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Good bye old friend

Well, I have not heard a peep from the old peeps on here in a long time. So this will be my last message on Gamespot.

We had some good times. I joined in 2003 because I heard about GS's online game tourneys. That was the main reason I came here. I quickly made some good friends on here that I have come to know personally and have visited on occasion! The community here was awesome. We did all kinds of crazy s*** just to get the trophies! Oh man, the trophy collecting was so much fun!

We also had the Xbox Live Gamers Union. We did tournaments and other games to try and keep the community together. It was a lot of fun! I see unions don't exist on here anymore, bummer. :(

I remember the whole Giant Bomb thing going down too. That was big!

There was also a very personal connection on here too. This was where I talked about proposing to my wife. I shared my life with her on here with my friends and the community. Michelle would be so stoked to see a story on here about her. To all that may visit this page one day looking for me and/or wondering what happened, she passed away on 24 March this year. She was 31 years young. CF took her life. The disease I talk about so much in my blog history finally overcame her and she died of septic shock. I miss her every day. I shared my personal struggles on here and the community responded so nicely. It's a shame that the new setup erased all the old comments to my blogs. I liked going through them. Reading about other peoples struggles and how they overcame them. It was inspiring.

You all got to witness the birth of the Seattle Retro Gaming Expo! This year marks our fourth year and we are making it a big one!

But, like everything in life, it has to come to an end. This website just isn't the same anymore. I remember when we could just talk to the guys at the site, and they would talk to us during their web-shows. It was more friendly than it feels now. Since I made a post 6 months ago and did not get one comment tells me that most of my friends moved on as well.

I want to thank Gamespot for helping me through some tough struggles with providing a website where I could communicate with people that have the same passion for video games as I do. You may have inadvertently saved me from suicide a couple of times.

I also want to thank all the people who came together with us to game and enjoy gaming, even if it were for just one match, it was fun. We had great times together and I hope that we all get to game together again one day, in this life or the next.

Goodbye friends.

Sean Taylor

P.S. If you want, you can find me here too!

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