals company here ;)

That's all :) thank you guys for reading and thanks Synthia :D

My answer to questions and the requests all done!

The last time I blog, I asked you guys if you have some questions that you want to ask me,

only two users asked me questions so here are the answers?


Do you like being a Ranger?

A: Yes, I love being a Ranger and if I am not in this position, I don't think I will have that strong passion to learn more things about designing. It's nice to feel that you are in a special group of users who actively loves Gamespot and shows concern in every way. Being a Ranger is a nice thing, I can't explain how happy I am the day I was drafted on the team. So thanks, to Synthia again and again for the position.


What do you do in life?

Designing, helping other users here and play games :P whatever :lol:

Do you believe in God?

Yes! I am a strong believer of God and my religion is Christian :)

Are you afraid of death?

Nope. But I fear of the effects of being deceased. The love ones we cherished will be sad and the people around us that needs us will be sad when we are gone and we can't help them, that's what I fear. I believe that if you believe in God and have faith in him, he will save you :)

What is the last game you have played and when?

Nah, let's not talk about it :lol: I am an old school gamer meaning I don't have a 360 or PS3. What?? yes I don't have cause I have been spending and burning my money on something else so I can't save for a new console, I only have a PS2 so I can say that last game I played is 2k basketball game ;) But I am planning on buying a PS3 or 360. I have saved some money haere and next here, I think I will have a new console.

What do you wish to become in the future?

A succesful designer.

Are you in the right track to reach your goals?

Maybe yes maybe no, but I do think that we can't predict what will happen next and as far as I am seeing things, I think I am in the track :)

Are you happy with what you have achieved in your life so far?

Not much but I am happy with what I have achieved so far here: I have been a leader of an endorsed by Gamespot union called the Gamespace Banner union and I have been a Ranger here so I am happy. outside gamespot, I think I need to achieve more in life ;)

Are you the biggest of your brothers and sisters?

I don't have a sister but I am not big :lol: I am fair in size :lol: just like my other brothers, by the way we are three brothers, all males.

What do you think of my questions? Unrelated?

No question is unrelated. I asked you guys to ask me questions and I find your questions interesting rather than see it as unrelated :lol:

That's all for the questions!

Do you guys remember that I told you guys about the graphic designing program that I have been the top1 in class? Yup it's true and I am not boasting it! :P just showing, here is my certificate:

In my last blog, I asked if you guys have an image request. I received tons of request but I love all your requests cause I learn every time I design, btw I will no longer accept image requests so if you miss my last blog, sorry :P The reason is that I will be busy in the coming days to come ;) Below are the designs requested:

What a long blog:o :P

Ask me questions and do you have image requests?

I have seen this on the blog of others and I haven't tried it yet. Yes, this is my first time doing this so ask me, question me, anything you want and I will answer it in my next blog.

Also, for those of you that needs help regarding image designs, I will be accepting requests now so tell me what you want me to do whether it is a banner, union banner, sig, header, etc. just tell it on the comments below and I will create them for you. I am training my graphic designing skills so both of us will benefit ;)

Anyways, here is my new header in case you haven't seen it yet:

My new created sig:

All of my digital designs are here so you will know how will your images look like.

That's the end of the story :P

I won and I am featured!

Hi guys, another blog since I just won Synthia's Contest here! In exchange I will get the Collectors edition of DOA5! I just need to wait now, I am so excited hehe. All of my works are all here. Most of them are mine, when you see the Breast Cancer Awareness text and text of, it is mine :P

Synthia really made me happy as she also gave emblems for the participants, Thank You Synthia! :D

Tmac is Back!

Yeah, Yeah I know most of you knows that I have returned a few days ago but this is an official statment saying that "yes I am back."

Well after the Graphic Designing Program, after all those hardworks and restless nights because of many assignments coming from the program, it all paid cause I achieved the 1st Honor in the Graphic Designing Program. Its tough cause they are also great designers but I think the reason I became number 1 in the class is I always do my very best in everything that I do and I pray to God of course ;)

I may officially be back but not as active as I have been before. I need to practice more cause in the coming days, I will have my OJT and then later, hopefully get a graphic designing job here. I can say that without Gamespot, my designing skills wouldn't have improved cause this site helped me became a more artistic person and this site brought the best in me by making me lead a designing union, designing things for Gamespot, being a designing ranger and accepting requests from various users. That really brought me more passion and more skills. So I want to thank all guys who requested images from me cause you guys helped me in a very big way!

Oh, I want to thank Synthia too for promoting me as a ranger cause that also helped me became more passionate in designing :D

If I have some time, you will see me chatting in unions and let's have a good talk friends :)

Thanks for reading guys, until next time..

Wont be gamespotting much

Hi guys, you wont see much around gamespot cause I have enrolled in a graphic design training here and good thing is it's free. It will take 2 months but I will still lurk around to see what happening but maybe you wont see me in the unions so just letting you know before you break your head thinking where on earth tmac is :P That's all guys :)