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Supreme Commander 2!!!!!

Isn't it great?!?!?!

Supreme commander 2 will be released on march 2, 2010!!

I will buy the game unless I die before that day(which probably won't happen)!!

The new pictures and the new video (here on gamespot) look great! The game looks fantastic!!

The robots, the missiles, the map, the lasers and all the other cool things of the game look so realistic!!!



E3 2009 has arrived!

I've been waiting for it for a long time....-about a year :P

Crysis 2, call of duty: modern warfare 2, prototype, need for speed: shift, assasin's creed 2, star wars: the old republic, brutal legend, overlord 2 and so many other amazing great fantastic games are displayed in LA convention center!!

I've been watching trailers, pictures and reading previews for about 2 hours and I love doing it!

So many games and news: I hardly able to count them!

But what bothers me a lot is the fact that the new awesome trailer of SUPREME COMMANDER 2 is'nt uploaded on gamespot so I wrote in its forum a web adress which takes you to a place in which you can watch the trailer!

So go there! 8) :!: :!: :!:

Have a wonderful day :)

woohoo-level 12!

woohoo-level 12 :P !

my rank is now: "red racer"
woohoo, :P
and my level is 12!
woohoo, :)
and i have almost 100 friends in my friends list,
woohoo, :D

it is awesome news  or what!?!? :D :P :)

and more great news:
gamespot finally made a review to the superlative game:
"supreme commander" !!!!!!!!
woohoo, woohoo, woohoo, :P :P :P :) :) :) :D :D :D

an ultimate big scoop-please read and comment

i do a surveillance about the level of kingfrizzy,
i start to the that a month ago(12 January 2007)
and to the all users don't know who is kingfrizzy,
i will tell to them who is he,
kingfrizzy is the user in gamespot with the highest level,
his level is 63!!
in my surveillance i waches at the kingfrizzy's level,
and i saw how his level is growing up so fast, why?
becaues in the leveling FAQ forum post in the welcome nebies forum they wrote at level 63 the max of the leveling up is 0.07%!
and in my surveillance i saw the max of the growing up of the level at the level 63 is 0.22%, and it's more than triple of what they say  in the forum post!

now you read the levels of kingfrizzy in my surveillance:

the starter day                                                          56.25%
day 1                                                                         56.34%
day 2                                                                         56.50%
day 3                                                                         56.63%
 day 4                                                                        56.72%
 day 5                                                                        56.81%
day 6                                                                         56.92%
day 7                                                                         57.04%
day 8                                                                         57.16%
 day 9                                                                        57.29%
day 10                                                                       57.51%
day 11                                                                       57.63%
 day 12                                                                      57.75%
 day 13                                                                      57.87%
 day 14                                                                      57.96%
day 15                                                                       58.07%
day 16                                                                       58.07%
day 17                                                                       58.21%
day18                                                                        58.30%
day 19                                                                      58.46%
day 20                                                                       58.57%
day 21                                                                       58.66%
day 22                                                                       58.79%
 day 23                                                                      58.89%
 day 24                                                                      58.01%
 day 25                                                                      unknow
day 26                                                                       unknow
day 27                                                                       59.30%
day 28                                                                       59.41%
day 29                                                                       59.50%
day 30                                                                       59.62%
day 31                                                                       59.71%

like if you saw the level of kingfrizzy was grow up at 0.22%  at the day NO' 9 to day NO' 10,
i do some calculations and i understand that,
if you do many more things on gamespot(but realy realy realy many more things on gamespot-like a 8 hours)
your level can pass the maximum of the uping of the level, and if you do all that you can ups your level at triple more than the regular for a day, and if you want i say to you the correct i will say to you,
so if you do all that you can ups your level in correct at 314.28571% more than the regulat!!

so if you try hard to ups your level, you can do it and it is very good, because if you do that you can be the next kingfrizzy!! :P
:D :) :P :) :D :P :) :D :P :) :)

super chair!


it is a chair,? no,
it is a sofa?, no,
it is an arm chair?, no,
it is an arm chair, chair, and a sofa!

in this video you can see a Japans man,
and this man is built a super chair; :)
this chair is awesome, :D
and it is super awesome because it save a many place in the house, :D
and it is super duper awesome because, if you need to give to a many people a many sits, you can do it, :) because you can make the chair longer and longer just if you want! :P
so what do you think about this chair??

the super drinker or what?


the super drinker or what?
what do you think he is?

this Korean man drank the water at less of five seconds,
and that is very superb and amazing!!
:) :) :) :)

i think he spill the water to his stomach instead to drink the water and wait to the next and next and the next swallows...

what do you think?
if you want to say it, so comment your idea,
and if do you think you want to say another something
you can still comment :P
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