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Lost Planet 2 announced!

Yup.. it was announced this morning.. I just figured I'd post this before Gamespot..because they are crazy slow with news.
A trailer should be on XBL right now.

Anyways.. 2009 looks like a great year for Capcom

Resident Evil 5
Dark Void
Dead Rising 2
Bionic Commando
Street Fighter IV
and now lost Planet

Well thats it cya

I figured I'd post this... list

I dont post blogs all that often anymore, usually because no one responds =\.... But, I figured since I've been a registered member for over 3 years (since Feb/6/06) it was worth posting.

Anyways... on to other things like games! 09 seems like a great year for gaming. These are games i'm looking forward to.

Resident Evil 5 (PS3/360)
Dead Rising 2 (360/PS3)
Street Fighter IV (360/PS3)
Duke Nukem Forever (Yes, someone actually cares) (360/PS3)
Rage (PS3/360)
God of War III (PS3)
Killzone 2 (PS3)
FFXIII (PS3/360)
Alan Wake (360)
Modern Warfare 2 (360/PS3)
Prey 2 (360)
Hopefully a new Zelda game (wii)
Madworld (wii)
Conduit (wii)

I know some of these games are out now.. but I have no $$ also some of these titles may not see the light of day until 2010.

Onto my favorite games of 2008

GTA IV - Very fun game. Good DLC
Fallout 3 - Pretty epic.
Gears of War 2 - John DiMaggio.. nuff said
Fable 2 - I liked it for some reason..
Banjo Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts - Rare = best devs ever
Cod:WAW - because I think i'm great at the multiplayer
Dead Space - Pretty amazing game

Yeah my list is kinda generic, and I cant think of anything else.

Well thats it. If anyone posts thanks I guess.

I got a ps3 and an RROD also level 30

I never thought it would happen to me... after 2+ years my Xbox 360 has finally got the RRod. Its pretty awful because the sickest games are out/coming. It happened two days ago.. Customer service at xbox seems pretty suckish seeing as I still havent got my shipping lable and its been like 36 hours.

In other news I got a ps3. I have 4 games for it
Little Big Planet
Eternal Sonata
Disgaea 3
Resistance 1
They are all pretty good.. But disgaea 3s hero is anoying as hell and resistance is boring.

I am hoping I can send my 360 out by tommorow because I cant be away from it for long :( ... I also notice I am level 30... yay

Well cya

Hello. My friends at Gamespot.

Hi I am bored so I wanted to say hi to everyone.

I might get Mercs 2 tommorow. If anyone has it let me know if its any good.

Also.. .

This Fall looks Amazing for games

I cant wait for

Fallout 3
Saints row 2
Fable 2
Gears of War 2
Left 4 Dead
and Dead space.

These games are amazing. I need to get a job and preorder them all :)

well I will post more Blogs soon.. if anyone cares :D ...... cya

Whats up everyone + New Banner!

Just posting to say hi to everyone. I am pretty bored.

I made a new banner in paint.. again I was bored. I left Laharl from Disagea in because he is cool.

I have added Frank West ( Dead Rising )

Neku, Shiki ( The World Ends With You ) and a Prinny.

I think I did an ok job on it.

My Xbox Live should work the right way in July. ( it is broken right now. )

Well if anyone wants to play Battlefield or some other game add my gamertag Chacodood I will accept your friend request in July.

Thanks to anyone who might post.

Cya :}

Hello everyone.

Hey everyone. I just realized I have been with GS for 2 years. Thats kind of cool.

I have gotten a Wii like my last Blog said its pretty cool. I also have an HDTV its not a big its only a 19in... still pretty cool.

Just saying Hi to everyone.

cya later everyone =}

Hi everyone.

Hey everyone. 

 Hows it going?

I finally got level 21 its been about a half a year... thats cool I guess.

And I am getting a Wii for my birthday in like 8 days or somthing... :)

Well cya later everone.

Help me out please (360 game reccomendations...)

Tell me what games to rent from Gamefly!

I have these coming now...

Tony Hawk's Project 8
Gears Of War

Well Project 8 is only coming because they are retarted and lost my last game I sent in...

Please tell me a game to rent...
P.S whats up? and srry for not "blogging" latley..