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1. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (PS) - An utter masterpiece! Still holds strong 'til this day. And the soundtrack is probably the best ever in a video game. 2. Final Fantasy VII (PS) - I have this one in the original packaging from Squaresoft, not the reissued "Greatest Hits" put out by SquarEnix. I still catch myself from time to time turning it over and reading the quote "quite possibly the greatest game ever made"; I can't help but nod and smile everytime. 3. Fire Emblem (GBA) - I was lucky enough to find this one at a flea market. This is the one the made me change my mind 'bout turn-based stradegy games. Some of the best story-telling ever in a game. Very rarely will you care so much about the characters in a video game as the ones here. 4. Chrono Cross (PS) - Although I've yet to actually play thru it, I take pride in knowing that I owing two of the four perfect games as reviewed by Gamespot (Legend of Zelda: OOT is the other one I own). 5. Shadow Hearts (PS2) - It's too this RPG was released in the wake of Final Fantasy X and got a lot less recognition because of it. It's a great game nonetheless, and quite hard to came by nowadays. P. S.: Really enjoyed the feature, hope to see more of it in the future.