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Gears of War 3 = meth?

Yeah, so I have been getting back into competitive gaming, thanks to Gears 3. I have always been a huge fan of the series, and I was, at one time, really into competitive MP. I got to the semis in the Vegas 2 Tourney that GS hosted.

I wish they would do that again.... I would upgrade my account on here again if they did, since that was the reason I upgraded in the first place.

So yeah, I am getting back into it, but not hardcore just yet. I do have school to focus on. That doesn't mean that I don't get on there and get into the game a bit lol!

Tonight, about 30 mins ago, a group of friends and I got to level 50 on horde mode on normal. Only me and another guy on the team is really focused on points, and kills. One guy had never played Gears horde mode before. Even with the odds stacked against us we made it to level 50. We were stopped short of finishing the level. Why? Because we had been playing the same mode, from 1 to level 50, for FOUR HOURS AND ELEVEN MINUTES! I would do it again, because it was a blast!

I will get more involved in the ranked MP later. I still feel that I need to get better aquainted with the maps first.

Whatever man, its 5:30 a.m., I haven't been to bed yet, and I am convinced that Gears 3 is visual meth for the brain.

Off to bed.

Guess who's back! Back again! Tiggerboy's back! Tell a friend!

Hey guys!

So, I am nearing the end of my college career. Soon I will be looking for work in the game industry as a concept artist. I have just finished my latest work, and I think it looks good. What do you think?

We are doing a Hell Theme for our Team Project cIass. It's a multi-term cIass that designs and creates a working, fully functional video game. I am the concept artist.


I also went crazy for the launch of Gears of War 3. The Gears series is one of my favorites. So for Gears 3 I went all out. I got Gears of War 3 Epic Edition, The Collecters Edition strategy guide, The life-sized Retro Lancer, and yes, the 320GB Gears of War 3 Xbox 360. I went all out this time.


I went a bit crazy at the Gamestop. The grand total of this games release was....

wait for it....

$773.00 (approx.)

Yes, the most I have spent on a Game.


Yes, went to PAX again this year, of course when it happens in your city it a given that you go lol! Think about it, what comic book nerd that lives in San Diego doesn't go to the San Diego Comic Con?! Anyway's, I made a stop at the GameSpot booth. Had a picture taken there from the GS camera thing. Also got a T-Shirt there. Here's the picture of me making a dumb face with a hot chick that was working the booth, being photobombed by my retarded asian friend Phil. Just kiddin, Phil's awesome. Big nerd tho.

So PAX was a blast. Got to play a few games, meet lots of people in the business, which was awesome. Didn't get as much shwag as usual, barely any posters :(. I did however get some cool stuff from Halo Fest WHICH WAS AWESOME! I also got two, yes two, onLive Systems FREE! Just had to stand in a line. Got two because I had two passes to get punched (mine and the wifes) and they kept track by punching small holes into the passes. There was plenty of cosplay as well.

Oh! I forgot something!

I also bought this at PAX:

What is this you ask? It's THIS!

It's a GAEMS! (Gaming and Entertainment Mobile System) The GAEMS is a small suitcase your your system. Works with both PS3 and 360. It boast a 20" full HD 1080p screen, integrated speakers, and all the controllers and cables fit in this very durable, lightweight case. You can also padlock this thing up for when you travel. It's sweet.

Everything else has been alright. The wife is good, the dog is good, and I am good.

Well, I am off to do more homework. Good bye!

edit: Still haven't fixed the whole cIass and styIe thing? Jesus GS, what are we waiting on?

Guess who?

Yeah, just me.

So I was locked out of my email for like a month, and somehow, the passowrd that I used for this site got changed.

I am still alive.

Let's play catch-up with a few bulletpoints.

  • The Seattle Retro Gaming Expo was a HUGE success! We raised over 2,500 dollars for Northwest Harvest! It was awesome!
  • I have been face deep in school. I barely have time to play any game, and when I do, I usually restrict it to the PC games, that way I do not forget that I have work to do!
  • I have 9 classes left of school. That is about 6 months until I graduate. It's a bit daunting.
  • I am about to take a much needed two week vacation! It is between terms, so I am not interfering with school.
  • ITS PAX MONTH!!!!! I am so damn excited! I am going to have a houseful of gamers and cosplayers. If you cannot attend, worry not, for I bought a very nice DSLR camera Monday. It is AWESOME! The pictures are pretty amazing.

Well, thats about it. I dont know when I will be able to check up on here again, who knows?


Hey guys, got a minute?

If you do, then consider yourself lucky!

I have been busy with something big. Like, this BIG!

So the other day, (I guess about a month now) a good friend of mine asked me if I wanted to help with a show that they are putting on. A show for retro gaming. So, we are talking from Amiga to Dreamcast. Of course, as a collector and gamer junky I took him up on the offer imediately.

Well, things got big. The show got big. So now I am really busy! I have been building UDK levels for one class, Creating story boards for another, and am the Operations Director for the Seattle Retro Gaming Expo. It is AWESOME!

So heres what is going on at out little nostalgic shindig. We will have a free play room, where people can relax and play retro games to their hearts desire, or until we kick them out lol. Not only can they play games on systems such as the NES, Intellivision, SNES, Nintendo 64, Sega genesis, and many more, they will also have access to EVERY NES CART MADE! Yeah, we are going to have every NTSC (U.S.) NES cart on hand for people to play, yes, even all the rare ones.

We are also hosting the Battle for Seattle fighting tourney. It will host games from the SNES, to the 360.

We will of course have a vendors hall where people can buy gaming items at really fair prices.

You can see our website at www.seattleretro.org.

We have lots of sponsors, pre registered atendees, and things to do to prepare.

Another thing that we are doing is having a charity auction to benefit Northwest Harvest. It's a charity that feeds the hungry. One guy donated his entire collection to this thing! His collection is HUGE. The guy collected every game system made, even prototypes! He told us that he did it as a therapy for coping with the loss of his father, and now that hes over it, he wanted to move on by ridding himself of his collection. Well, after years of selling it off in pieces, he heard about our auction and wanted to help out, and boy did he!

He donated all this......


its a bit grainy, but its basically bins and boxes full of games and loose systems. The systems are complete, and there is a ton of games that come with them.

So, my job is to sort all of this out, log it in a checklist, then divy up all the games to systems, and figure out a price for the auction.

Yeah, that on top of homework and a sick wife. Shes fine BTW. So I am pretty damn busy!

When I get more time, I will read posts, and comment on them.

Talk to you later.

....who am I kidding, I will never leave this place!

I cannot stay away. I just can't. I feel as though this is actually Hotel California, where I can checkout whenever I like, but can never leave!

Do not worry James, I do not want the Leadership position back. I am WAAAY to busy with everything else to even attempt to work with the union. I will do what I can, but I had a good run. Time for someone else to have the reins.

So, lets get all of you awesome people up to speed. I am now the Operations Director for the Seattle Retro Gaming Expo 2011! Hell yeah peeps, I am helping put on this AWESOME show!

Basically, I am in charge of making sure that every department gets all the tools they need to make their respected areas function at 100%. It's a pretty big responcibility, but I am up for it. Not the first time I have been put in charge of something big.

You can check out our website HERE.

So far so good. Plenty of tix sales and hype! I am hoping that we have a radio spot for the event soon! It will be awesome!

Oh yeah....

I did it.

I bought a 3DS.

And its pretty much AWESOME!

I don't know how Nintendo did it, and I don't care. All I know is that teh tech is awesome and it freaking works! Just have Rayman 3D now, and its just as fun as ever! I traded in a few thing (including my DSi XL) to get it for no duckets spent.

Oh yeah, and as far as the last post is conserned. I am still broke, I am still unemployeed. I am going back to the gym, getting my buff on! I am feeling better because of it also! Being in good shape is such an awesome feeling!

Michelle is getting better. Was a little worried there for a while. She says "Hi!".

Oh yeah, I am getting my website up! I do not have much content yet, but if you want to drop in and check it out, here is the link:


There is not much on the site just yet. I am still getting all my content optimized. Feel free to check it out and drop me a line if you want. You can also contact me at sean@3designart.com.

Well, its late as hell, and i gotta go, so I will talk to you guys real soon. I will go through and try and catch myself up in your blogs, but if you want to help me out, just drop a comment on how you have been. I will respond.

Later guys!

Not in a good place right now. This may be goodbye for a while.....

I am unemployeed.

I was a CAD Drafter for 6 years. I worked at my father-in-laws company for those 6 years. I was paid well, and was good at what I did. I didn't really enjoy it so much, since it is not what I wanted to do for the rest of my life, but it paid really well, and I felt that I was contributing something to the city of Seattle, or even the state of Washington. When we completed things that ranged from the biggest, and best, casino in the State of Washington, the Tulalip Casino, to shopping centers that brought in work for hundreds of people, to simple platforms for ATM machines lol! All of it felt equally satisfying.

But there's no work. At least not enough right now to justify paying an entire office. Mind you, they (my in-laws) did not enjoy having to make the decision to have me laid off. It was actually a pretty hard to swallow Tuesday night dinner. Unfortunately, they decided to tell me the news untill after dinner, and if you have any idea what I went through, then you would know how nauseous I was afterwards. I just felt out of control. I was re-assured that technically I would not be losing money, on account of hiring my wife to help with office stuff. It's not great pay, nor very many hours, but it covers the loss that I take from being on unemployement. They (as do I) felt that it would be better this way because while I am looking for a job, I can focus more on my school work. It is nice to have the more hours a day to work on homework. You would think that things would be okay, but they are not.

Theres an odd feeling that you have when you are not contributing to not only your family, but to your society. For societies to work, it takes everyone doing their part. Employement is the lubricant for the well oiled machine that is human life. The second I felt that responsibility fade away, I felt like there was a hole in my chi, if you know what I mean. Basically my self worth took a dip in the Taylor stockmarket. The thing that bothers me the most about being unemployed is the fact that people can knowingly abuse this privelage, not right, that we called unemployement. I understand that some people may argue that they are intitled to it since they paid into it, and they are, but if this is your thinking about unemployement, then you cannot honestly understand what unemployement is, really? It's a government controlled buffer for your life. When luck takes a dump on you, this helps with the stress of it so you don't go and shoot your family, then yourself. Do you know what kind of havoc there would be if they were to take that program away? You would not have it witheld from your check, but something happen and you lose your job, you better hope that you saved money up for this, because unemployement checks would not exist.

But honestly, this is a gaming website, so lets move on to other events in my world. Because of the afformentioned problem, we come to where I have to make dramastic budget cuts in the state of tiggerboy. Gaming. Yes, I have been playing newly released titles, and I will for a while, but that is bacause I have invested into these titles just in case this ever happened. Every holiday I go to Gamestop, Best Buy, Wal-Mart, and other game store, and I check out all the games that I can preorder, from January to December. Then I go home and basically make a list of the top games I am really interested in. I then research the known Special Editions at the different stores, find the ones that I like best, and prorder them at the selected store. I then tally up a calender on my computer of scheduled release dates, and prices. Then, based on the collected information, I begin the process of paying them off. Every check, a little on each title. By the time that the first game on my calender releases, I have it either already paid off, or so close that I have only a few more dollars to get the newest game.

Yes, I do all this, and it takes about a week just to start, but gaming is, and always has been, my one true hobby. Kids in my day collected baseball cards. I did to, but for a different reason. I found out that if I were to get some of the special players cards, and they were worth money I could sell them and get a gameboy game. For you youngins, back in the day, buying baseball cards was almost like gambling, you could make money off your luck with the cards lol!

Well, the waters not comin, and the well's drainin' up. Sounds like a country song. Basically, I think that Gears of War 3 may be in jeopardy. Oh whatever, just trade in some games and get the new one, you baby?! Thinking that? So does part of me, but the other part has trouble parting with games. I rarely buy a game, and think that it's horrible. I am about 98% accurate on my personal choice being as good as I expected. I do not buy games just to give them a chance to be good. Thats what the used bargain bin is for. I also don't get a game, finish it in a month, and be ready to trade it in. I play a game 'till its that top 40 song that won't get out of your head. I also play several different games at a time. It takes forever for me to beat a game, but I am never tired of any game that I am playing right off the bat. I just play what I feel like, and eventually will come back to it, and maybe even finish it. So by the time I feel that I can honestly part with a game, it's "worth" pennies. Forget selling them on eBay or Craigslist. If I needed money for bills I would, but I cannot get cash for them, then feel good about putting that cash on other games rather than bills or something of that nature.

After I graduate, I will be needing a job a.s.a.p.! But there's no work.

So, with all of this being said, and to those of you who have actually been reading all this (you are awesome in my book!) I come to the hard truth. Cutting back on gaming is probably not all I will be cutting back. I was fortunate enough to have the idea that stacking gold memberships because of the 25% or 50% sale that went on for christmas, so I am good until around doomsday 2012, but if I am not back to stable by then, I will not renew it again. I might also be cutting back on my internet, but that is only if things get really, really bad. I will also be cutting back on Gamespot.

Been here since 2003. That's a pretty long time. Been a part of gamespot longer than my marriage, including the year and a half dating period! Had ups, had downs, had outright blow-outs! But I have been faithful, and made tons of awesome friends on here! Some I have built such a relationship with that we exchange christmas gifts, and even travel to visit! I am talking to you James A.K.A. trekker1303 lol!

Focus is changing tho. I am in my final year of college. This time next year I will be a college grad with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. Better yet, for game design! This is what I have always wanted to be. A game designer is my childhood firefighter. I always dreamed of creating a product that people will play, and maybe even enjoy! With that said, I have to have my head in the game, and in the books. I may check in from time to time, maybe even more than my last two posts, but I may not. I may not log on again for 3 months. Who knows. All I know is that Captain Obvious said that school was more important. Thanks Cap'n.....

So, as for The Xbox Live Gamers Union is concerned, I will be giving trekker1303 leadership, and only asking that if something happens and I am able to return, to be given back leadership. I also ask that if you, trekker1303, do not want it that you give it to Chris, BigC43, with him also aware of my sudden return, and the stipulation that follows.

Well. It's been real guys. I have way to many friends, so rather than try not to step on toes, I am just going to thank all 1,031 of you guys and gals that have made it my friends list. We may have not ever read eachothers articles, but the fact that you took a few moments out of your day to follow the b.s. that spills from my mouth, well that takes some kindness. And for that I thank you all. Who knows, you may one day play a game that I worked on. That would be cool. I will try to make all the games that I work on the best I can.

Heh, this place was on Kotaku once.....

Goodbye for now.

Hey guys, long time.

What's up! I hope that everyone has had a great holiday season. I know its quite late, but still. I have been really busy with school. Not much time to play video games. I am determined to beat Assassins Creed II so that I can play AC: Brotherhood. Yes I have it, and no its not even opened yet. Neither is Dead Rising 2. With Dead Space II coming out next week, I am not sure how I am going to fit the games all into my schedule, but thats the beauty of gaming, they will always be there waiting for you!

I cannot wait for Crysis 2! I have been on a Crysis binge since I got my new VG card. I have finished Crysis, and am working on Crysis: Warhead. I know, I seem to be contradicting myself, but I can minimize Maya and get some good gaming in when I need a break. I have also been playing Killing Floor on Steam. Great cheap L4D clone. I think that the gameplay is more fun and unpredictable than L4D.


So yeah, been busy as hell. I have a site that you MUST see! It's called "Your mom hates Dead Space 2" complete with video. While I wish the video was longer, its still enjoyable to watch. You can see it HERE.

Well, back to work, hope that all is well. Also, if you leave a comment, I will check out your blog. I have to do this because I have too many friends on here (1,025 as of this writing) so I will only read and comment on people's blog that do so on mine. Deal?


Happy holidays everyone!

Hey guys!

I just wanted to hop on here and wish everyone a Happy Holiday! Hope the everyone gets what they want! I got a Sapphire 100314 SR Rsadeon HD 6870 1GB 256-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 2.1 x16 HDCP ready CrossfireX Support Video Card with Eyefinity.

No, I did not make that name up.

Basically, its an upgrade to my current HD 4850 video card. I actually got a 5700 originally, but it just wasn't powerful enough, so I dropped another $100 bucks and got the bigger one. I like to play my Crysis with High settings at 60 FPS, and apparently this card can do it. I am also asking for a faster HDD as well.

I am such a geek, and damn proud of it too.

I am a Senior in college now. I have 1 year left. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, and it scares the hell out of me. I have people around me that say I will be fine, and I know that I will, but leaving college and getting into the world of video game entertainment industry is a bit overwhelming at first. I hear that there is a game studio here in the Seattle area that is looking for game designers. It is a non-paying intern position, but it is something that can add to your resume, and portfolio. So I will be looking into that. I hear that the company gives all applicants a test, but the test is simple.

In my last blog I stated that I was in my grandmas basement. I was just kidding, I do not have a basement, and neither did my grandma. I was just using that as a ploy that I was spending a lot of time on my computer. Since I finished my finals, I have spent less and less time on the computer. You get tired of sitting in front of the thing after a while, especially when said while is ten weeks long. It is nice to get out and get "unplugged" every once in a while.

Okay, mini rant initiated. I am so sick of people complaining about taxes, then complain when the police, fire, school funding, and other needed programs get cut. GUESS WHAT PEOPLE, TAXES PAY FOR THOSE SERVICES! If you want the services, you gotta pay for them. The cost of said services goes up, just like everything else. So next time you complain about taxes, and vote no for tax hikes (here in Washington State, the hike was .003%, or something close to that) then I feel that you are not allowed to complain when state ran programs are cut.

**Glares at the radio**

Damn you talk radio, you throw me off topic with your rant creating stories and interviews!

Okay, end rant.

Going to the vacation house in Chelan for Christmas this year again. There is about 3 feet of snow there right now, and more should fall over the weekend, which is great since we are going Snowmobiling the following Monday. It was fun two years ago, and should be fun this time around.

Well, I guess I should be working since I am at work, so I will talk to you guys later.

I'll just be in my grandma's basement

Hey guys! Long time, no see. School is getting more serious, since I have just one more year left (W00T!). World of Warcraft released Cataclysm this last week, and when I am not doing homework, I play it rather than going to the game room and playing the consoles. My computer room might as well be my grandma's basement, because that is where I spend most of my days now.

My in-laws dragged me to see A Christmas Story: The Musical. I love the movie, so I wasn't to reluctant top see it. It was the first professwional musical I had been to, and I was surprised with how good it was. While there was a little too much singing, I enjoyed it. The theatre it played in is amazing. It looks like a theatre from the early 20th century. Lots of beautiful hand carved columns that spanned up to the four story ceiling and walls. the stage was huge. It was also a packed house. While the story was told slightly different, the overall production was similar. All the memorable moments of the movie were present in the play.

Wow, now that I think of it, I do not remember the last console game that I played. I mean, I hosted a birthday party last weekend, so the Kinect got used heavily. By the way, that thing is awesome! Definitely a must have for parties and get together's.

Well, even though I have been gone a while, I really don't have too much to talk about. School's a pain in the ass, and when I am not at school, I am either at work, or stuck in front of my computer writing papers and modelling. I did get away for the midnight release of Cataclysm, which was a surprise. Only about 25 people lined up at my Gamestop. When the last expansion released, there was a line of about 400 peeps. Which is odd, since players, including myself, are talking about how good of an expansion this is.

On a side note, Tron Legacy releases this next weekend. I was always a nerd for the original, so I am pretty excited for the new one. A friend of mine that is a major geek for Tron bought the game, said it sucked, but the story ties the first movie to the second. I will wait till its cheap, and buy it for the light cycle that comes with it lol.

Well, back to the basement.