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The turning of tables and a new year!

First of all, Happy New Year! I hope that everyone enjoyed a safe and fun holiday season. I did. From what I can remember anyways.

I love the beginning of a new year. I am always excited on what new games and gaming surprises our awesome industry has to offer us. This is really what I look forward to every year. I thought that with graduation (in April!) I would see my focus change, and while I have seen my interests go from more of "oh yeah, THAT game!" it's now like "oh yeah, the game that uses THAT engine!" or "THAT art style!". While my passion for video games and gaming has not been clouded with my degree in making them, I have learned to really enjoy every game that is made. I look for that silver lining in every game I play.

For those of you who don't know me, real quick background:

  • American.
  • Married.
  • Former U.S. Army soldier.
  • Avid gamer.

Okay. I bring that up to talk about FPS's. Games like the Call of Duty Series, the Tom Clancy games, the Battlefield games, and all other games that depict American soldiers fighting all over the world. The richness in these games is not to be undermined. Companies like Activision, Infinity Ward, Dice, and other big players in the gaming universe shell out millions of dollars in big budgets to make these games look and play how the gamers want them to.

After they make these budget blasting blockbuster titles, they sell them, a lot of them, all over the world. I have friends from all walks of life all over the world that I can sit and play round after round of CoD or BF3 with. There seems to be no complaining from any of my friends over what we are doing in the game. Which is usually stopping a foreign (foreign to the game, not in actuality) threat. Whether it be terrorists in a desert, or terrorists in the snow, or terrorists in the jungle. Seems like everyone that attacks the soldier you play as is called a "terrorist".

As a gamer, and someone who has been really close to what you do in the game (ideally, I never jumped out of a window to rocket a convoy while hanging from a helicopter) I never took it out of context. I never really cared if I was on the American or terrorist side on any game, other than where the group I happen to be in starts. Some levels I love being the American soldier, and some I love being the russian soldi, err, umm, "terrorist".

I also love being an American citizen. I love this country and its core values. Though, since America is so free, that means that really dumb people get to live here and have the same rights as everyone else. As Joe Rogan said, the dumb people are out breeding the smart people, and that is bad. How bad you ask, well, now we finally get to the topic of this discussion:

Glorious Mission.

Confused? Don't be. I will explain. See there is a game in China called Glorious Mission, and its a game where you play as a Chinese Soldier and your duty is to take out American soldiers. I remember hearing about this game last year (around like April or May) but the hype died down. Now it is back, and more Americans are up in arms about this than when Obama was elected president.

Just go to your nearest youtube, look up "Glorious Mission game". It actually looke pretty good. The graphics are solid, and from what I can tell, it feels as though there is a lot of action going on in the game, much like the CoD series. One action packed moment after another. I would love to play the game, to see what qualities are best in the game.

Why are so many people (Americans) so bothered by this game? Because there was a video of Chinese soldiers playing the game? Who cares?! I don't care that there is a Chinese game where you fight Americans, just like I don't care that there is a game out there where you play as a Russian Spetsnaz fighting Americans. It is funny when dumb Americans try and argue that Glorious Mission is different because "soldiers are playing it, so they MUST be training!" or "in our games, the enemy is not just one class of humans, where in this game you only fight the Americans.".

I guess my biggest question is why do they (American crazies) care? Who cares if the Chinese have a game where they are attacking American Soldiers. You know, they have just as much right to make a game killing our soldiers as we do of theirs. Render the uniforms of any of these games, and you have completely different scenarios.

I would hope that 2012 be the year for the video gaming industry. The year where we can finally quit getting attacked for everything we make. I do not see any more threat of Chinese soldiers playing a war game with us as the enemy as I see a sci-fi game where you are an alien fighting humans. Not much of a difference in my eyes. Maybe I am missing something, maybe I don't see the bigger picture, but as long as people are finding games entertaining (including myself) I will never ever feel threatened by video games, and neither should anyone else.

Please feel free to argue, umm, I mean debate the topic! I love a good debate! Just no country bashing, or racial comments, or I will punish you!