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That Site Is DAH BOMB!

So I created a brand new profile at and after a few minutes of playing around with it, I've decided to make that my new home for blogs. Yes I know..."you don't even blog anymore" but that's mainly because it's such a pain to post a blog here. So many options are available to you at giantbomb to customize your profile that sadly GS doesn't have.

I've been with this site for a long long time....I miss the golden days when people like Greg Kasavin, Jeff Gertsmann, Alex Navarro, Rich Gallup and among other great people, were still working here at GS. But those days are now long gone. I like how giantbomb isn't littered with Ads from publishers who will threatned to pull them if one of their games recieves a low review score. Kane and Lynch anyone?

My new giantbomb profile is JeanM, which is my real name, tj_bernard is my brother. I just stole his account to write blogs and stuff. I'll be around GS to check some blogs here and there for people who have yet to create a giantbomb account but I see that most have already jumped ship and I suggest you do the same.

Please add me as a friend at giantbomb for those who have account.

See ya there!

My Days Are Ruined

Advance Wars

Well well, it's been a while since I've written anything round' these parts. Honestly, I've just been very busy these last few months with my current job and trying to decide what the hell I want to do with my life. Meh....let's not talk about that and talk about some gaming. After all, this is a gamer's blog :)

A few weeks ago I ordered a Crimson/Black DS lite since I seriously needed an update from my PHAT DS. I'm pretty happy with it, the improvements are HUGE and it makes me think "why didn't I do this sooner?"

Anyways, I picked up Advance Wars: Days of Ruin and I am in love with it. Brief history if you don't know the franchise: The Advance Wars series has been around for years in Japan but came to the US for the first time on the GBA. Since then, developer Intelligent Systems, has released four Advance Wars games in the US and each one of them has garnered a huge following and has taken countless hours of life from tactical gaming fans.

My initial impressions on the game were "oh another Advance Wars game" but as I kept playing, I noticed that the gameplay is much more balanced than it was in Dual Strike (the previous game). They've taken out some over-powered units and replaced them with new ones that offer new and fresh ways to deal with your opponent. The CO's (Command Officer) powers have been reduced significantly. The map creator can now hold up to 50 custom maps unlike the previous game that could only hold three at a time. And of course the big new feature is online play through Nintendo's Wi-Fi connection which works, surprisingly, flawless.

Other things I love about the game is its new direction in story and art. The story is set in a post apocalyptic world with a new cast of characters trying to survive after a meteor shower struck the earth. The storyline is much much more serious dealing with war (duh) , betrayal and death.

It's good to Advance Wars finally "Advancing" and not see it turn into Fire Emblem (which by the way is made by the same developer) which hasn't changed since the first one came out on the GBA years ago. I can see myself playing this one for hours and hours on my DS just like the previous one. It's true that A LOT of features included in Dual Strike have been striped from Days of Ruin, but the balanced gameplay more than offsets the missing features.

I recommend this to anyone who enjoys RTS games on the PC or strategy games in general.

Note: Do I still have readers? :?


From the mind that you brought you Resident Evil 2, Okami, Viewtiful Joe and Devil May Cry comes....


Plus it has full blown J-Pop music during battles.........nuff said. Check out the preview.

My E3 2008 Game Of The Show.

Ladies and Gentlemen...

....Nintendo has another hit in their hands:

Brawl is indeed the best Smash yet and possibly the best multiplayer game on the Wii. This game is huge......really HUGE. In case you guys have been hiding under a rock for the past couple of years or your just not a Nintendo fan, here is what the game offers: 35 playable characters, over 20 different stages, a level editor, ability to share screenshots with friends, online multiplayer, lengthy single player campaign, tons of unlockables, it has a ton of Nintendo lore that you can read, demos from past Nintendo games (Super Metroid, Super Mario Bros, Kid Icarus, Starfox 64, etc) , and much much more. Like I said....HUGE.

Brawl sums up over 20 years of Nintendo history into one single package. It's basically a love letter sent by Nintendo saying "Thank you for playing our games for all these years". I love you too Nintendo :)

If you have a Wii or if you ever liked Nintendo games, this is a definite must buy.

Note: Just to ensure that I am not categorized as a Nintendo "fanboy" I own all the consoles from this current generation. Thank you and have a nice weekend. :)

A Long Time Ago In A Galaxy Far Far Away......

It is not KOTOR.....

It is Mass Effect!!

I am seriously addicted to this game and I bought it on pureimpulse. The story is truly epic. Good news is this is the first of three games, a trilogy. Can't wait for the next one! :D

Textures and framerate issues aside, this game is a true gem. Thank you BioWare.

A Sad Day For Gaming

This is the most disgusting thing ever to happen in the video game industry. Eidos you should be ashamed of yourself as a publisher and words can describe how hurt I am by the decision you made by taking the publisher's side and terminating one of the most well respected video game reviewers ever. CNET and Eidos you have forever scarred the way I look at the gaming industry, tis a sad day for gaming.

Jeff, with your talent and vast knowledge of videogames you will surely find a place where your work will be appreciated. I am behind you 100%

Ladies and gentleman, Gamespot is officiallydead to me.

Note: I went ahead and gave Kane & Lynch a 1.0. It won't bring Jeff back but I just HAD to do something.

The Power Of The PS3

Years ago, a friend of mine lent me Devil May Cry and said "Good Luck". At first I thought he was referring to the game's difficulty but when I pop in the disc in my relatively new slim PS2,I faced a different type of horror........the game didn't run. Apparently it was scracthed to hell, a new game wouldn't begin and even my old save files from back in the day didn't work. I tried every "cleaning" technique I could think of in order to make the game work. I hadn't played the game for years so I wanted it to work but at the end of day, I decided to give up. I never gave it back to my friend because he wasn't going to miss it and besides I just don't like throwing away games even though they don't work and that's exactly what my friend was going to do if I returned it to him. So the game just sat there for years in my collection........until now.

Last night, I was trying out some PS2 games on the PS3, to check the whole upscaling thing which works fantastic by the way. The games look really smooth on my HD now. Anyways, among those games that I tried was Devil May Cry 3. I played a couple of missions and then I thought "Hmm...I wonder if DMC will work on the PS3". I was a little reluctant to try it at first because I didn't want to insert a really scratched up disc on the PS3 but I did it anyways. I clicked on new game, the screen went black for a few seconds and then it happend........the opening sequence of the game. I was shocked to see that the game actually works! I played the first two missions flawlessy, it feels like its a brand new copy because it would load the missions so quickly.

Now I own a "brand new" copy of Devil May Cry thanks to the power of the PS3. I even added the game to my collections this morning because I hadn't included it until now. I might even place Ninja Gaiden Sigma on hold just to play DMC. If you're thinking of buying a PS3, go with the 60 GB version because the backwards compatibility is a must.

Well I'm off to play a PS2 gem, later!

The Circle Is Now Complete

Yesterday I received my brand new PS3 which I bought with my hard earned dinero and I'm going to share with you guys my first impressions on it.

It's a very sleek looking console. Black is fine by me but it seems prone to fingerprints and dust, I have to take special care of this one. It's the 60 GB version by the way, it's fully backwards compatible with PS1 and PS2 games unlike the 80 GB version. I'm thinking about copying all my music into the hard drive because unlike the Xbox 360, the PS3 can actually burn data cd's filled with mp3's and you can arrange them in diferent folders with little thumbnails on it like you can in the computer, gotta fill the hard drive with something right? ;)

The PS3 is quiet and after five hours of nonstop gaming, the console remained cool. I like the eject and power button, with just a single touch the console turns on, pretty neat. The Xcross media bar interface is nice and easy to navigate, very user friendly I think. It doesn't have a disc tray, just pop in the CD and that's it, just like the Wii.

I got the console with Ninja Gaiden Sigma. Running at 720p with component cables (I still need to get the HDMI cables)on my 32 inch Samsung,the game looks gorgeous. The difficulty is INSANE at the default normal setting. I must have seen the game over screen over 30 times last night trying to beat chapter 3. Man....and I thought Devil May Cry 3 was hard. With my order from amazon I received two free blue ray movies: Casino Royale and 300. I haven't tried the BD player yet but I will tonight when I see the bond movie. I really want to see how much of a difference there is between DVD and BD.

As of yesterday, I own all three next gen consoles which I bought with my own money and it feels soooo good. Maybe I'll write another blog in the future comparing the three consoles. But I don't have a favorite one, I love all three just as equally. No console wars here but when it comes to multimedia, the PS3 is a clear cut winner.

Have a nice weekend guys! Oh and add me on PSN :).

High School, Scuba Divers, Aliens, Puzzles, Thugs and Bounty Hunters

Greetings Gamespot and welcome to my not-so-updated-blog.

I've been keeping busy over the past couple of months but I am here to make an update on what I've been playing since I last updated my blog. Let's start with Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3. I got the game a few weeks ago and i've already clocked in about 60 hours with no signs of it ending anytime soon. Yep, it is a very long game but I have some good news: Persona 3 is probably the best RPG to come out of Japan in a long time or certainly the most unique Japanese RPG title I've every played. The story revolves around you being a high school student in modern Japan and you have this special power called Personas, which basically are summons that you evoke by shooting yourself in the head. How awesome is that? Even after 60 hours, it never gets old. The battle system is fast paced, the story is superb, the voice acting is solid, the graphics have a nice style to it and the music is excellent. Long story short, best RPG of the year so far........but we still have Mass Effect to consider. As you can see, my profile has a nice Persona 3 theme to it, my g/f made it for me (Thanks babe! :)).

Originally I was going to skip this Xbox 360 title but after all the rave reviews and the fact that just about EVERYONE who owns an Xbox 360 bought the damn game, I just had to play it to see what the fuss was all about. That game is BioShock. Simply amazing, I can't even begin to explain how excellently crafted this game is: the graphics, music, level design, sound and story all blend together to make this terrific gaming masterpiece. So games aren't art huh? Someone should shove BioShock up Roger Eberts you know what because if that ain't art, I don't know what is. Don't rent, just buy it. Major contender for game of the year.

I bought the Halo Triple Pack around two weeks ago. I never owned the original Xbox and with Halo 3 just around the corner,it was finally time to get those two games and beat them. I've only managed to finish the first one but sometime before September 25th, Halo 2 shall be beaten. I'll be pre-ordering the special edition of Halo 3 this weekend because I get payed on Friday! Rally-ho!!

I purchased 1600 microsoft points and bought Puzzle Fighter HD and Streets of Rage 2. I'm not a big fan of puzzle games but Puzzle Fighter is awesome!! A very addicting and well made puzzle game. The online is pretty cool too, although a bit slower than offline. My current score is 3 wins and 3 losses so far and I don't think that's so bad. I never got to play Streets of Rage 2 back in the Genesis days because I never owned one but as the saying goes "better late than never" . The game is awesome, definitely one of the best beat em up games I've ever played and probably the best 400 points game on XBLA. The online vs mode is a bit of a joke but still fun.

Yesterday I got Metroid Prime 3: Corruption in the mail. I ordered it on the day of release, August 27th, and received it yesterday. Apparently Amazon was back ordered during the time of the release date. Ahh well I forgive you Amazon. Anyways, the game is great so far, sure the graphics are only a little bit better than its gamecube predecessors but it still looks really good. The level design is amazing, you really feel like you're in a unknown planet all by yourself. Metroid finally gets voice acting (about damn time Nintendo) and it works really well even though Samus still doesn't talk......for now. The Wii controls have been excellent so far, it takes a little getting used to but once you do, shooting down enemies is a breeze. Speaking of difficulty, the game has been relaltively easy so far. I'm a little disappointed about that since Metroid Prime 2: Echoeshad some pretty tough enemies, especially the boss fights. Yes, it is also a little bit disappointing that the game doesn't have any multiplayer. With such great controls, an online support would've been truly welcomed into the rather thin online Wii games lineup. Great game, hope to play some more of it.

Corruption is supposed to be the last of the Metroid Prime games.....I wonder what's going to happen to the Metroid franchise? And what kind of games will Retro Studios develop outside of Metroid? Only time will tell...

As you can see, I'm playing all three of my consoles, which I think is pretty cool. But I do want to get back on my Xbox 360 a whole lot more, I miss the crew and the points :p.

Well that's it for me!! Later Gamespot!