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3D, what is it good for?

3D, what is it good for? Absolutely nothing or as a way to enhance an otherwise dull game? Well , the release of the 3DS on Friday the 25th March in the UK has been from Nintendo I am sure a runaway success. However, for gamers is this the case? I pre-ordered my 3DS on Amazon back in January and to be honest every since the pre-launch event where I got my first proper look and play with the device I have been awaiting its arrival. Now I have my hands on the final device and some carefully selected titles I must admit that I am more than happy with my purchase. The 3D effect is astounding. There, that's out of the way. The games at launch are a real mixed bag, my favourite got a dismal review on Gamespot (Star Wars) so I wrote my own review. Other notable games include Pilotwings and Street Figher. However, where were the Nintendo's top dogs at launch and I dont mean the reboot of Nintendogs which yeah, it looks pretty but didn't move the on enough from the original. No Mario? Zelda? Come on Nintendo, you know everyone wants Zelda - what are you waiting for? I guess the cynic in me thinks its just a marketing ploy. Release the 3DS - big marketing glitz and good sales.. then 3 months later another boost in sales with the release of Zelda. Its a plot almost as see-through as what's going to happen next in Eastenders. I just wish Nintendo released a few more quality titles. Third party support has been generally good - well, as long as your name is Ubisoft. I am looking forward to how the year pans out, lets just see how many other quality titles arrive. The 3DS is a very good games console, it now just needs those killer games. I, for one, am most looking forward to Harry Potter and Pirates Lego games (TT Fusion I am sure is hard at work on these as I speak), Zelda (of course) and surely there's an MMO of sorts coming? A game to utilise the open network nature of the device perhaps a little more than playcoins and streetpass. Anyway, well done Nintendo. Another success and perhaps classic has been born.