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My Grandparents' Dog Died (PLEASE READ)

My grandparent's dog got hit by a car. That dog was like a child to them. They loved it to death. The worst part of all is that they saw her get hit. Yes, they saw it happen right before their eyes. The dog was alive about 5 minutes after being hit, flopping on the ground in pain, as my grandmother held her and talked to her. This has to be the saddest day since my other grandmother died. (R.I.P.) Not only did they see it, but now they have to tell my aunt, who is the actual owner of the dog, though the dog is almost always at my grandparents' house. My grandparents were so upset that we had to come over for like 30 minutes, trying to make them feel better. At times I thought we were making progress, because my grandmother would stop crying. But after a few seconds, she started crying again, only worse than before. If this is how my grandparents reacted then how will my aunt react. She will most likely blame them, putting for grief on my grandmother, who already feels terrible about the whole thing. :( My grandparents have had this dog now for years, and they loved her to death. Losing this dog is almost like losing a child to them.