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A big chapter in my life is coming to a close, and a new one opens!

Hey guys! long time no talk! My life has changes dramatically since I talked to all of you. So here's the scoop.

The wife was sick pretty much all year last year. The doctors say that she needs a new liver, Pancreas, and possibly a Kidney. All thanks to Cystic Fibrosis. So we go to the Hospital for tests, check ups, and other things about 3-5 times a week. Two weeks ago her liver began to fail due to a lack of a certain medication, and she went into a coma for about 4 days. We thought there was brain swelling, but luckily we were wrong. She is feeling better and such now, and she is finally on the liver transplant list, which is awesome. So, no more adoption talk, all about transplants now.

Me. Well, I walk (graduate) on June 7th. I am taking follow up cources at the Seattle Art Institute. Maybe even a two year course, but I did make a friend that is BIG in the game industry (he is a lead concept artist for a really, REALLY big game franchise) so I may have an opportunity to work on something that you will all be playing in the near future. I cannot give more details than that (name dropping in the industry is only taken well if you are established) but I can say that I am really excited for the possible chance to have a career job right here in the Seattle area.

I will be able to frequest this site more now, though I have to admit that I dont know which of all my friends are still here..... Its been so long since I really talked to anyone on here. I have been doing a lot of handheld gaming, and to my surprise I had a small stint where I played and beat Uncharted 1, and 2, and assassins Creed 2 and brotherhood, and now I am half way thru Uncharted 3 and AC: Revelations. That was in a 3 week window. I was booking it through these games! I counted them up, and my 360 collection sits at 161 games. That is just counting my disc games too. I have a lot now. Just for those who dont know, I am a HUGE cllector. I have several thousand games at this point. I will be growing my collection this weekend at a retro gaming charity for kids.

Also, if anyone is going to be in the Seattle (Bellevue), WA area on Fathers Day weekend, be sure and hit me up so that you can come to our Second Annual Seattle Retro Gaming Expo! Two other friends and myself put this thing on for the first time last year, and it was a HUGE success! We had about 1,000 attendees and 17 vendors. It was awesome! This year, we have a bigger and better venue, and we will have even more vendors to shop from! Last year we worked with Nothwest Harvest and raised $4,000 for their charity! They feed the homeless. This year we are working with a different charity and will have a raffle for some really cool, and pretty damn rare, items for people to try and win.

You can see the website by clicking on SRGE.

Well guys, I am starving so I am going to eat! It was awesome having a chance to whip this up to share with you guys! I may be in different places now, but here is where my heart stays. Post a comment, let me know what you guys have been up to! I would love to catch up with all 924 of you!

Talk to you all soon!