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My Dad Got an iPhone

My dad ordered an iPhone about 12 days ago and he finally got it. It's one of the newer models with faster Internet, too. So far I've checked out the Apple Store and seen some games. I was going to download some of the free ones but we need an account first. Aside from that I've also browsed the Internet. The iPhone can't load flash games or anything, but I can still go to a lot of my favorite sites, like here. I also watched Charlie the Unicorn 2 (which you're a punk if you haven't seen) on YouTube, which for some reason has its own channel on the main menu. The iPhone also has a cool map, which can find exactly where we are, and give us directions to where we want to go. There's also a worldwide clock, which can tell you the time in different regions. I don't know why we would use this but it's a cool feature.

We can write down notes to remind us to do stuff, but we mostly just goofed around with it. My dad wrote "Hi stupid" and I wrote "Get off my phone", which is what we ended up sticking to. Immature, I know, but still fun. OH, and as far as sound goes, it's decent, but not as good as PSP. It came with headphones, which will probably improve the sound quality, but for now, it's only good, not great. Picture is pretty good on videos, but it's better when being used for other things. Of all the features we've used, the actual phone is one we haven't, though. >_O

I also discovered that the iPhone has motion-control. I downloaded a game that makes me turn the iPhone to move. It's a good idea for the game, as it's unique, and it's cool to know that the iPhone has it. I also downloaded a 99 cent game that has graphics in the style of Galaga. I'm glad it was only 99 cents, though, because the controls are awful. You see, the iPhone doesn't have any sort of control pad on it, so I have to tap little buttons on the game to move, which are placed funky and don't always work when I tap them. Considering there's no control pad, I wonder how World of Warcraft would be played. Maybe you turn the phone? I don't know... I'd rather have WoW on my normal computer anyway.