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Is it really bad?

I know this sounds "unconfident" of me but, is it really bad to hang around guys more than with other girls? I mean i always have the time of my life with my guy friends, they're funny, not immature in the slightest bit and can actually play a round of Halo with me without discriminating me.

But recently, I've been hearing through the grapevine that most girls think that i just hang around guys because i can't get a boyfriend (Which is true that i can't get a boyfriend but i don't care =P) And i really hate myself for actually feeling affected by their comments, even if i don't know who started the rumors, should i really feel this way? Truth be told, i'm surprised i wasn't born a guy XD I have a lack of attention for what other girls in my school like to do (Aside from shopping and gossiping

Oh no...

I'm beginning to believe that i have to cool it with the video games T.T

I was watching E3 in G4, and when Microsoft announced FF13 i literally squealed with delight, but my 360 has been K.O'ed since May...I don't want to morph into an abominable horror to humankind known as a fangirl, so i think that I'll have to go outside more...Rats....

Started game....2 wittle rants :P

Well i am currently as bored as I'll ever be and it's really...REALLY hot here in Cali (AC only on living room ftl) 'nd I'm all sweaty and sticky now :( fortunately I've been playing a classic to keep my mind from collapsing into udder insanity =D

Heroes of Might and Magic III....It's a great game, thought of picking up this bad boy before it's sequel-sequel since it was only 5 dollars at Gamedude (YAY GAMEDUDE ^.^) A little bit on the slow-side but good fast enough to not have me snoozing over my next turn.


1.I made a box for the title of my profile...I just don't know in which line to put the URL, help plz? T.T


.....That is all =D thank you if you actually had the patience to read any of this...I would reward you with a bag of ice but they are currently under my tushy cooling me down indefinitely.