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The first annual worst awards! MUST READ!

When games are great, they become heroic to all gamers, they are idol'd more than superstars, movie actors, and are even worshipped by some of the most rich and powerful people in the world!  Of course there are two sides to the pendulum, and when games are bad, they are devistating. They make Kimchi smell like baby powder.  They make you want to roll in dog poo and savor the aroma. 

  These my friends are the WORST GAMES RATED BY GAMESPOT.. SPOT.. spot.. spot.. spot.. 

Warning:  These games seriously suck and are not for the faint of heart.  Do not continue if you have heart conditions or problems breathing.  Tiggerboy, or any persons or affiliations that Tiggerboy may have are not responsible for any injuries that may occur if you consider reading from this article.  You have been warned and are cautioned to proceed at your own risk.

On with the awards!!

 The first Worst award goes to a game that redefined fugly on the PC.  The game was released on Nov. 20 2003 and has reaked havoc on PC's and their owners everywhere.  The 2006 Worst PC Game Award goes to.......

Big Rigs: over the road racing

Gamespot Rating : 1.0

This game was dubbed one of the worst games ever made, EVER!  From its horrible gameplay to the horrendous controls and graphics, Big Rigs has won the WGE award for the PC for the 3rd year in a row!  Keep up the horrible work!

The next game to crap on our precious little minds litters the Playstation 2.  This game was considered the worst game of 2002 and it was even heard that Sony Exec's were worried about a drop in PS2 sales that this title would cause.  The Worst Game on Playstation 2 goes to............

Gravity Games Bike: Street Vert Dirt

Gamespot Rating : 1.7

Players Rating : 3.4

From the horrible controls to mindless gameplay, Gravity Games Bike was a nasty terd that was left behind by the much more popular Dave Mira title.  Congrats and hopefully a bigger pile will plop on top of you soon!

Our next game hits close to home on the Xbox beings that I was a victom in purchasing our next title from a bargain bin, in a GOOD WILL!  You know that if it hits the bargain bin there, it must be garbage.  With out further a due, our Worst Game on the Xbox goes to..........

Kabuki Warriors

Gamespot Score : 1.4

Players Score : 3.3

This 2d fighting game oozed onto the Xbox Nov. 19th, 2001 and has been steaming since.  This game has been ranked as one of the worst games to ever hit consoles.  From the vomit-like graphics to the herpies-like gameplay, you might want to update your shot record before further damaging your thumb joints on this pile.

The next game infected the Game Cube in 2003 and was known for its horrible graphics and even worst playability, though it was known on the big screen as simply "eye-candy" and nothing more.  The Worst Game Award for Game Cube goes to..........

Charlies Angels

Gamespot Score : 1.9

Players Score : 2.1

This festering, puss filled title was ridiculed as the game that made beautiful women look like horrific smelly nords with bad acne single handedly.  The Game Cube definately double flushed after squeezing out this one. 

Tune in tomorrow at the same time for the continuation of the WORST GAMES EVER AWARDS!