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Yeah, about that last one.....

I have no idea what I was talking about. See, I had some friends that graduated and we had a party for them, and I got pretty drunk. So what have I learned from all this?

  • Drinking and trying to sound smart do not mix.
  • I am getting old.
  • I hate Steve Jobs. (even though he was an awesome BSer. By the way, Steve Jobs net worth was between 5.5 and 8.3 Billion, so dont come at me with "poor steve jobs only worked for a dollar" crap, when he charged universities thousands of dollars so that he would come and just spout words about how well he has done.)
  • I have a hard on for Bill Gates.
  • I think I may be a little insane.
  • I hate social networking.
  • I am getting old.

So yeah, if I did have something that made sense to rant to you guys, it was lost in drunken translation.

I think my point was that I can type facebook and it doesn't come up as a spelling error. This in turn corrupts my entire existence as well as the younger generation.

Man, I dont know. I have been gaming on my break. Mostly on PC. Why you ask? Because I have time to. When Christmas break comes around, we all go to the vacation house in Chelan. While its a big, sophisticated home, the internet out there does not exist. Well, it does, in the slow form. So I try to get my fill of PC gaming here, and on Christmas, I have over two weeks to dedicate to Batman, Drake, and a lone Dragonslayer.

I recently picked up The Witcher 2 for PC. It was on sale for $30 at Target. The game is really fun! The graphics are top notch and the gameplay is great. It is like mixing the lore and fighting style of Dragon Age Origins with the story driven gameplay of Deus Ex together. Needless to say it is fun. The best part is the installation. So what CD Project RED has done is built their own engine, the REDengine. This little smarty goes into your PC and checks everything that your PC has to work with, and adjust your visuals accordingly. The best part is that even on its low setting, the game looks great, but if you have a PC with a little kick to it, you will see some of the best visuals in PC gaming. It is literally one of the most beautiful looking games to date. Check Gametrailers.com review of the game to fully understand how great it is.

Sorry if that las blog made no sense. I was out of my element. I am usually the guy at the party that doesnt drink (because I had a bit of a drinking problem in the Army) but every once in a while I like to put back a bottle or three.

I sorry to be so bitter about Steve Jobs, but I will end this blog with a troll pic that I personally love.