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My final day as a level 15........poop.

I come on here and I see people who have a few posts and mo profile mad and maybe one or two blog posts and have been a member for six months and are a level 23 or whatever.  Here I am coming to my FOURTH YEAR with almost 500 posts and I am just getting to my Level 16.  Oh well, I guess I just have to work my way up......

I can not find the link to vote for the best and worst of 2006

For those of you that don't know I live in seattle, we have had a really bad storm and I have been with out power and have not been able to stay up with the glorious updates of gamespot for about 3 days.  I now have power again and I have caught up, where can I find the post for the Best & Worst of 06 voting?  Can someone give me the link?!?

The Gamespot Hypocrisy Monster shows its evil head again! AAAAHHHH!

I want a Wii, bad.  I played it in our Mall in Seattle, and had a blast!  I am 26 so I do alot of investigating before dropping a lot of money on a new product.  Whilst doing this investigating, I was attacked by the Evil Hypcrisy Review MONSTER! AHH!  It bit me at the Zelda: Twilight Princess review! 

Here we have the review notes quoted below:

The Good: Compelling characters and story; outstanding world and puzzle design; longer than most action adventure games; terrific graphics, from an artistic perspective.

The Bad: Wii-specific elements feel tacked on; graphics and sound sometimes go from nostalgic to dated.

 Well, which is it?! Are the graphics teriffic, or are they dated?!?  From an artistic perspective?  Isn't that good?!?

I dunno because they were given a 9?!? 

Wait a minute...

Oh no...

It's the Hypocrisy Monster!!  Look OUT!

So, anyways, Where have you seen the Hypocrisy Monster?

This weeks rant: The arrogance makes me sick!

I read gaming news all the time.  Its what I like to read.  Plus, going to college for Digital Entertainment and Game Design, you need to keep up with the times on all the latest gadgets and upgrades and such.  Well I read this particular article I would like to share with everyone.

Speaking to the Sydney Morning Herald, Nic Foster, Sony's general manager for Australia and New Zealand, said: "The Wii-type functionality is more just a sub-element of what the PlayStation 3 offers."

He also stated that he thinks the "Wii is a core gaming device. It's a more fun, intuitive sort of product to pick up, where the PS3 is a broader entertainment solution."

This obviously includes all the PS3's media functionality and its Blu-Ray movie playback - something that Sony will no doubt keep pushing as a big selling point for the system.

ARE YOU SERIOUS!  Dude you might want to not speak.  Ever.  The Wii is a sub-element of what the PS3 has to offer?!  Dude, you guys had the horrific looking boomerang controller until the Wii introduced the motion-sensitive controller.  You guys followed the Wii from production, now you are following the Wii in sales! 

Then he says.......

"Wii is a core gaming device. It's a more fun, intuitive sort of product to pick up, where the PS3 is a broader entertainment solution."

Did you just say that the Wii is MORE FUN?!?!?  You are gonna get fired man.  You might as well have said that the PS3 is a big boring, more expensive work-horse!  You can't go around saying crap like that!

After hearing stuff like that, it makes me think that the PS3 Vs. Wii commercial in my blog isn't so far off base after all!

Idiots and there big mouths........

So what do you guys think?!?  Am I just a blubbering idiot for thinking this was arrogant and wrong?  Am I right?  You can be honest, my wife is all the time and she says harsher things than you ever will, so don't worry about my feelings. 

I got the article from www.smh.com.au


533 profile hits in 24 hours!! DAMN!

Yesterday my little profile views counter said:

"Profile views since 10/13/06: 288 (+ 3 new)

Today it says:

"Profile views since 10/13/06: 821 (+ 533 new)

Thanks guys from checking out my little slice of heaven!

To thank you all I have entered a smiley to represent each and every one of you!  Thanks again!


A.K.A.: tiggerboy :D


What has happened to the video game industry? Please read this.

I was at the Hollywood Video by my house and decided to rent a game, something that I have not done in years, since NES anyways.  I saw the game GUN for the 360 and decided to pick it up.   I went home and immediately got on Gamespot to check out what people thought of the game, its just something I do.  I was immediately bummed at wasting 5 bucks on a game that got a 6.7 score.  But i curbed my enthusiasim and started playing the game, and thought it was GREAT! 

Sure, the graphics look like they took the old-gen, if you will, and just reprogrammed it to work on the 360, which is probably what they did, but the gameplay was fun and the story sucks you in like a good western should! 

Then I thought " How in the HELL can GS give this game a 6.7, and give King Kong an 8.2?!?"  King Kong is a CD loaded with monkey crap!  The graphics sucked!  The gameplay SUCKED BIG TIME, except for the "play as Kong" part!  But NO! King Krap gets an 8.2!  Where do you see anything above a 5.0 in that rip-off?!?!? 

This is not the only incident.  What about Small Arms?!?  Its only the BEST GAME ON XBLA RIGHT NOW and you GS guys give it a 6.0! Are you kidding me, the game is FUN TO PLAY!  Hmm.... those words sound familliar, like I have used them before in the past or something.  Just to be sure, I looked them up in the Dictionary and this is what I found.....

Fun: noun; A source of amusement, enjoyment, or pleasure.

Example: Gears of war is fun to play.

To: particle A particle used to mark the following verb as an infinitive.

Example: Gears of war is fun to play.

Play: noun;  Activity for amusement only, especially among the young.  Also can be a verb, as in to play.

Those 3 words have been lost in the sea of which console is better, which game has better graphics, which game sounds better! Who cares if the game is not FUN!  So far, Nintendo is the ONLY company that is proving that graphics aren't CRAP if the gameplay sucks!  So what if the Wii doesnt have 15 processors and 3 HDMI connections and 100 Jigabytes of RAM.  It sure as hell is FUN TO PLAY!  Hey!  There are those words again!  Now I remember!  It was when I was playing the NES and having FUN even though the graphics were not realistic!  I can remember the NEO-GEO at the same time had way better graphics, but the games were crap, therefore it went under.

Here is an example.  Two games released in 1990.  One for the Neo Geo, and one for the NES.


Magician Lord


Great graphics for its time!

Crap Game for all time.


Castlevania III: Draculas Curse


Great game!

Not so great graphics.....

Which would you rather play?!?

Hmm......could we see history repeating itself with the PS3.  So far the graphics are superb, but the games are crap.  Plus, who has $600.00 that they can go and blow on something that just came out anyway. 

Lets do a little role playing here.  I am a parent and I am walking down the gaming isle because my little brat, or worse brat(s), wants a video game system for Christmas. 

"Heres one.  The Playstation 3.  $600.00! Why?!?  Blu-Ray player?  What the HELL is that?!?  This thing cost as much as the SUV payment!  Are you kidding me!"  Moving on! 

"Here we go, the Nintendo Wii, $250.00!  Great price!  Looks fun to play! (notice the word usage) I'll take it!"


"Hey a Nintendo Wii for $250.  Great price!  Looks fun to play! (notice the word usage, again)  Oh, wait, they are all sold out, darn it!"  Moving on......

"Hey heres one, an Xbox 360, and they start at 299.99!  Not bad!  Ooooh, and they are in stock!  I'll take it!"

This is NOT a diss on Sony in any way, even though I think they are robbing gamers with  there super high pricing.  In my opinion, this is how big time system designers SHOULD think! 

Now don't get me wrong, you can have an excellent looking cake, and have fun eating it too!  Example:

Gears of War


Elder scrolls IV: Oblivion


I am just saying that EVERYBODY should try to stop crapping on a game just because it isn't in 1080i or whatever.  Instead, judge the game on how fun it is to play, thats all.

This is my rant of the week, see you online!

IM BACK! No I wasn't dead!

I have had one hell of a week!  I start classes in Tuesday (Nov. 28th)  and wanted to get a new laptop.  Well, my father in law, who is rich like no other, decides that a new laptop is an excellent investment.  So he asks me what I want and JOKINGLY I reply,

" well, Dad, I want a Dell XPS 1710 with a 17 inch screen, also with the new Intel core 2 duo processor, 2Gb DDR2 SDRAM, a 512Mb. NVIDIA GeForce Go 7950 GTX video card (the best video card on the market), HD-DVD player with the 8x double-layer DVD+R writer, oh and the 100Gb. hard drive....." 

and he says, "Order it, heres my credit card." 

WHAT!!!!  I am jumping out of my skin right now! For those of you who do not understand what all this means, I could play Oblivion for P.C. on this thing on 4 different screens if I wanted to, yeah its that fast!  I should get it on the 5th of December. 

In case you were wondering about the price tag, $3,500.00!

Yeah, I am pretty spoiled, but hey I am worth it!

I also got my 360 back on the 22nd.  Problem was, I left town on the 21st.  So I go online on the 25th to check the status of my 360 and it said Delivered on 22nd.  I was like, what?!? No one is home!   Then I check delivery status and is says PORCH.

What!  UPS left a $500 system on my Freaking front porch!!!! So panicking I call my neighbor, thank GOD he was home, and asked him to get it for me and he says sure.  He also told me that it had not rained since the 21st so my package was dry. WHEW! Thanks be to GOD again!!!

So I will start my persuit to get my DEGD bachelors degree (Digital Entertainment and Game Design) and my associates in Multimedia and Game Interface design.  I am going to ITT for it. 

My goal is to graduate and work for Microsoft, or Nintendo (both in Seattle, WA) as a game designer.  We will see what happens. 

Anyways, I will see you guys online soon!  I have a lot of catching up to do!