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Well guys, the time has come. I have been pretty much absent from blogging here on Gamespot for a few months now, and the last blog rendered 0 comments.

I have a lot of history with Gamespot. I chose to become a member in 2003 for one main reason which was the game tourneys. I was a big fan of them then and loved competing. I did not know at the time that this site was so full of awesome people, from the other guests and members, to the staff themselves.

But one day the tournaments stopped happening, and so I decided to start blogging on here. Mostly just about video games, and when everyone started getting involved in the conversation it became clear that I belonged in the game community. There were so many people that shared the same passion for gaming that I did!

I made many friends here on Gamespot. Rather than point all of you out, you all know who I am talking about. We had community game nights with the XBL Gamers Union which was always fun!

But, times began changing for me. In fact, here are some highlights that happened in my life while I was a member:

  • Bought my first home
  • Got my first new car ever
  • Married my dream girl
  • bought my second home
  • started, and finished college
  • and now, have began the process of adopting our first child

That's quite a list of things! Gamespot and its awesome community was there the whole way. So thanks for being my online support guys!

Do not get this confused as a goodbye letter, you can always send me a message on Xbox Live or facebook (http://www.facebook.com/sean.taylor.1612) anytime! This is just a letter to let everyone who happens to stumble upon my account to know whats going on.

So here we are today.

I am a graduate now! W00T! It was a long and arduous journey, with plenty of twist and turns, but now my friends, I am a college grad! I now have a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Game Design! What a relief!

It is a relief because as many of you (at least those who know me thru my blogs) know that my wife has CF and is sick quite a bit. Well, she is in a poor place right now. Her liver is failing. She is on the transplant list for a liver, pancreas, and possibly a kidney. Yeah, 3 organs. Quite a bit to have on your plate when you are attending college.

But we have faith, and are confident that the Doctors will have another successful transplant patient to add to their already impressive lists of successes.

So, this is it. I do not imagine that I will be back, but stranger things have happened. As of now, this will be my very last blog on Gamespot. It has been an awesome ride, and I couldn't have enjoyed it with a better group of friends. Thanks for being so supportive through the thick and thin, and most of all, thanks for listening and commenting. You guys always brought a smile to my face, and I am very appreciative.

Good luck in all that you do. Take it from me, if you really want to do something, and you put your heart and soul into it, you will achieve it. No matter what it is. With enough hard work comes great returns!

Who knows, maybe you guys will see me talking about my newest game one of these days.


P.S. You guys can check out my makeshift portfolio (I am still working on it) at http://www.seanhill.me