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xbox gold is a lie

you know guys why we pay 50$ per year to use their service?

some of you must be thinking if you pay for it, it's better right? 

it is, in some aspects BUT how can a premuim service be premuim when they just shove adds to your dashboard with all sorts of crap games to buy (either activision trash or EA crap)

and one other thing that about that "premuim" service 

it got hackers in it, and the enforcement team doesn't do nothing about it, so when i play dark souls and i encounter a hacker, and i reported him i check a couple of days afterwards if he's still online and HE IS! 

it's like they doesn't care about the players 

cause when i (once) tried to pirate some black ops DLC i got banned in an instant 

so when people just ruin games with hacks/mods xbox live simply doesn't care

they only care about taking your money so they could bombard your dashboard with more adds 


take it from me and stay away from microsoft, worst company of consoles of all else 


and don't think i'm another sony fanboy 

no, i'm not. i say that the lagstation 3 has absolutely terrible services 

slow comes to mind when i start up my PSN, but like i said many years ago

if it's free i got nothing to complian.


and if i pay 50$ per year to see adds and get annoyed by hackers then M$ can say good bye to my subscribtion...

xbox 360 or ps3 what should you get? find out here

well, the next gen will be upon us soon and a major price cut on the last gen is going to ensue.

so i'll make a proper Comparison between the two selling beasts to the humble customer with pros and cons 



PS3: top 5 exclusives 

Demon's souls- well when you take hack and slash, put in third person, make it hardcore and add RPG elemetns and a simple economy system what do you get? demon's souls. this game is probably the best PS3 exclusive out there 

Heavy rain- it's like a film that you can play as the charaters, what's neat about it that it's not for everyone 

if you f**k up at various points of the game there is no check point (your character can die!) and the game's emotion is very strong, but after beating this game and getting the best ending you won't want to play this game again so buy it used or rent 

Uncharted 1-well take wall climbing mix some shooting and puzzle solving along with a very intriguing story and you'll have a blast 

uncharted 2- same thing with uncharted 1 but with every thing better, along with a kickass multiplayer this game is clearly on of the "must play" along with demon's souls and heavy rain 

little big planet 2- well if you're a man like me, you'll say this game is gay but if you do a appreciate a good platformer with endless possibily of customzing your character and building and sharing custom made levels you'll love it 

XBOX 360: top 5 exclusives (along with exclusive PC ports)

The witcher 2- THE best action RPG out there, it's hardcore, it's fast paced and it doesn't hold your hand 

it's probably the best RPG out there (you must, and i say MUST install this game to your harddrive. it improves the graphics by a ton) (contains strong nudity)

Halo reach- to put it out simply- the best halo expeirnce when it comes to multiplayer, and one of the most addicting games for xbox 360. it's the first game who proves a game could be fast paced and can focus on an objective instead of just killing 

Halo wars- the last ensamble studios game, it's a mix of age of mythology (the heroes and leader powers) and the battle for middle earth (the economy and base build) and awesome halo feeling into it, the shooting of units doesn't always hit the target like a real war, soliders say various things, spartens can dodge missles, in one sentence the best RTS on console and the best RTS of it's genera out there.

if you love RTS then seriously go buy an xbox this game is made for you 

metro 2033: to put it simple buy the Ranger pack first (3$) and play this game on ranger hardcore 

mixing sh*tty weapons with a clastophobic expeirnace along with amazing stealth mechanic and oxygen (when you're in the outdoors) will give you one of the best survival shooters out there (with no zombie bullsh*t)

this game is probably one of the best shooters out there, there is a not so obvious moral system that if you give a MGR (currncy) to a begger or explore an area to find out what happend to the victims, you don't get any obvoius reward beside a flash but it leads to an altranative ending (the good one) 

trials evolution- it's the equivalent to LBP 2 in customazing maps and creating awesome game modes 

but with bikes it makes everything so much better, highly reccomended 

network services- PS3 - the PSN/SEN and hardware cons and pros

 the playstation network is free but it have a subsribtion of "ps+" which gives you more online features and free games each month for the cost of 50$ per year 

but the pros and cons of the psn are:


+you can use other people's savegames (transfer saves)

+prices on PSN are slighly more updated, but nothing critical 

+blueray disks survives longer then DVD's 

+reign free when it comes to play ps3 games 

-takes forever to update a game (it updates each update seperatly, and then INSTALL them which takes more time)

-frame rate drops due to unstable graphics card 

-syncing thropies takes to much time 

-a really sensative analog sticks which are terrible (TERRIBLE!) for FPS's 

-no reign free on movies or DLC's, if you got a pal user and an ntsc game, the game will work but the DLC for it won't 

-no Backwards Comability (a really annoying issue) 

-no party chat

overall the psn is kinda barebones compared to the xbox live, but it delivers the stuff we need to play the game online and that's it 

The xbox live features + xbox hardware pros and cons

first of all the xbox live requires you to pay 50$ per year and have a lot of adds of the menu which can annoy you 

but has a staller design and excelent oparating system which is smarter then the PS3 

+updates are automatic and fast 

+party chat system 

+you can hear music while you play 

+you can install games on the xbox so they will run much faster and keep the xbox quiet as possible 

+the profile avater really adds uniqueness to your profile (if you customize it well enough) 

+easy to accesses one menu which can exit games faster, or check your achivements in an instant 

+it's reign free on DLC's and movies, (yes i've bought DLC for an NTSC games while i have a pal console and a pal profile) 

+smart background downloading system, if you turn off your xbox while you download a DLC, the xbox will still be download+installing the DLC while it's off (amazing plus) 

+it downloads and installs the same time which can save you precious time if you're a busy man like me 

+the prefer/avoid player feature is a must for all those people who want to avoid trolls on games 

+if you have games for windows live you can still earn achivements while playing on PC with GFWL

-it's full of f**king adds

-50$ per year or no online service is quite harsh for the newcomers 

-the battary on the wireless controllers is a real Nuisance

-you cannot transfer saves which is really a bad con 

-when using a headset you have to connected the headset to the controller headphone jack unless you buy one of the turtle beaches headsets which comes with a wireless adapter then you're set 


now we come to the ugly part of this comperison, THE MOTION CONTROLS (ugghh i shudder when i need to write that down) 


one of the most broken, worthless motion control gadget that just ruins your game expeirnce 

it does have some good games (like fruint ninja) but the most welcome feature of it is the voice command.

the voice command is great for skyrim or using internet explorer on xbox but other then that 

it's not worth your money

the camara could serve as a microphone but it's really bad, it gets all the noise from the game but it's meh if you use it for private chat or something like that 


unlike the kinect it actually works! 

it's not amazing but it's a fun distraction for those who like physical interaction

the camara of the move could serve as a cheap microphone but i don't reccomend that 



pretty much that covers the whole comperison, i hope you enjoyed reading 

and if you have any more questions feel free to ask in the comments section below

why mainstream games are bad for you

we all know what good games sell right? 

but when a game franchise gets too popuplar publishers gets skimpy on the game itself and invest more money advartasing it.

remember ubisoft? remember EA? 

Assassin's Creed 3 and Mass Effect 3 share the same situation here, after mass effect series became popular enough and then

mass effect 3 was announced, EA invested so much money on the trailers and CG videos 

that they totaly forgot about the game's high demands for improvement 

instead we got a more action focused games in order to get mass appeal from a wider audiance (defend earth  from an alien invastion that was the moto) , and that what's killed the game. 

no tali unmasked, no proper ending, short campign, and the day 1 DLC not to mention the multiplayer was forced upon you to get the "good" ending, also milking more short DLC for 15 bucks, each! 

now look at Assassin's creed 3, you're a native dude who's killing red coats (basicly on the cover of the game that's the main image) 

but they didn't focus much on the story,most missions were basicly kill this redcoat commander because he's a templar.

they just invented some half a$$ed story that connects with the modern world with an apoclypse (basicly something bad is going to happen unless you time travel to your ancenstors and find out where is the hidden artifact) which resolted in a lackluster story because the game focused about killing red coats for the 60% of the game 

which brings me back to the focus of the article, the developers just think how to make money, not a masterpiece like AC2 or ME2 

sacraficing the story for better Advertising. which Immediately makes the game bad. 

look what they do with the "washington was bad" DLC, 15 bucks for a nonexistent story that offers about 2-3 hours of gameplay 

and what's sad about it, they could do much better then that, they could do extra navel missions (basicly the navel combat in the game is the best there is,even pirate oriented games have much less then AC3's navel) 

instead they do a mainstream thing to attract the masses in order to make cash, and trash the series for good 

and that appaly's for every game out there: halo 4 (lackluster story with too much cod elements on multiplayer+no actual improvement to anything) 

uncharted 3 (a story that feels like a sad prequel with unbalaced combat but amazing visuals, MP is really bad, too much unbalanced weapons and the entire loadouts are unfair, kill streaks feels like they stole it from COD+unbalanced) 

battlefield 3 (probably one of the most boring,lackluster,broken,unfinished campaigns ever made, unfair weapons in MP, 50$ "premuim" which is bull$hit, on bad company 2 you got inside the box a VIP pass which gives you all the maps for FREE

and the suppressing fire along with the flashlight and laser is a pure mask of torture to your eyes 

so what do we learn? that all the over-hyped games are actually worser then their previous games 

seriously, if you want to play a good game, buy it from a non greedy company that makes awesome games 

or buy an "old" game to give you a bang for your buck 

i hope you had a good reading, and good luck spearding the wisdom of this blog