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New How I Met Your Mother

I just finished watching the new How I Met Your Mother. This blog will contain spoilers.

Very funny. This episode featured more Robin Sparkles, (You have to watch the series to know what I'm talking about) which is good. It ended in a dramatic way. Robin and Barney were making out, and that's when it ended. Maybe they'll hook up? If you haven't been watching the series, then let me explain: There's Barney, who is always going all the way with girls, but never getting in relationships. There's Ted, who tells the story, and is looking for the perfect girl. Then there's Marshel and Lily, who are married. Barney and Robin were watching a video when they started making out, like I said above. Interesting... I'm excited for the next episode. Also, no, this is not a soap-opera, it's a comedy.

Horton Hears A Who! + Army of Two

I saw Horton Hears A Who! today. It was a really funny funny movie that maintained a good balance; it was family-friendly, but at the same time, extremely humorous, which is hard to find in family movies nowadays. I give it an A+.

I also rented Army of Two, which is extremely underrated. The controls work well, the graphics are amazing and the levels are fun. It's also humorous in its own way. Problem is, it can be frusturating, and there's a lot of swearing that's un-needed. I'd still say it's an 8.5 so far. Great game.

Sergant Peppers Comics

My brother and I recently got back into RuneScape, and we were harassing people in frog suits. I was Sergant Peppers. I really liked the name, so I made a web comic about him. You can see it at my Freewebs site, which is here: Sergant_Peppers

I encourage you to start some threads in my forums and comment on my comics. You can also send me your one-page RuneScape comics and I might submit them as well. (More info on the website)

Bugdom - Impressions

I know, without a doubt, you have NO idea what Bugdom is. Bugdom is from back in 2002, when the PC looked like garbage. Bugdom only contributed to that, as it had bad textures and rough edges on everything. The gameplay itself wasn't especially good either. You can move using the arrow keys or the mouse, but mouse controls are extrmely inaccurate. The biggest problem with the controls is that you can't turn off the mouse controls, so you'll be constantly moving in the wrong direction.

As you can see, the game's graphics and picture quality lack "UMPH". Everything is rough and the ground looks like crap. I'm only at the second level, and I haven't had to use my jump move even once. You'd think that you wouldn't unlock it until you needed it, because right now it's just a waste of a control. Bugdom isn't all bad, though. The characters are quite cute and the controls are easy to learn. Bugdom's biggest flaw is the innability to turn off your mouse control. Other than that, the gameplay is nice and simple.

It's true, you have no map throughout the game, and levels are mostly leaves and dirt, so a lot of areas look the same. Whatever. Basically, what you're doing is going around breaking nuts to get objects, while at the same time, freeing ladybugs, while at the SAME time, trying to find the exit to the level. It's allo pretty simple, but like I said, levels are hard to navigate.

You'll be fighting red ants and avoiding slugs as you attempt to find the exit to each level, but the ants die in about 3 hits, and slugs just wander around aimlessly, waiting for the poor controls too walk you into one. Overall, so far, Bugdom isn't a bad game, but the controls are making it ridiculously frusturating, and the lack of a map doesn't help. The graphics are also poor, and the textures are just flat-out awful. Still, Bugdom is enjoyable for me, and I entend to keep playing. 7/10 so far.

New Avatar + Dentist Appointment #2

I got my second and last filling today. YAY! It's good to have that out of the way. Also, I got a new avatar. It's a picture of me. (With editing, of course) I also started playing Tak: The Great Juju Challenge for somer eason, so I'll have my review for that up sometime this week, hopefully.

New Computer! :D

I got a new HP computer with Windows Vista. And so did my brother and sister.

You can all welcome me to the 21st century.


Top 10 Brawlers 7 - 5

7. Luigi: Luigi is a lot better than Mario could ever be. His attacks are pretty powerful, but mostly, he's just fun to control around. And let's not forget his awesom taunts. Luigi is just awesome.

6. Ganondorf: His attacks are powerful as Hell. There's really not much else to say. He's awesome. One of DA' BEST! :D

5. Sonic the Hedgehog: Fast, powerful. Despite hating his games, Sonic is one of the best Brawlers in the game. He's worth unlocking, my friends.

I'm Leaving GameSpot...

No, this is NOT an April Fools joke. I'm serious. I'm just sick of all the glitches and stuff. Goodbye to my friends. I'm sure you'll be able to live with it. Like they say, life goes on. Goodbye.