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Worst Games Ever Awards Day 2!

When games are great, they become heroic to all gamers, they are idol'd more than superstars, movie actors, and are even worshipped by some of the most rich and powerful people in the world!  Of course there are two sides to the pendulum, and when games are bad, they are devistating. They make Kimchi smell like baby powder.  They make you want to roll in dog poo and savor the aroma. 

  These my friends are the WORST GAMES RATED BY GAMESPOT.. SPOT.. spot.. spot.. spot.. 

Warning:  These games seriously suck and are not for the faint of heart.  Do not continue if you have heart conditions or problems breathing.  Tiggerboy, or any persons or affiliations that Tiggerboy may have are not responsible for any injuries that may occur if you consider reading from this article.  You have been warned and are cautioned to proceed at your own risk.

On with the awards!!

 Welcome back to day 2 of the Worst Games Ever Awards!  We are live in my office in Seattle, WA.  Enough chatter, lets get on with the show!

Today we are going back to the good old days, the days when game companies were more worried about how good a game was rather than sales.  A day when consoles were more worried about their gaming instead of worrying about what the other system companies were doing. 

Our first system comes from the east, the far east.  This system was at the top of its gaming ladder in its time with many great titles.  The Nintendo 64 was a breakthrough console, with the creation of the analog stick, and the evolution of FPS's. That is until it was permanently stained with brown streaks and dangleberries.  Our first recipient was a hero to millions, quite possibly the greatest super hero ever, that is until his game stunk so bad that it eventually caused his downfall and eventual death.  Our first winner of day 2 goes to.......

Superman 64

Gameapot score : 1.3

Players score : 2.4

This game flew over the windshields of many players and left a huge splat of pixel crap.  Mostly known for its Atari like graphics and deathly boring gameplay, this title was such a big piece of crap that it completely clogged the gaming toilet! Congratulations for sucking so bad!


Many consoles are not as big of a gaming breakthrough as they try to sell.  They are simply systems that have had upgrades to there original predesessor.  But one system busted out with such a great system that many say it is the "origional" gaming console, though as we all know, everything poops, the difference is that somes poop is bigger than others.  This system is no exception.  The Nintendo Entertainment System was the console that brought back a nearly lost gaming community.  This console started the RPG revolution, the FP style gaming, and even some of the greatest games to ever be played.  Even this console was victom to the old "flaming bag of crap on the porch"  trick.  Though the title that wins this award is so bad that gamespot doesn't even recognise it as a game to earn their review.   The fact that the target audience can not even review a game gives this years NES Worst Game Ever award to..............

Color a Dinosaur

Gamespot score : ?

Players Score : 3.4

 Whoever thought that it would be a good idea to take away a 6 year olds crayons and give them an NES controller had issues.  This dirty diaper of a game was only good for one thing, helping parents fall asleep so there 3-6 year old kid can play with knives or something.....good job game, YOU SUCK!

The next barf bag title comes from the system that was in between the two systems before.  The system brought to the table 16 bit graphics and plenty of great titles, but still had a working pooper that still managed to squeeze out this floater.  The Super Nintendo is the system and the award for the Worst Game Ever on SNES goes to.........


Bebe's Kids

Gamespot score : ?!?

Players Score : 2.5

This game is blamed for making kids want to beat up there younger sibilings.  This pile was released in '94 and I am still scraping it off of my shoe.  The game made you want to go to the library or clean your room because of the level of boredom it heaved out on the world.  Congrats to you, you are a worthless pile of bad pixels.

Well, folks, its been an exciting day here in my office *cricket sounds* but i am afraid that I have ran out of time.  Tune in tomorrow for day 3 of the worst games ever awards, where we tackle the portible gaming systems and the dropplets they produce.  Tell your friends about us!