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Ok, so I got some new shoes today. (Ohh! Exciting!) They're pretty good shoes. Not much has really happened recently, except, my brother's friend, Nick came over (He's still here, actually) and we wen t in the pool. It wasn't an especially larg amount of fun, due to the fact that the actual pool was cold, and we had to go in the hot tub instead. I'm also getting really sick of the restaurants we go to. We've got like, 3 or 4. One of them is a pizza place called "Eleni's Pizza House" and we go there about 3 times a week. Yesterday, we ate at a place called "Recipe Box", which isn't very good. My sister got a bagel with ice cream on it, and they put the butter right next to the ice cream. I wanted some ice cream, so I took my spoon and scooped up a huge piece of... butter. Oh, and I found new images of Toon Link from Brawl and made enw images again. That's all for now.

I Want Wind Waker! >_> + Top Ten Brawlers 10 - 8

I REALLY want Wind Waker! It just hit me! I might get it off of eBay, but I just got Brawl, and my parents would be mad if I asked. (Even if I use my own money)

Also, I'll be doing my top ten Brawlers 10 - 8.

10. Link: His attacks aren't especially good, but he's pretty cool, and he's helpful sometimes. Basically, what I'm saying is, Link is pretty good.

9. Ike: Damn powerful, and pretty cool too. I don't use him much, but I still find him to be a helpful character and a lovely addition to the roster.

8. King DeDeDe: Slow, yet powerful. King DeDeDe's hammer attack is extremely effective, and fun to use. DeDeDeis a great addition to Brawl.

I are tagged oh noes!

I'vebeen tagged. Now I've gotta say fivethingsabout me and tag five people? I don't reallyknowhow this works.

1. I like making game boxes.

2. I'm part Greek.

3. I have a shirt that says "I can only please one person a day. Today's not your day. Tomorrow isn't looking good either"

4. I have a comic book about Santa Claus being a samurai. (Google Search "Manga Claus")

5. I'm afraid of heights and I can't stand small spaces.

Now, I guess I choose who I want to tag? I guess I tag Uhero41, SamReallyROXS, SteveXLR, xMeHRuNeSDaGoNx, (Sorry his name is a link, but I copied his name from his profile) and FlameBandicoot.

Beat Subspace Emissary, Got Toon Link

Toon Link is so adorable! I just wanna pick him up and give him a great big hug! He rocks. He's got some seriously awesome costumes. I'm using the one where he gets brown hair and brown sleeves. :P

New Profile

Updated my profile. Yerp. I got me a new banner, header, and of course, avatar. Ferking nice, no?

Trouble with Brawl

I'm at the final level of the Subspace Emissary, "The Great Maze", and I'm having a lot fo trouble finding all of the enemys. Does anyone have a detailed guide or something?

I Got Brawl! + Other Stuff

My brother and I both got Best Buy Gift Cards for Christmas. $20 off each. We decided to put our cards together and get Brawl. I've been playing the Subspace, and I'm about halfway through. I'm really liking this game so far. 9.5/10 so far.

About my check up, I do have cavitys, and I'll be needing to get them filled. I don't know how I got cavitys, since I brush everyday and night. Hm...

Also, in an unrelated story, we saw an old lady walk out to her car and put her ice cream cone in it while she went shopping. XD

That's all for now.

EDIT: I got a new avatar.


I've got a dentist appointment this afternoon. He's going to clean my teeth and se if I've got some cavitys. I hope I don't. :|

How was your Easter?

I had a good Easter. We had ham, mac n' cheese, mashed taters and a salad for dinner, and we took some flowers out to my dad's dad, Bucky, at the cemetary, and some to my grandma at the cemetary. Quite sad really, Easter was my grandma's favorite holiday. This is my dad's mom by the way. We called her "Moo", because she liked cows. Well, I don't wanna depress anyone, so I'll tell you exactly what I got. I got 2 Twix bars, a complete Star Wars Potatoe Head collection, a SpongeBob Lego, and some Indiana Jones Legos. (LOL) Enough about me, how was your Easter?