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My new toy, and E3 thoughts

Hey guys.

So I have been thinking on how to describe what I thought of this year's E3, and well, I cannot describe how disappointed I was in all 3 conferences. I usually go through in detail about each game and describe what I thought, but I can't do it this year, so I will do what I do every year, just a little more to the point.


Really? You showed like two games that I even gave a crap about, then you push that goddamn Natal Projekt or whatever into my face until I can smell the radiation! I will buy your damn gizmo because I am to new technology like women are into shoes and will try it out. All I gotta say is it better work like you were pushing or else you are going to have some crappy holiday sales figures! BTW, quit allowing douche bags to your show, its distracting.

GRADE - questionable. Depends on how Natal works I guess......... eff it, it sucked.


Sony. I like you guys. I stand up for you when some Xbox fanboy is dissing you for some dumb reason, but you guys are waaaay to predictable. I knew what you guys were gonna do before you did it, like not give release dates. You too kept shoving that damn dild- I mean that damn "wand" in my face. Your Butler skit was very funny, but your show would have been better had he done all the pushing out the future titles.

GRADE - About as exciting as watching paint dry.


You guys are in such desperate need of a reality check that it hurts to watch your show. You pump up the 3DS, but show the viewers that were not in the room anything. I mean, you didn't even try! Then you have the same problem with the wiimote that everyone else in the world has, and you blame it on the cell phones, and actually tell people to shut them off! WOW, you guys looked soooo bad. You have a guy that can't speak english trying to play a Wii game that is having connection issues and are blaming it on the cell phones while the enterpreter was trying to enterperate what he was saying while trying to leave out the curse words. It was like watching a train wreck in slow motion while devouring mushrooms, no pun intended. Some games looked the same, while Zelda looked worse than it did in TP. Why did you take a successful way of playing Zelda ( Twilight Princess) and completely ruin it with whatever the new game is called?!?

GRADE - why! Why do you insist on annoying me?! I didn't even get into my whole argument of why there are 5 DS models on the market......... Go to hell.

So there you have it. If this is what I am going to expect at PAX this year, I might sell my tix.


So, I actually got this on Friday, but left town for a few days. I am back and have some pics to show you.

I got it at Best Buy. they got like 30 in, and in one hour I bought the 5th to last one.

The size difference was very noticable from taking it out of the box. Here you can sort of see the difference.

Here is the back.

The harddrive has been completly redesigned. Its much smaller, and lighter, than the original one.

As you can see, even the power supply is smaller. Its also not as hot after playing.


Other than that little rant, I love the new system. The front buttons are more like sensors and the system runs really quiet. The built in WiFi is nice, now lets get Bluetooth in there so we can have the whole package like the Playstation 3....

Well thats all for now. I will talk to you guys later.





Oh yeah, new picture story will be up this Sunday. It's the sequel, and there are special guests.

Thanks Nintendo



had to get that out....... who was up at 8:30 a.m. to watch it?!

So........ did you guys see it? If so, what did I miss? Anything good?

I wanna wait till after I get to watch all 3 before I talk about em on here via blog.

I am picking up a new 360 this week, so I will review it as well. I will also talk about how I got the wife's ok to actually get another 360 when mine is perfectly fine, so to speak.

Why microsoft, WHY?!

I you guys have not heard, there are some Italian ads that depict a newer, slimmer, Xbox 360. It also states that it has built in Wi-Fi capabilities (and hopefully, but probably not, bluetooth) but there is one thing that boggles my mind.

Why is there still a damn CD tray?!?! That thing is old architect! It's like buying a new car stereo and it has a tape player on it.

With Microsoft being all big into the electronics and such, you would think that they would know this.

I dunno why, but I hate the tray, always have. Hopefully they will get rid of it before the final outcome, but I doubt it.

With what it supposedly has, is this something that could entice you to purchase it?

If not, what would they need to do before you would consider it?

Red dead Completion

Well, I finally finished the storyline of Red Dead Redemption. What a game! I loved every part of it! While there were definitely some problems, they were all minor compared to how much fun I am still having playing it after the ending credits.

I was looking at my games, and there are plenty that I still need to finish.

Bioshock 2

Uncharted 2

God of War III

Mirrors Edge

....and many more I cannot think of at the moment.

What was the last game that you guys completed?


I have never really liked McDonald's food. For one, it does not taste like anything that exist in the world, which is weird to me. It is also horrible for you (though what isn't these days?). I do, however, enjoy their Nuggets. I like to get them, strip them of the crusty outside, and eat the meat inside.

Yeah, I am a little weird when it comes to eating, but thats another blog.

As you may have heard, if you buy a 10 piece nuggets, you can get a Shrek glass for $1.99 US. The wife loves the Shrek movies so I went there the other day and got her one. It was the puss n Boots one.

Two days ago, I decided to get her another one, and went to the Drive Thru (yes, I am overweight and lazy) and this is exactly how the conversation went down:

McD's - Hello! How may I take your order?

Me - Hey. I would like a 10 piece nuggets and one of your Shrek glasses.

McD's - Oh, we do not have those glasses. They were recalled.

Me - Really? Recalled? I have one of the glasses so is it something serious?

**moment of silence**

McD's - Umm, I will have more info at the window.

Me - Okay.

So I get to the window and this is what I got.

McD's - Yeah they were not recalled, we just did not get the shipment in so we are out. They are safe though.

Me - Oh okay.

Now, if you have not heard, the glasses were actually recalled due to a dangerous amount of Cadmium in the paint.

Cadmium is a carcinogen. I would say that little tidbit of info means that the glasses ARE NOT SAFE! That stupid Manager made the employee tell me that they are safe and not tell me about drinking from a goddamn cancer glass!!

I will not have my family or myself put into ANY kind of jeopardy because some idiot employee was told to keep his mouth shut!

So, with that said I am on a lifetime boycott of McDonalds.

Eff em!

Playin more Red Dead. Awesome game. Seems like it will never end, which is awesome! I keep getting sidetracked and doing side missions in good ole Mexico.

I wanna finish Bioshock 2, but RDR has got me too tight right now. I have had several friends hear me talk about the game, and then go and buy it. Hmm, maybe I should talk to Rockstar Games about some kind of incentive.

Also, I have been playing some rather fun flash games lately. I wanna share them with you.You can click on the images to get to the games! They will open in a new window.


I am all about easy games, and this one is very easy, but fun and gets progressively harder as you play. Good game!


It may be a fun and simple little flash game, but it boasts some MASSIVE SOUND EFFECTS! It is available on the app store or you can play it online. Its worth the $2.99US for the amount of time you will put into this game.

Hope that you try them out. Let me know what you think of them.

Finally, I thought I would share with you some pics of the area around our lake house. Mind you, there are no pics of the lake, but just the surrounding flora.

Some rolling hills

Looks more like Nevada, but its Eastern Washington.

One of the many apple orchards in the area. This one is just down the mountain where the house is.

Lastly, a cool Sky pic that my buddy Sky took. Looks majestic!

Well, thats it for now. I will talk to you again soon.

One crazy weekend! ..okay maybe not.

Hope that everyone had a safe Memorial weekend. I was going to post my usual, but thought I would let someone else do that for me.

It did not happen.

Oh well, I hope that you guys all have not forgotten the sacrifices that have been made so that we are allowed to be free in this world. Each country has their own traditions, and mine is to thank all that have given everything for their country.

Okay, so now to my weekend.

Drank, took the boat out, hung with friends, swam in our pool. The end.

Play some games and hung out. really just relaxed. It was sweet.

I made a "Death Van" in ModNation Racers and shared it with the world, and so far plenty of the world has enjoyed it! Its called the death van so if you want you can look it up and DL it. Good times!

Well, not too much to talk about. Was going to start blogging as John Marston, but Gen_Warbuff beat me to it! Damn him! Go check out his blog, its entertaining.

Well, I gotta go now. I will hit you guys up later.

Hey guys, are you having this problem?

Hey there peeps! I have been busy playing Read Dead Redemption. Awesome game. Period. Everything about it is awesome. I have noticed a few minor glitches (though they piss me off) but other than that, great game. What glitch pisses me off you ask? Well, I will get off my horse to skin an animal, and while I am skinning it, it will walk between myself and the animal, and I guess I stab it with my knife, cause it just dies. This has happened only once, but it happened to a very expensive horse. I was a little PO'ed.

Anyways, the reason for the title is because of another game I have been playing. I got Mod Nation Racers yesterday and was excited to play it. I get home and put in the disc, and immediately am told to wait while the game "loads" to the PS3. I use loads in quotes because for some reason when finally got to actually play the game (the loading took like 10 minutes) I am immediately hit with another loading screen before I get to race. The load times on this go around vary from 10-15 secs to like 3-4 minutes. I swear guys it takes longer to load at times than it does actually racing. I thought it was because I was online, but even when I dc my PS3, it still does it.

You guys have this problem?

I also got Mario Galaxy 2. It's a very creative game, but in NO WAY deserves a perfect 10. I will play it and eventually beat it, but I was not that impressed with it. I personally feel that NSMB Wii is better.

Well shoot, its 3 a.m. I gotta go to bed. I will catch you guys on the flip side.

** que the sappy music **

BTW, its good to be back, and I look forward to catching up. Thanks for the warm welcome back as well.

** fade sappy music out **

Long time no see!

Hey guys! Yeah I know, its been way too long! I have been so busy lately its not even funny.

I wonder how many of you are still active on this site anyways?

Anyhoo, I just wanted to give all my long lost friends an update. Yes, I am alive, and yes I have been playing games.

I went to visit our old friend on here James (trekker1303) in Fresno. It was a very long drive. It took about 15 hours each way. It was worth it tho! For those of you that are friends of mine on Live, you have noticed that I have not been playing lately. Well, between school and everything else, theres no time. Anyways, I did get to play Bioshock 2 at James house and it was awesome! I did not think that I would like it for some reason, but the second I started to play, all the memories of playing the first one flooded back. It was amazing! I bought it on the trip back home a couple of days ago. I also picked up The Sith Edition of Force Unleashed. I want to play that game again for some reason.

Of course, I also got my Special Edition copy of Red Dead Redemption. What an AMAZING GAME! Its everything you would want in a western sandbox, and more! I played online with some friends till almost 4 a.m. last night! Its that fun.

I have been working on this game project, but things have stopped temporarly due to some problems with the school. Political BS mostly. But no big deal.

Thats about all thats going on in my world as of late. I will be getting on here more frequently if my OG's have not up and left Gamespot!

Talk to you later!

God Of War III

This is by far one of the best games I have EVER played in this genre!

It is also probably one of the best looking games I have ever played!!!!

I am about 2 hours into the game, and the entire opening level is one of the most frantic, beautiful, exciting levels that I have played.

As far as the graphics, they are the best thus far. Look man, you can make anything that is real look real, but it takes a special talent to take something that is imaginary and make it so realistic that you would expect it to be right outside your door. This game does that!

The best game on the PS3. If you do not have this game, get it.

I would give this game a 9.99. Why not a 10, because I spent 100 bucks on the Limited edition and its pretty cheesy. All you get is a tiny artbook (though hard back) a cheesy looking Pandoras box, and the game. The sound tracks are DIGITAL DL's from the PSN! I don't know if there is a way to get them onto my PC, but I sure as hell hope so! I sooooo wanted CD's.

Anyways, as far as my life goes, not a lots changed with the game. I am working on a Canabalt style game for the XBLA (if you have not played Canabalt, its a very easy, but very fun, web game) with two other people. Should be out in about a month or so.

gotta go! Later!

What a crazy road it has been

Hey guys!

I know that its been a long time since we have spoken, but I think its time to break the ice.

I have been super busy with school, this game project, and other stuff. I have not had much time to do anything.

So the game idea has made some big, and very dumb, changes in the last few weeks. I feel that the idea is way out of our scope, and that there is a possibility of this game never reaching the playable phase.

Do not worry though! I have been working on a little "secret" side project with another artist/modeler, and a programmer to make a game for the XBLA Indie side! It will only be a dollar, and not that big, but it will be something that you guys can play, and man its only 1 dollar. Thats 100 pennies. Not bad for a game with achievements.

SO, with all that said, I am even more busy than usual. I have no idea how you guys are doing, so please let me know. Is anything of importance happened here lately?

BTW, Stan "The Man" Lee is going to be signing autographs at this years Emerald City Comic Con! I already have a reservation to meet him! I am stoked!

Anyways, not a whole lot to report, but I will keep you guys informed.