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Good bye old friend

Well, I have not heard a peep from the old peeps on here in a long time. So this will be my last message on Gamespot.

We had some good times. I joined in 2003 because I heard about GS's online game tourneys. That was the main reason I came here. I quickly made some good friends on here that I have come to know personally and have visited on occasion! The community here was awesome. We did all kinds of crazy s*** just to get the trophies! Oh man, the trophy collecting was so much fun!

We also had the Xbox Live Gamers Union. We did tournaments and other games to try and keep the community together. It was a lot of fun! I see unions don't exist on here anymore, bummer. :(

I remember the whole Giant Bomb thing going down too. That was big!

There was also a very personal connection on here too. This was where I talked about proposing to my wife. I shared my life with her on here with my friends and the community. Michelle would be so stoked to see a story on here about her. To all that may visit this page one day looking for me and/or wondering what happened, she passed away on 24 March this year. She was 31 years young. CF took her life. The disease I talk about so much in my blog history finally overcame her and she died of septic shock. I miss her every day. I shared my personal struggles on here and the community responded so nicely. It's a shame that the new setup erased all the old comments to my blogs. I liked going through them. Reading about other peoples struggles and how they overcame them. It was inspiring.

You all got to witness the birth of the Seattle Retro Gaming Expo! This year marks our fourth year and we are making it a big one!

But, like everything in life, it has to come to an end. This website just isn't the same anymore. I remember when we could just talk to the guys at the site, and they would talk to us during their web-shows. It was more friendly than it feels now. Since I made a post 6 months ago and did not get one comment tells me that most of my friends moved on as well.

I want to thank Gamespot for helping me through some tough struggles with providing a website where I could communicate with people that have the same passion for video games as I do. You may have inadvertently saved me from suicide a couple of times.

I also want to thank all the people who came together with us to game and enjoy gaming, even if it were for just one match, it was fun. We had great times together and I hope that we all get to game together again one day, in this life or the next.

Goodbye friends.

Sean Taylor

P.S. If you want, you can find me here too!

facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sean.taylor.1612

PSN Gamertag: BigSean206

XBL: PlayerSlayerXL

Been a long time! Decided to return after finishing school.

Hey guys! Wow, Gamespot has certainly changed since September last year! I don't even know if anyone still follows me or anything, but I doubt it.

Anyways, I picked up a PS4 and I have to say that I am uber impressed! The system simply rocks! I am loving AC4, CoD: Ghosts, NFS: Rivals and of course Killzone. I know that people are not too thrilled with Killzone, but I love it!

Did you get a new console? If so, which one, and what do you think?

Also, let me know if you are still on here and active. Would like to catch up!


Last Blog

Well guys, the time has come. I have been pretty much absent from blogging here on Gamespot for a few months now, and the last blog rendered 0 comments.

I have a lot of history with Gamespot. I chose to become a member in 2003 for one main reason which was the game tourneys. I was a big fan of them then and loved competing. I did not know at the time that this site was so full of awesome people, from the other guests and members, to the staff themselves.

But one day the tournaments stopped happening, and so I decided to start blogging on here. Mostly just about video games, and when everyone started getting involved in the conversation it became clear that I belonged in the game community. There were so many people that shared the same passion for gaming that I did!

I made many friends here on Gamespot. Rather than point all of you out, you all know who I am talking about. We had community game nights with the XBL Gamers Union which was always fun!

But, times began changing for me. In fact, here are some highlights that happened in my life while I was a member:

  • Bought my first home
  • Got my first new car ever
  • Married my dream girl
  • bought my second home
  • started, and finished college
  • and now, have began the process of adopting our first child

That's quite a list of things! Gamespot and its awesome community was there the whole way. So thanks for being my online support guys!

Do not get this confused as a goodbye letter, you can always send me a message on Xbox Live or facebook (http://www.facebook.com/sean.taylor.1612) anytime! This is just a letter to let everyone who happens to stumble upon my account to know whats going on.

So here we are today.

I am a graduate now! W00T! It was a long and arduous journey, with plenty of twist and turns, but now my friends, I am a college grad! I now have a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Game Design! What a relief!

It is a relief because as many of you (at least those who know me thru my blogs) know that my wife has CF and is sick quite a bit. Well, she is in a poor place right now. Her liver is failing. She is on the transplant list for a liver, pancreas, and possibly a kidney. Yeah, 3 organs. Quite a bit to have on your plate when you are attending college.

But we have faith, and are confident that the Doctors will have another successful transplant patient to add to their already impressive lists of successes.

So, this is it. I do not imagine that I will be back, but stranger things have happened. As of now, this will be my very last blog on Gamespot. It has been an awesome ride, and I couldn't have enjoyed it with a better group of friends. Thanks for being so supportive through the thick and thin, and most of all, thanks for listening and commenting. You guys always brought a smile to my face, and I am very appreciative.

Good luck in all that you do. Take it from me, if you really want to do something, and you put your heart and soul into it, you will achieve it. No matter what it is. With enough hard work comes great returns!

Who knows, maybe you guys will see me talking about my newest game one of these days.


P.S. You guys can check out my makeshift portfolio (I am still working on it) at http://www.seanhill.me

A big chapter in my life is coming to a close, and a new one opens!

Hey guys! long time no talk! My life has changes dramatically since I talked to all of you. So here's the scoop.

The wife was sick pretty much all year last year. The doctors say that she needs a new liver, Pancreas, and possibly a Kidney. All thanks to Cystic Fibrosis. So we go to the Hospital for tests, check ups, and other things about 3-5 times a week. Two weeks ago her liver began to fail due to a lack of a certain medication, and she went into a coma for about 4 days. We thought there was brain swelling, but luckily we were wrong. She is feeling better and such now, and she is finally on the liver transplant list, which is awesome. So, no more adoption talk, all about transplants now.

Me. Well, I walk (graduate) on June 7th. I am taking follow up cources at the Seattle Art Institute. Maybe even a two year course, but I did make a friend that is BIG in the game industry (he is a lead concept artist for a really, REALLY big game franchise) so I may have an opportunity to work on something that you will all be playing in the near future. I cannot give more details than that (name dropping in the industry is only taken well if you are established) but I can say that I am really excited for the possible chance to have a career job right here in the Seattle area.

I will be able to frequest this site more now, though I have to admit that I dont know which of all my friends are still here..... Its been so long since I really talked to anyone on here. I have been doing a lot of handheld gaming, and to my surprise I had a small stint where I played and beat Uncharted 1, and 2, and assassins Creed 2 and brotherhood, and now I am half way thru Uncharted 3 and AC: Revelations. That was in a 3 week window. I was booking it through these games! I counted them up, and my 360 collection sits at 161 games. That is just counting my disc games too. I have a lot now. Just for those who dont know, I am a HUGE cllector. I have several thousand games at this point. I will be growing my collection this weekend at a retro gaming charity for kids.

Also, if anyone is going to be in the Seattle (Bellevue), WA area on Fathers Day weekend, be sure and hit me up so that you can come to our Second Annual Seattle Retro Gaming Expo! Two other friends and myself put this thing on for the first time last year, and it was a HUGE success! We had about 1,000 attendees and 17 vendors. It was awesome! This year, we have a bigger and better venue, and we will have even more vendors to shop from! Last year we worked with Nothwest Harvest and raised $4,000 for their charity! They feed the homeless. This year we are working with a different charity and will have a raffle for some really cool, and pretty damn rare, items for people to try and win.

You can see the website by clicking on SRGE.

Well guys, I am starving so I am going to eat! It was awesome having a chance to whip this up to share with you guys! I may be in different places now, but here is where my heart stays. Post a comment, let me know what you guys have been up to! I would love to catch up with all 924 of you!

Talk to you all soon!

Is 8.0 the new 10?!

What is with this site man. I go off to school, am about to graduate, come back to read reviews, and all of a sudden all new games suck.

Well, they do not suck, and the fact that they gave Uncharted on the Vita a 7.0 confirms that they don't actually play the games. I have played this game in particular, and the review con "Dull narrative saps the drive from the characters and gameplay." seems like a more opinionated feeling rather than an actual relevant review comment.

Doesn't matter, enjoyed them all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The turning of tables and a new year!

First of all, Happy New Year! I hope that everyone enjoyed a safe and fun holiday season. I did. From what I can remember anyways.

I love the beginning of a new year. I am always excited on what new games and gaming surprises our awesome industry has to offer us. This is really what I look forward to every year. I thought that with graduation (in April!) I would see my focus change, and while I have seen my interests go from more of "oh yeah, THAT game!" it's now like "oh yeah, the game that uses THAT engine!" or "THAT art style!". While my passion for video games and gaming has not been clouded with my degree in making them, I have learned to really enjoy every game that is made. I look for that silver lining in every game I play.

For those of you who don't know me, real quick background:

  • American.
  • Married.
  • Former U.S. Army soldier.
  • Avid gamer.

Okay. I bring that up to talk about FPS's. Games like the Call of Duty Series, the Tom Clancy games, the Battlefield games, and all other games that depict American soldiers fighting all over the world. The richness in these games is not to be undermined. Companies like Activision, Infinity Ward, Dice, and other big players in the gaming universe shell out millions of dollars in big budgets to make these games look and play how the gamers want them to.

After they make these budget blasting blockbuster titles, they sell them, a lot of them, all over the world. I have friends from all walks of life all over the world that I can sit and play round after round of CoD or BF3 with. There seems to be no complaining from any of my friends over what we are doing in the game. Which is usually stopping a foreign (foreign to the game, not in actuality) threat. Whether it be terrorists in a desert, or terrorists in the snow, or terrorists in the jungle. Seems like everyone that attacks the soldier you play as is called a "terrorist".

As a gamer, and someone who has been really close to what you do in the game (ideally, I never jumped out of a window to rocket a convoy while hanging from a helicopter) I never took it out of context. I never really cared if I was on the American or terrorist side on any game, other than where the group I happen to be in starts. Some levels I love being the American soldier, and some I love being the russian soldi, err, umm, "terrorist".

I also love being an American citizen. I love this country and its core values. Though, since America is so free, that means that really dumb people get to live here and have the same rights as everyone else. As Joe Rogan said, the dumb people are out breeding the smart people, and that is bad. How bad you ask, well, now we finally get to the topic of this discussion:

Glorious Mission.

Confused? Don't be. I will explain. See there is a game in China called Glorious Mission, and its a game where you play as a Chinese Soldier and your duty is to take out American soldiers. I remember hearing about this game last year (around like April or May) but the hype died down. Now it is back, and more Americans are up in arms about this than when Obama was elected president.

Just go to your nearest youtube, look up "Glorious Mission game". It actually looke pretty good. The graphics are solid, and from what I can tell, it feels as though there is a lot of action going on in the game, much like the CoD series. One action packed moment after another. I would love to play the game, to see what qualities are best in the game.

Why are so many people (Americans) so bothered by this game? Because there was a video of Chinese soldiers playing the game? Who cares?! I don't care that there is a Chinese game where you fight Americans, just like I don't care that there is a game out there where you play as a Russian Spetsnaz fighting Americans. It is funny when dumb Americans try and argue that Glorious Mission is different because "soldiers are playing it, so they MUST be training!" or "in our games, the enemy is not just one class of humans, where in this game you only fight the Americans.".

I guess my biggest question is why do they (American crazies) care? Who cares if the Chinese have a game where they are attacking American Soldiers. You know, they have just as much right to make a game killing our soldiers as we do of theirs. Render the uniforms of any of these games, and you have completely different scenarios.

I would hope that 2012 be the year for the video gaming industry. The year where we can finally quit getting attacked for everything we make. I do not see any more threat of Chinese soldiers playing a war game with us as the enemy as I see a sci-fi game where you are an alien fighting humans. Not much of a difference in my eyes. Maybe I am missing something, maybe I don't see the bigger picture, but as long as people are finding games entertaining (including myself) I will never ever feel threatened by video games, and neither should anyone else.

Please feel free to argue, umm, I mean debate the topic! I love a good debate! Just no country bashing, or racial comments, or I will punish you!

Yeah, about that last one.....

I have no idea what I was talking about. See, I had some friends that graduated and we had a party for them, and I got pretty drunk. So what have I learned from all this?

  • Drinking and trying to sound smart do not mix.
  • I am getting old.
  • I hate Steve Jobs. (even though he was an awesome BSer. By the way, Steve Jobs net worth was between 5.5 and 8.3 Billion, so dont come at me with "poor steve jobs only worked for a dollar" crap, when he charged universities thousands of dollars so that he would come and just spout words about how well he has done.)
  • I have a hard on for Bill Gates.
  • I think I may be a little insane.
  • I hate social networking.
  • I am getting old.

So yeah, if I did have something that made sense to rant to you guys, it was lost in drunken translation.

I think my point was that I can type facebook and it doesn't come up as a spelling error. This in turn corrupts my entire existence as well as the younger generation.

Man, I dont know. I have been gaming on my break. Mostly on PC. Why you ask? Because I have time to. When Christmas break comes around, we all go to the vacation house in Chelan. While its a big, sophisticated home, the internet out there does not exist. Well, it does, in the slow form. So I try to get my fill of PC gaming here, and on Christmas, I have over two weeks to dedicate to Batman, Drake, and a lone Dragonslayer.

I recently picked up The Witcher 2 for PC. It was on sale for $30 at Target. The game is really fun! The graphics are top notch and the gameplay is great. It is like mixing the lore and fighting style of Dragon Age Origins with the story driven gameplay of Deus Ex together. Needless to say it is fun. The best part is the installation. So what CD Project RED has done is built their own engine, the REDengine. This little smarty goes into your PC and checks everything that your PC has to work with, and adjust your visuals accordingly. The best part is that even on its low setting, the game looks great, but if you have a PC with a little kick to it, you will see some of the best visuals in PC gaming. It is literally one of the most beautiful looking games to date. Check Gametrailers.com review of the game to fully understand how great it is.

Sorry if that las blog made no sense. I was out of my element. I am usually the guy at the party that doesnt drink (because I had a bit of a drinking problem in the Army) but every once in a while I like to put back a bottle or three.

I sorry to be so bitter about Steve Jobs, but I will end this blog with a troll pic that I personally love.

Facebook and the breakdown of humanity

There are things that happen in this world in which we cannot change. Earthquakes are happening everywhere, but we know that we cannot change it. We can only see the warning signs and try to be more prepared in the event that it were to happen again.

There are people in this world that have power that they not only deserve (Kim Card"ass"ian, lookin at you tramp) but they have power that just doesn't make sense (lookin at you Zuckerberg)!

Speaking of Z-dawg, Sometimes it is not even a real person that controls the unimaginable power. No, Lord M.Z. is in fact a human being, you did see that movie about him right? I am talking about the silent evil known as Facebook.

Facebook, like the Frankenstein himself... the DeNiro one, not the Mel Brooks one, was stitched together by the very things that the American society secretly thrives on. He took the body of attention, the head of "a voice", and the sex appeal of fat chicks photoshopping everything off except the cleavage, and hashed together this monster that has gotten bigger than even Mr. Zoidberg, I mean Zuckerberg himself could imagine. No, Zoidberg was aware of all of this from the beginning.

(V) (;,,; ) (V) ZOIDBERG RULES ALL!!!!1!1!!!1

Anyways, I am talking about Facebook, and we could also throw in the Eli Manning of Facebook (the smaller, not as talenterd younger brother) Twitter. These two beings have grown to stupid proportions. I mean it, they are so big that its just stupid. Like, Kim Kardassian's over-exposed wedding stupid.

You are probably asking your self "Self, why is it that Tiggerboy is just becoming aware of this problem?" but do know that I was already partially against the beast of Facebook and Twitter. I am not a real "here's what I had for breakfast, and I am already passing my first bowel of the day" posting kind of person. I like the fact that you can keep up with friends and family to the T, whatever the hell that expression means. I still don't fully understand the reason for Twitter. I would hate having people following me all day and constantly repeating, oh, re"tweeting" what I say.

There are some things that can make you go "okay, this is getting to be too much." Without the quotes. Sometimes it is with violence. I don't mind a good horror movie, but you start butchering the children, and I get a bit uncomfortable. My eye opening experience to the pure size of Facebook's power actually came from my new friend Google+. Yes, like a man cloning himself so that he can cheat, Google+ has started to make some major waves into the galaxy of Facebook. The only thing that I did was type the word facebook. I was not given the red zigzag lines, nor the infamous "didn't you mean face book"? (smug google!) No, it was in fact a correctly spelled word. So, to get around English teachers that harp about how "ain't isn't a word, I just start up a new company and call it Ain't? That way, not only is it a word, but its capitalized! BOOYA ENGRISH BEOTCH!

But I digress.

My point is that we as a species are just handing out power to the popular kids! Those wedgies your getting, they're called the Kard"ass"ian Butt Tear, and they hurt. A lot. That swirly you are getting, that's coming from the ghost of Steve Jobs. A man that was cold enough to not only stop Apple from giving to ANY charity for reasons of "they will get money when we make it" and then becoming one of the richest companies of our generation, yet not give a mere dime to any charity, but he also was quoted mocking Bill Gates for being "too busy with Philanthropy while we are busy innovating". Yet he dies, and the whole damn world cries!

Well, maybe not YOUR whole world, but I live in Seattle, Washington. So when he died, the entire Pacific Northwest wept. Why? What did he do that moved all of these people? Crap man, this is the home of Bill EFFING Gates, who gives his money away to better the world.

Oh wait, that's it.

It seems to be the fact that while Bill Gates is better the world, he is not bettering YOUR world. I mean that to the hypothetical "you", not you directly. See, Steve Jobs was hard at work making your life easier. It must be hard to have all that money, so Steve "Superhuman" Jobs was hard at work to make that electronic device that does things just a bit better, but at a huge cost!

Thanks Superjobs! My money was killing, but now I can just give it to you! YAY!

But what about Bill Gates? Who you say? (again with the hypothetical "you") Oh, you mean that guy that created Microsoft? ____insert lame joke about how Microsoft is such crap here_____. Bill, oh hes just busy BEING A REAL EFFING SUPERHERO SAVING THE GODDAMN PLANET! But no, all people can do is cry for a business tyrant rather than cheer for a true savior of the people.

And there you have it, that is how Facebook is evidence of our sheer existence is in danger.

Oh, and just look at the newest generation of kids. We are doomed.

Getting my first PS3 game in a long time tonight

No, not Dark Souls. Eff that game man, Demon Souls was so hard that I did not even find it fun. I will wait till its $10 like I did for Demon Souls. I dunno.

Nope, I am picking up Rage tonight. I have been stoked for this game since seeing it at PAX '09. I am a fan of Id Software's games, and RPG's, so this game should be awesome!

Nothing else to really talk about right now. Enuff of me.

How have you guys been? What games are you dying to get your mitts on?