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My Xbox 360 broke a couple of days ago...crazy weekend!

Sorry guys that I have not been able to play online with you.  I was playing it the other day and then all of a sudden when I would put in Gears of War I would get a message that I needed to put the game into a 360 console, which hello, it WAS in a 360 console!!!  So I sent it in last tuesday and just got an email today that my new 360 was on its way.  Thank god for the warranty!  By the way, I have a friend that just recieved his Playstation 3 that he stood in line for 3 days to get and got to play it.  I admit, it is real fun, but it has a LOT of clipping in Resistance: Fall of Man.  I just did not see a difference in the gameplay quality between the PS3 and the 360, definately not anything worth 200 more! 

I bring this up because he called me today and told me that he is getting alot of errors with not being able to read the disc!  Unfortunately, there is no Mfr. warranty with the console, as far as he thinks!  He said that he wishes that he got a Wii now! HA! I was going to wait in line at my Fred Meyer for a Wii, but I have way to many things going on in real life that I can not put on hold for my gaming life.  Ironically, I will be starting college next monday (after thanksgiving) for my degree in Multimedia and game design.  Here I come Microsoft, which is literally down the street from my office now! 

Thanks for viewing my page!

Hello and welcome to my page.  Please take a moment and sign my guestbook below.  You can put anything (following the GS TOS) you want to here also.  Start a topic, rant about a game, hell anything you want!  Thanks again for visiting my page!

Just a bad day......need a hug. (UPDATE!)

Well where do I start, okay how about yesterday when Gamestop called me and told me that I would not get gears of war today due to all the flooding in the Seattle area which caused the truck to be a day behind.  Then last night I get home and finally get to download Contra and it SUCKS!  The co-op is full of bugs, and its the Arcade version, NOT THE NES!!!!  So I went to bed upset, and left for work this morning and was hit by another car!

Heres my 2007 Scion tC

Here is the driver side rear where the stupid red car hit me.  (taken with my LG Chocolate, pic quality sux)

For Gamestops sake, Gears of War better freaking be in today, I just might snap!!!





I need a hug....:(




I love Christmas!

Christmas is the time where everything that you want is coming out but you have to buy it on ebay for twice the ammount because its always sold out at the stores.......Yeah!.........:x

My banner is poop.....

Hey guys, my banner sux, I really don't have time to try to figure out how I can make it cool like so many of yours.  Can somebody just tell me how to make one that fits within the size limit?!?  PLZ Help, my eyes are burning cause mine sux so much!!!!!! >:~u