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New Gamertag

So i changed my gamertag yesterday. I was really bored of SRU aaront360 since ive had it for almost 2 and half years now. It is now Chronic Reeferr. I chose that because it reflects my passion for the chronic reefer (aka. really good marijuana.) I am still in SRU by the way. And since it isnt mandatory to have SRU in your name in our clan, then its not a problem. SRU Phil did the same thing and changed his gamertag to HackBook Pro cause he thinks hes good at hacking his mac or something(pft, loser. haha i kid i kid).and thats about it. goodbye now

Got My Laptop!!

Well, i just got my laptop today. I'm So happy. It's so awsome. I got a Dell Inspiron 6400. It's main specs are: 2 GB RAM, 160 GB Hard Drive, Intel Core 2 Duo Processer, 15.4 inch lcd Widescreen Monitor, ans just pure awsomeness. I'm so excited. Now i'll be on this all the time with my 360. ill be on here alot more now too. its just the awsome convenience of having a computer wherever you go.

First Video


Hi everyone. Well, since Seal made a video using Windows movie maker, i thought i would make one too since i have nothing better to do. it is assassin's creed. It took about 7 hours straight of work. My favourite parts of it are when the music fits perfectly with some kind of action. I got i to work so perfectly, like in the fight scen and some other random parts. hope you enjoy it. if you have any suggestions, i'm open to constructive critisism. thanx!

ps. to hose that are wondering what it means by" An @ Production", here is an answer. My initials are A.T., and AT is at, and at is @. so yeah.

Laptop? Help Please?

Well. I'm getting a laptop for christmas and i gotta figure out which one to get. I really got my heart set on the Alienware Area-51 m5550 right now. My limit right now is $2,000 canadian but that includes Adobe Photoshop. So about $1,300 canadian. I;m gunna ask my dad if he can pay for photoshop so that my mom will make the laptops itself have a limit of $2000 so i can get a better one. Eaither way, if anyone has an opinion/suggestions/reccomendations i would really appreciate it. Thanx in advance

Frickin Happy Days

I'm pretty happy right now. My mom just told me not too long ago that to help me with getting in university and stuff, shes gunna get me a laptop and photoshop for christmas since i wanna be a game designer. also, the money we had to pay to microsoft to get my 360 replaced is getting refunded. im getting a laptop, photoshop, and $150 in the next 4-6 weeks. god damn i cant wait mofos!! :)

360 Back Already

Well i got my 360 back already. got it yesterday. it literally only took 2 days. i went out shopping and spent about $500 (canadian of course) and i got home and my 360 was sitting on the table by my door. it waslike christmas came early that day.

360 Sending Out Today

The guy from purolator will be here in the next 2 hours to pick up my 360. luckily its not even leaving ontario so im hoping it wont take more than a week. we'll have to wait and see

360 Replacement

well. the 360 is gay. i gotta get it replaced cuz i cant play any games/movies/cds. its not even gunna get repaird cuz in canada they only replace, not repair, but thats ok cuz ill get a brand new one. but. i gotta pay $157 which is major bull$hit, cuz its like a week out of its warrenty

Modded... again

i've never been modded before. and now i get modded twice in a week.its like ther out to get me.

here it is, again:

Original item posted by:tischla on 07/20/2006 4:07pm
Board:Splinter Recon Board

Topic:I made these Xbox 360 Dashboard themes....Double Agent + Gears of War

Messages in Topic:3

I wrote: Those are f*cking terrible, jk

Moderation Log:

Regarding user notified they lost points

Reporting user(s) received good mark

Successfully took action (Delete Msg) on 2006-07-20 21:43:22(gmt)

Censor Bypassing

Action taken: Delete Msg

Notify with Point Loss

So i guess i lost points?? i dont even know what points. im thinking its some of my percent of my level. i dont care though. im here to be part of he community, not get a higher level so i dont care. also, i will probably be modded for his for putting the f word with the star again.

Stupid Mods

this is what i posted in the ask the mods board:

my x360 review of frogger was deleted by a mod. in the message that i got because of this, it said:

--Subject: GameSpot.com TOS Violation Warning

You have been found to have violated the GameSpot.com terms of service.

Reason for moderation: Structural Disruption - Severe Lack of Capitals
Action Taken: Delete Review - No points were lost for this moderation.

See your moderation history for details.--

i double checked the TOS and no where does it say anything about lack of capitals. this was the closest thing i could find that had anything to do with capitals that realates to my moderation:

Disruptive Behavior - Behavior that disrupts the Service for other users, intentional or not, are prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to: messages or topic titles that force browsers to scroll horizontally; large blank or content-free messages; "bumping" multiple older topics (posting in them well after the last post); posting multiple identical or near-identical messages or topics, including "fad" posts or topics; intentionally hard-to-read topic titles or posts (i.e. ALL CAPS, AlTeRnAtE cApS, no spaces, no or excessive punctuation); posting multiple hard-to-read or nonsensical messages in a single or multiple topics; posting large ASCII art (except in social topics specifically calling for it); or post counting (i.e. "First", "100th Post"). Shouting or otherwise creating noise in an active voice channel is considered disruptive behavior.

based on the TOS, my review should not have been deleted, and it makes me kind of mad, because what i do on this site is not a formal thing. i make reviews for the fun of reviewing the games i buy or rent, not so they can be reviewed by mods to be deleted because there are no capitals. i dont make my reviews to be proffessional, i make them because i enjoy doing it and i dont put capitals for that reason. i type them to get them done, not to make them perfect. not only have i reviewed many other games that did not include capitals, i rarely use capitals in anything i post on this site

*post done*

this is kinda bull$hit if i do say so myself.

this is what was replied:

The Terms of Use don't exactly apply to reader reviews the same way they do to forums.  With that said, the reason why your review was delete for lack of capitals is because it's harder to read that way.  We don't want people to just hurry up and whip up a review for the sake of writing a review.  We'd appreciate it if some effort was put into it as well, even if it's only to capitalize every other sentence.

so i just copied and pasted my review from my mod history and put a capital on every other sentance. i did it just so i can have my review back because i dont feel this is enough to get modded so ill be a good boy and do what i was told if i can get it back on.

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